ft Damnation-Sro | Cap 110 | Free Silk | Free Silk/Hour | D11 | New Features | Coin System | New Effects | New Pets | New Npcs | Special Items | New Weapon Design | New Room | Instant Lvl 101 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Damnation-Sro | Cap 110 | Free Silk | Free Silk/Hour | D11 | New Features | Coin System | New Effects | New Pets | New Npcs | Special Items | New Weapon Design | New Room | Instant Lvl 101

Who is Damnation ?
I'd like to introduce our server
Who we are?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.
Damnation-Online is a server based on Vsro Files,Cap 110. build by a professional team of developers and a single Owner / GM's / ADMIN.
We follow the views of the players in all their suggestions.

General Features:

  • Exp Rate: 560x
  • Exp Rat Party: 600x
  • Job Rate: 40x
  • Gold Drop: 27x
  • Item Drop: 13x
  • Alchemy: 3x up to +25 with your self
  • Hwan Gain Factor: 300x
★ Server Cap: 110.
★ Server Degree: 11.
★ Server Instant lvl 101
★ Server Mastery: EU-220/CH-330.
★ Server Race: European & Chinese.
★ Account Drop With Title Name " Newbie "
★ Server silk :1 Silk / 60 min.
★ Server Purpose: PvE-PvP-TRD-FW-FGW-Events.
★ Server Files: vSRO Files.
★ Security: vSRO Files.
★ Server Capacity: 1000 Slots.
★ Guild: Fixed emblem , fixed -GP.
★ Server Traffic Stat: Easy.
★ Server IP limited: 3 User.
★ IP: Loader hiden ip , site , client , type.txt , ipinput ,ping -t.
★ Trade Job: Custom.
★ Game System : Coins - Silk - Gold.
★ Max Stack: Coins - HP/MP- etc..
★ Fortress: Hotan & Jangan & Bandit & Constantinople.
★ Stall & Consignment: Enabled.
★ Server botting: Enabled.
★ Quests: title names quest work.
★ Skills: Newest collect between skills.
★ Powder: Lucky magic powder higher rates.
★ HP/MP/Grains: New Stack .
★ NPC: New Npc getting item easier.
★ Pets: New Unique pets.
★ All items +5 & +7 (FB) NPC Nova (Gold)
★ All items D11 Nova price is 500 gold
★ All items +5 & +7 ([FB) NPC Egy (Coin)
★ All Item D11 Egy For (Coin)
★ Egy B From FGW Or Weekly Event
★ Daily events with nice rewards
★ All Uniqs Drop Coins
★ All Avatar 199 Silk
★ Honor Buff: Disabled ~Dontion only.
★ Battle Arena Random (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Battle Arena Guild (Flag/Score): Disabled.
★ Battle Arena Job (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Battle Arena Party (Flag/Score): Enabled.
★ Capture the Flag: Enabled.
★ Forgotten World (Shipwreck) 101~110: Enabled.
★ Survival Arena Colosseum: ~under working.
★ Survival Arena Desert: ~under working.
★ Survival Arena Palace: ~under working.
★ PvP Arena: Enabled.
★ Job Arena: Enabled ~under woking.
★ Event Arena: Enabled.
★ Roc Bone: Enabled.
★ Roc Entrance: Enabled.
★ Roc Zones: Enabled.
★ Roc Mountain: Enabled.
★ Server Towns: Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, DonwHang, Alexandria South, Alexandria North and Jangan.

Fortress War:
★Work 100% {Friday 02:00 PM}&
{Tuesday 09:00 PM} GMT+2

#More and More 
Now, will get you extracted information about game.
★ Starting item: Item


How Can Get Extea Gold:

By Jop { Trade, Hunter, Thief }
Job Rate 200x
1* Trade Cost You 20~25M And It Will Give You 1B
Trade Route In Water

★ Guild: Fixed emblem , fixed -GP.
-GP will test with your self , dude
  ★ Stall & Consignment: Enabled.
  ★ Exchange Remove From Action, Added In Click Right Of Char

★ Alexandria North Teleports
 -Starting Area
-Bone Roc Room
 -Ariaba Uniques Cave
-Thief Vs Hunter Drop Arena Coin
-Pvp Room
-Event Room
  ★ Some Pic's From Weapon Nova New Design
 -Euro :

 -Chinese :

★ Pic's From Some Shop's . Special item

 Egy{A} Shop For Coin's .
Egy{B} Shop For Gold Price . 
★ Some Pic's From New Pets
#There are more
★ New Effect  
-Nova Effect 
-Power Effect 
-Fight Effect  
Skill Effect 
 ★ Thief Avatar
All know it
★ New Avatar
All New
★ Some Pic's From Unique's Drop Coin

★ Now ,Will got you fast promo about our team. ★
Name:[Owner] Mr.Cheetos
job: server founder ,Owner ,SQL Development , pk2 edits , php edit , Turk support.
Name:[Admin] KleuRSTiFTeN
job: server founder , Event maker , player supporter ,English support.
Name:[GM] P0lice
job: Event maker , player supporter.
Name:[GM] Immortal
job: Event maker , player supporter.
Name:[GM] MaRveL
job: Event maker , player supporter.
Name:[GM] Visionary
job: Event maker , player supporter.
Name:[Event Man] LediasFirst
job: Event maker

Server status :
Homepage : DamnationRoad :: Your Gaming Source
Register : DamnationRoad :: Your Gaming Source
Download : DamnationRoad :: Your Gaming Source
 And I can ensure you that this Server's staff team is NOT corrupted. (Not even 1 gold.)
If You Don't Like Don't Reply ..

At Last of Topic i wish you join us , will got Great Fun.

For app. for supporter , Event , GA : Tell me at Topic , Facebook: Cheetos Xȝ


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