ft Damocles | Cap 110 | Automatic Events | Balanced System | New Features | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Union Limit | Max Plus | Auto Plus Notice | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | Custom Unique System | Automatic Alchemy Event | Daily Events | Weapon Model Switcher | Auto Bot System | Wanted System | Daily Quests | Lucky Skills ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Damocles | Cap 110 | Automatic Events | Balanced System | New Features | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Union Limit | Max Plus | Auto Plus Notice | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | Custom Unique System | Automatic Alchemy Event | Daily Events | Weapon Model Switcher | Auto Bot System | Wanted System | Daily Quests | Lucky Skills

First of all
[ Damocles Online ] It's Artemis Reopen , I've purchased DB Artemis from the owner .. all pic's from old topic - just add missed pics

Welcome to Damocles, where nothing is impossible!
Have you always been searching for a reliable server with a active customer support and owner? Then you're on the right place!
After almost exactly a year since last server went offline we are now back with a more polished server and a eager to satisfy the community with a stable and professionally handled server with much more editions for more and better efficient game-play
our server made just for the players to have fun it's not pay to play server also you can't count on bot all the time
What makes us so special?
We offer you a long term server, with a reliable admin and updates on a regular basis
(There will be updates weekly to add new features, content and also editing)

Grand Opening Date is 22/11/2015
Damocles Information        Value
Level Cap                       110
Start Lvl                            1
Race                             Ch - Eu
System                            PVE
EXP Solo                        250x
EXP Pt                          280x
Drop Rate                       30x
Gold Rate                       25x
Job Rate                       75x
IP Limit                           3
Union Limit                      2

 In order to make fortress war even more fun we decided to reduce union limit to 2 guilds instead of 8 guilds
so u can find more people to fight

Max Plus +12
Notice Plus From +9

Damocles max plus
Coin System

doesn't exist
 2 silk/hour level 101 required to get silk
Events - Uniques - Donate

  Max Stack
Auto Equipment

 It's one of the most popular systems in most of private servers but I can assure you this, you didn't see this perfect system before and here's why :-
The most important reason is that there's 3 different types of items u will get since level 1 until level 98
It's divided to be like this
Here you will get SoS FB items with 41% stats and +5
when your items change to be D9 blue will be reduced STR & INT = 80%
HP & MP = 64%
Durability = 73%
But items will remain SoS with all stats 41%
Now that's the last degree you will get after that u should depend on yourself to get better items in this degree you will get normal items +7 without any blues or stats
and you will get a 7 days clock to revive your pet as final gift.
Also we have special warning system to remind you to teleport when u get new level and you should change your items.

 http://i.epvpimg.com/b6b5g.jpg http://i.epvpimg.com/6VM2b.jpg
Start Area / Items

 Changes & Features                 Value
Bot Guide                                 ✔
Honer Academy                   Hunt UNQ
Wanted system                       ✔
Warrior trial system                ✔
Achievement system              ✔
Billionaire system                   ✔
Guild Start level                   Lvl 5
Custom Trade roots               ✔
Daily Quests                         ✔
IP Limit                               3
Plus Notice                          +9
Weapon model switcher       ✔
Automatic Events                  ✔
Job skills                             ✔
FGW Notice                         ✔
Stall Limit                          500B

 Top online player per day
Resurrection scrolls: disabled
Tablets : disabled till 10D
Elements: enabled
Advanced elixirs disabled

 You can buy special trade pets with 3 silk from item mall or for 5 job points & 15m from stable

Egy A items

Can be obtained by using awaken system
You need 4 different kinds of tokens to revive a dead egy a weapon to make it usable
You need 2 tokens of holy for weapons and only 1 token of holy for shields
Tokens of holy can be obtained from holy water temple
You need 20 tokens of temple for weapons and only 10 token of temple for shields
Tokens of temple can be obtained from job temple which placed in Alexandria
You need 100 token of unique for weapons and 50 token of unique for shields
Tokens of unique can be obtained by hunting Jupiter & Yuno uniques you can find them in Alexandria there's 1 for str and another for int from each unique
You need 25 token of job for weapons and 15 token of job for shields
Tokens of job can be obtained from new job temple which placed in Taklamakan
You can also loot it from Medusa there's 20% chance to drop one or two items from each Medusa
Or you can loot it from holy water temple there's 10% chance to drop one or two items from each unique that’s only for beginner Holy Water Temple when you go to higher stage of Holy Water Temple you have triple rate for example intermediate drop rate is 40%

