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PVE NOT PVP SERVER New SRO system with 130 cap ,15 Degree item , New Skill system ,Our server will give you a new unique SRO experience that you've never had before, due to our brand new unique system 

Server Information
-Cap: 130
-Old Job System
-New game play system
-Fortresses: Constantinople, Hotan, Jangan, Bandit
-Mastery: 390 Chinese, 260 European
-D15 Items
-Euro and Chinese races
-Battle Arena
-Forgotten World
-New skill animations
-Skills cap 130
-Baghdad town
-NPC Room
-GM Event Room
-Extensive avatars selection
-All Arabian uniques
-Vote for silk ( 50 silk every one hour )
-Start Char will get all 14D Weapons
-Monsters lvl 125 Drop Arena Coins
-Fortress war twice a week, every Saturday and Tuesday at 9:00 PM server time
-DG14 SoSun gear is bought with arena coins
-Baghdad mobs drop arena coins
-15D Weapon Drop from Event Unique

-fogroad Town
-fogroad Uniques
-Roc STR / INT Cave
-Cave lvl 1~50
-Arabian Uniques Room
-Bone ROC
-Bone ROC room
-Baghdad town
-Constantinople fortress
-Custom avatars
-Custom yellow titles
-Custom job suits
-NPC Room
-GM Event Room
-Daily unique events
-Interactive GM's

Web features:
-Top players
-Top job ranks
-Donation page w/options
-Facebook fan page hotlink
-YouTube hotlink
-News feed
-Update announcements
-Vote for Silk ( 50 Silk every 1 hour )
-Server info and rates

Fortress War : Working 2 time in week
Battle Arena: Working
Honor Buffs: Enabled
Forgotten World: Enabled
Advanced Elixirs: Enabled

Screen Shots

Weekly job event added! Be the top in your job and earn EP coins weekly!
-Added more features to the website!
-Alchemy is improved! Success rate is now 100% from 4~7 and from 8~10!

So what are you waiting for!? Join us now and begin an adventure full of thrill and challenges!

General Information :

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