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Silkroad Private Servers

Lottery-Sro II | D11 | Free Silk | Low Rates | Real System | Ftw | Ctf | Start Items | Beginner Quests | Inventory Quests | New Job System | Auto Rewards | New Uniques System | New Lottery System | New Event System | Pandora Box | Special Npc | Lottery Npc

I saw many people liked Lottery Sro 1, but some of them has left because of the following reasons :
1- Lack of security ( which caused too much downtime )
2- Lack of events ( which lead to get boring )
3- Lack of good administrations
4- Some of game features like Sox in Npcs
All of those points have been fixed well.
There are many private servers every where. I played many of them, but I never had fun In any one of them. Huge number of private servers are sucks, Why?
* because of some reasons in my point of view.
* The 1st reason is that Server Owners search for money. ( every server owner should search for money but in a legal way for example don't sell items,gold,characters inside game, then call that searching for money to keep the server alive. NO! it's not fair for all players!!!
* The 2nd reason is that people searching for a private server which has high rate of exp,sp ( it's not a fun to get the maximum level in just 1 day! The maximum level should be an achievement to achieve.)
* Quests
Quests are playing an important role in Silkroad in general way. It gives game some kind of fun when you ask your friend to help you in finishing a specific quest, While you finishing the quest .. chatting meeting Uniques haah It was really fantastic days.
* Scrolls
Scrolls of Exp/Sp nowadays there is no body uses it, it should have a role
* Pay to play or pay to win
Some of private servers are based on donates, not based on fun but * Lottery Sro II * is based on fun and hard playing to win

Those are just small features of the game you will find and discover more and more when you try with yourself
* low rates
* Job Based ( you can earn silks by jobbing description coming forward )
* daily events
* silk / h
* no donation items,gold or chars
* New Max Stack
* New Scrolls
* New Quests
* New Stones
* New Avatars
* New Job System
* New Reverse Points
* New Uniques System
* New Lottery Scrolls
* New Lottery System (description coming forward)
* Reward by your hard working
* New Reward by level system
* No Corruption
* More is up coming, More are Planned

Normal Rates
Exp Rate : 1.2x
Party Exp Rate : 1.3x
Drop Rate : customized ( different from mobs to mobs )
Notice : There might be double exp event, and it could be x2 , x3 or x4. It depends on the time of the event
Alchemy Rates

Fortress war register time : Open every day
Fortress war Play time : Every week , Sunday 19:00 ~ 20:30 ( GMT+3 )
Capture The Flag ( CTF ) Regular time
Capture The Flag reg time xx:50
Capture The Flag Play Time xx:00

* Inventory expansion from item mall to make it fair for all players to open 3 pages by quests
* Green book
* Magic cubes we already did enough stack for elixirs
* Titan Uniques

There are more, you can discover them by yourself

- Gold (5,000,000) You can find it in your storage

- Skill point (400,000)

- 20 Return scroll
- 500 Hp/Mp
- 5 speed 100%
- 5 mag/phy Damage scrolls

level 1 --> 20 speed scroll 100%

level 5 --> Pick pet 3 day

level 8 --> 3 Golden exp,sp scroll 50%

level 10 --> 3 beginner exp scroll 100%

level 16 --> 3 Reverse Scrolls

level 20 --> 3 beginner exp 100%

level 24 --> 5 Reverse scroll

level 30 --> 3 Beginner exp 150%

level 32 --> 3 Reverse Scrolls

level 40 --> 3 Exp 150% Scroll

level 42 --> 5 Reverse Scrolls

level 50 --> 3 beginner exp scroll 150%

level 60 --> 3 Global chat

You can open all of your inventory spaces up to 3 pages by those quests from Lottery Shop (Hotan)

When you reach level 7 at job thief/hunter/trader You can reborn to level 1 then take reward points that used at rank + take your silk reward for your efforts

Notice :
* You can buy it from Lottery Shop in each town near So-ok Npc
* before using reborn scroll check if there enough space in your storage
First 5 Reborns = 1 Scroll Silk
6 ~ 10 Reborn times = 2 Scrolls Silk
11 ~ 15 Reborn times = 3 Scrolls Silk
15 ~ 20 Reborn times = 5 Scrolls Silk

When you reach the required level your reward automatically goes to your storage
level 79 or 80 --> Premium Plus
level 84 or 85--> Pet Clock 28 day
level 89 or 90 --> 1 Scroll Lottery sp , 1 Lottery Silk
level 95 or 95 --> 5 Res Scrolls , 1 Gold Lottery Scroll , 1 Sp scroll
level 99 or 100 --> 10 Res scrolls , 3 Sp Scrolls
level 104 or 105 --> 20 Zerk , 5 Reverse Scrolls , 2 Sp Scrolls
level 109 or 110 --> There is tow kind of them
1 --> at level 110 normally you get 20 Reverse Scrolls , 3 Silk Scroll
2 ---> First 10 Player Reach level 110 Has Special Rewards
If you from 10 players your name will be noticed on the server
-- You would have the normal rewards + Avatar Dress Male + Female , Clock 28day and 100 Silk
*** If you got any bug or didn't receive the reward report immediately by your ID and char name , I will answer as soon as possible

Simple Guide
When you kill a unique for example

go to your storage

You will find Scroll points when you use it .. record a kill on website

Weekly reward is
1st rank --> 200 silk + Title
2nd rank --> 100 silk +Title
3rd rank --> 50 silk +Title

Lottery System : simple guide go to website then login
You will find Lottery Tab

When you click ..You will see this page

Click Get Card Red,Blue and Brown
Then check your storage
you will find

When you use them you will get a final card number

Every month we will notice that we will make a lottery between (100~999)
There will be 3 winners Maximum, everything will be random by our system
1st place reward 250 silk
2nd place reward 175
3rd place reward 50
Title ( King Lottery )

As we know there will be daily events so we decided to do new thing that call
Event Points which gives you a chance to choose your reward by your self. So, you are not forced to rewarded by a specific reward.

Event points is a scroll when you use it . It gives you points you can buy your reward via web Event Shop
How can I get this scroll ? GMs or EMs gives it to you in case that you won something at the events.
How Can I know my amount of points? Via website

Where can I find that shop ? in website you will find EVENT MALL tab

When you create a guild

Automatic will be level 4 without any promotes, which gives you a chance to make any emblem easily

About Guild emblem it's tested and working fine

Stable Npc
New Horse lvl 75 , 90

Grey wolf

Arena Npc (Hotan)

Lottery Sro Npc

It's Isro system without any edit
 - Accessories (Arena) or (Capture the flag)

- Set ( Job Temple )

- Weapons ( Job Temple , Forgotten world ) -------> Isro system <---------
Uniques / Forgotten world talisman ( You can find more information in google )

Simple guide : You can buy a dead avatar from Arena Shop @ Hotan

Now to upgrade avatar from dead to live you should collect some elements that you can find inside ( Capture the flag ) event monsters

blank atm

#1 * The purpose of this server is that to
1- Have fun
2- Back to Silkroad time that we have all missed in these days
3- play with our friends and communicate with new people
#2 * Before post something like :
1- Pay2win
2- Fail
3- Sucks server
4- bla bla bla
5- any disappoint comment
Can you give 1 chance to try you might like it!

In the fact there are a lot of private server but why should I play on Lottery sro ?
because it has several features not like almost nowadays servers pay2win it's really 100% play to win.
Also, while you are playing you will feel that you are playing Isro when it was D11. You should really give a try
  Don't ever hesitate to criticize us because it support us to develop the game to be better.


Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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