  Egy A
Egy B Items
You can get Egy B weapons by collecting Forgotten World books
You can get Egy B accessory, set and weapons from Roc which spawn 2 times weekly (Sunday,Wednesday) at 10 pm GMT+2
Automatic Events:
 Automatic weekly silk
That's our custom and exclusive event, here's how it works..
When anyone buys any item from item mall with silk it will be saved in our db and every weekend, the game run auto check to see who was the most silk spender in this week and reward him with 25% of the silk he used for example if you bought items with 1000 silk this week you will get 250 silk as reward consider there's only one winner there's no limits to the silk you spend more silk you spend = more chance to win
Event reward: - 25% of the silk winner used
For example if you bought items with 1000 silk this week you will get 250 silk as reward

 Event begin time:- Friday,12:00 PM GMT+2
Picture to explain how the event work:-

Automatic Unique

 Of course we all know about unique event It's the most popular event everywhere so we can't open our server without automatic unique event but in our server we have (custom register system) which you can't find anywhere and here's how it works
When you see notice saying Unique event will begin after 10 minutes you need to pm [Bot U] with #join to register for the event and then wait, after this 10 minutes over bot will automatically teleport everyone who registered to special area where u can't pk there to avoid murders and then it will spawn 3 titan unique of each kind when they all die bot will spawn 1 final unique each one of these unique give specific amount of points to win you have to earn as much points as you can, after last unique die bot will write a notice with winner name and his reward " reward = 50% of the earned points will be turned to silk " and then teleport everyone in the event area back to town
Note: you can find more information about uniques and its points in the schedule below

 Schedule:daily,6:00 PM GMT+2
Event reward: - 50% of the earned points will be turned to silk

 Unique              point
tiger girl               4
captain ivy           6
uruchi                  7
Isyutaru                8
Cerberus              5
Lord Yarkan          9
Demon Shaitan     11
Tai-Sui                50
 For example if you got 200 points in the event your reward will be 100 silk
Event begin time:-
Picture to explain how the event work:-

Automatic Alchemy
That's a daily event so it will work only one time per day auto bot will write a notice to explain where you have to go and then it will drop 100 D9 ring +7 first person to make any of these rings +10 will be the winner after that all d9 rings will be deleted from all players
Event reward: - 100 silk for the winner
Event begin time:-daily,8:00 PM UCT+2

Picture to explain how the event work:-


Automatic Q&A
It's even easier than Rearrange event when this event begin it will ask a random question about random stuff nothing about silkroad so again you will need to focus also u will need to be lucky to answer before others, just like Rearrange event this event begin 2 times per day
Event reward :- 30 silk for each question
Event begin time :-every 1 hour
You need to pm BOT with your answer

Picture to explain how the event work:-


Automatic Rearrange

 It's one of our best/simple events it will begin automatically 2 times per day giving you a sporadic word all you have to do is to make it correct as the title say this event is automatic so no one control which word you will get its always random you need to focus and of course u need some luck to win
Event reward :- 50 silk for each word
Event begin time :-every 1 hour
You need to pm BOT with your answer

  Picture to explain how the event work:-


Weapon model switcher

 Weapon model switcher system will give you chance to change your weapon look but it won't affect its powers so if you have Egy B +11 weapon and u want it to look like d1 weapon u can do that and your weapon will have the same dmg as Egy B +11
Note: you can only change Egy A and Egy B weapons
All you need to do is :-
Buy model switcher scroll from item mall
Put your weapon in first slot in your inventory
Use model switcher scroll
Bot will pm you and then can answer it with the degree you want
For example you can say D13 bot will teleport you again and ur weapon will look like D13 when you put it on

  Picture to explain how the event work:-
Auto Bot Guide

It's a helpful system to guide new players to know and understand our systems when you login to the game for the first time you can pm BOT with !server information so you know everything about the server also you can pm BOT with !commands to find more useful commands.

  Picture to explain how the event work:-
Honer by hunting uniques and jobbing.

That's one more rare and special system, you don't need academy to get honor points anymore all you need to do is to
kill as much uniques as you can for each unique kill you will get a specific amount of honor points it's all detailed in the schedule below.
Also, every job kill gives you 2 points.
Notice: You can't get more points from the same guy by killing him sequentially, you have to wait at least 1 hour.
For example: If you are thief, every time you kill a trader or hunter you get 1 honor point but you have to wait 1 hour before u try to kill the same player again or u won't get honor points from him.

 Unique   point
tiger girl    1
captain ivy    3
uruchi    4
Isyutaru    5
Cerberus    2
Lord Yarkan    6
Demon Shaitan    7
tiger girl titan    2
captain ivy titan    4
uruchi titan    5
Isyutaru titan    6
Cerberus titan    3
Lord Yarkan titan    7
Demon Shaitan titan    8
Wanted system

 Now, you can earn a special and colorful [WANTED] tag added to your job name after having a Kill Streak of 20 without dying during the job activity.
When you become wanted you get 10 job points as reward with a notice but in return u will become target for anyone who want to get extra job points
When normal player kill wanted he earn 5 job points not only one like usual
If you die when you're wanted you will lose it and you will lose your kill streak so you need to start from 0 again

  Picture to explain how the event work:-

Daily Quests

 We have 2 custom quests to keep everyone active all the time
It's daily so you can get the reward everyday but quests limited by specific level to avoid abusing first quest for level 50+ players u need to kill 150 Niya monsters in taklamakan reward is 10000000 gold & 100000 skill points
The other quest was made only for level 101 players you have to kill 150 3 different types of monsters in Alexandria
Reward will be 2 global & 2 reverse scrolls it's your choice to keep or to sell them.

  Picture to explain how the event work:-http://i.epvpimg.com/rGzgg.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/MoJsc.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/AabSe.jpg
Luck skill & Global Plus

 "Luck skill"
What is luck skill ?
It’s a matchless system you can't compare it with anything else
This system makes it very competitive for everyone to plus their items also to fail it
There's 3 different skills
first one you can get it by failing as much items as u can every time you fail any item you get 0.5 point when you collect 450 points you will be able to open this skill its passive so you will have 5% extra luck all the time until someone else get higher points than yours then it will be closed for you because only one player can have it.
2nd skill you can get by making items +4 or higher as much as you can

 +4 = 1 point
+5 = 2 points
+6 = 3 points
+7 = 4 points

 You need to collect 350 points to open this skill when you open it you will have 10% luck all the time until someone else get higher points than yours and take it from you.
3rd skill you need to make items +8 or higher as much as you can to open this skill

 +8 = 3 points
+9 = 6 points
+10 = 9 points
+11 = 15 points
+12 = 20 points

 You need to collect 200 points to open this skill when you open it you will have 15% luck all the time until someone else get higher points than yours and take it from you.
Note: when you collect enough points to open any of the 3 skills it will be opened automatically and game will write a congratulations notice for you.

  Picture to explain how the event work:-
"Global plus"

Every time you make any item +9 or higher game will write a global about it
  Picture to explain how the event work:-
Job skills

 How to get job skills ?
You can activate job skills by buying custom job suit from job npc for example if you're thief you have to buy it from thief town
When you buy the custom job suit and wear it for the first time job skills will be activated automatically all you need to do now is to click the right click on your suit to use this skills

  Pictures to explain more about job skills :-
how to obtain job points

 There's 2 ways to obtain job points
you can obtain job points by killing other players in job for example if you are thief every time you kill a trader or hunter you get 1 job point but you have to wait 1 hour before u try to kill the same player again or u won't get job points from him .. The other way to get job points is to deliver, protect or steal trades The more stars you deliver protect or steal the more job points and gold you get You don't need to restart your client or teleport to receive your job points once you deliver, protect or steal trade you will automatically get your job points

  Pictures to explain how the system works :-http://i.epvpimg.com/NuzOe.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/8oRdg.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/UN6Yf.jpg
Notice for using Forgotten World books
When any player activate one of Forgotten World books bot will write congratulations notice for him
Pictures to explain how the system works :-

http://i.epvpimg.com/45aEc.jpg Top online player per day
 It's another way to get free silk all you need to do is to stay online as much as u can there's daily auto check to see who have the highest online time at that day and reward him with 50 silk
Note: you must be level 90 or above to get reward
Pictures to explain how the system works :-

Job Points daily limit

 to avoid system abuse we decided to limit the job points for each player for example you can only get 50 j-points by delivering, protecting or stealing trades depends on your job type
to know how many points you earned today and how many u still can get you can pm BOT with jp limit
it resets every day 12 AM and then u can start again to get another 50 j-point
and you can only get 1 point from the same player each hour
 Pictures to explain how the system works :-
  anti cheating system:
for example:If you are a thief you won't be able to pick goods in town and if you gonna try, you will get a dc.
Warrior trial system (Disabled until we get more players)
 It's one more exclusive system in our server which gives another opportunity for players to get Egy A and Egy B items
How it work ?

  Just like Holy Water Temple
 It's another area you can go there 2 times per day when u teleport there you need to kill uninterrupted quantities of monsters from level 1 until level 110
Every 1 monsters you will get a special drop (didn't decide what is it yet)
Note: we appreciate your opinion if you have any suggestions about these drops please send it in a pm here or inbox to our fb page
It will be normal monsters until level 79 but at level 80, 90, 100 and 110 will be uniques which drop even better drops and you have a good chance to get a special lottery box when u click on it you will get Egy A or Egy B item depends on your luck

  Billionaire system
 To gain Billionaire title with all its benefits (more damage and defense when your berserk mode is on than normal titles) you need to have 5 B gold or higher
There's only one player with that title to keep it you must have the highest amount of gold in the server.

Automatic title back
 If you got Billionaire today and someone else took it tomorrow usually u will lose your old title if you had one .but not in our server here u will never lose your old title for example if you had Baronet or General title before you get Billionaire title and you lost Billionaire title you will be Baronet or General again
  Damocles Gallery http://i.epvpimg.com/0Twwe.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/igjUb.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/veUEf.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/gTXPf.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/rgMCe.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/hQWIg.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/ja5Zd.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/HC1ue.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/oa54d.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/EJR3f.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/B3iqd.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/LqGDf.jpg
Updates 's Made By Old Owner
 anti cheat system
Level 50 & level 60 quests now working properly
Droa Dock teleport fixed now only level 95+ players can teleport to Alexandria
INt&STR Yuno and Jupiter drop has been fixed
elements prices decreased to be 1 element = 1000 gold
Job points per trade has been fixed

The Q&A and Rearrange automatic events are every 1 hour.
The automatic events have been optimizationed.
The titan uniques spawn 2 times per day. (12am, 12pm)

You can now know how many alchemy and honor point you got by messaging bot for example if you want to know how many honor point you got u can pm [BOT] with honor point
if you want to know how many alchemy point you got you can pm [BOT] with alchemy point

FGW fixed now you wont face any problems inside FGW
Apis, Yuno and Jupiter spawn and drop fixed
Premium zerk reset fixed
Alexandria mobs spawn rate increased
Guild emblem fixed

Change Log:-
nova sword is trade-able now
2 silk per hour added
global chatting added to j-point shop for job points
2 more avatars added to item mall
elixir and pet health potion max stack increased to 1000
Luck buff quest added to Erebus npc in Jangan
now only d11 items give alchemy point when u plus it to avoid cheating by plusing npc items
Roc gate fixed now you can t teleport to roc without key
key of bloodline added to j-point shop in jangan
in Alexandria job temple now you can collect Tokens of job not only tokens of temple
new title system check the picture below

for anyone who bought premium we had to delete it but you can get it back by writing messsage to yourself with premium
added 3 more avatars to item mall:-
black fur, angel and devil wing
added Easter event to so ok:-
you need to collect the word EASTER and deliver it to so ok to receive your reward
note:event will be removed next Tuesday
premium zerk scrolls replaced with 20 instant return scroll
Egy A&B weapons effect changed
added 2 new automatic events:-
kill gm start every 8 hours
event start in DW south gate a character will be there all you need to do is to wear blue cape and to attack it trying to get last hit
Reward:- 50 silk for each round
lucky party number 1 round every 3 hours
its very simple & popular event all you have to do is to keep forming parties until u reach the number which bot mention for example if bot want to get party number 3000 the player who get that number first wins
Reward:- 50 silk for each round

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link

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