ft Eastern Online | Cap 125 | Mid Rates | Job Based | Daily Events | IP Limit | D11 | Auto-Equipment | Instance Calendar | Coin System | Job War Arena | Skills Modifications | Character Name Change | Pet Extension ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Eastern Online | Cap 125 | Mid Rates | Job Based | Daily Events | IP Limit | D11 | Auto-Equipment | Instance Calendar | Coin System | Job War Arena | Skills Modifications | Character Name Change | Pet Extension

[Eastern Online] [Cap 125] [Mid-rates/Long-term] [PvE/PvP]
{vSRO 1.188, Job-based, New customized stuff, Balanced items and skills, 24/7 automatic instances, Active events, IP-limits}

~ Bringing you a new, balanced and fun Silkroad gaming experience ~

* {NEW SERVER STARTED ON 20/01/2014}
Eastern OnlineEastern Online
  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • CPU cores: 12
  • OS version: Windows 2008 R2 CORE (non-GUI Edition)
  • SQL version: MS-SQL 2008 R2
  • Security: Undisclosed
  • Connection speed: Average
  • Server files: vSRO 1.188
  • Slots: 500
  • Purposes: PvE/PvP
  • Level/Mastery/Skill cap: 125
  • Race: Chinese/European
  • Maximum Degree: 11D
  • Server rates: Mid-rates, Long-term
  • EXP and SP: 75x
  • Party EXP and SP: 100x
  • Item drop rate: 35x
  • SoX drop rate: Nova/Moon = 6x default rates, Sun = 5x default rates
  • Gold drop rate: 5x
  • Talisman drop rate: 2x default rates
  • Coins drop rate: 85% (4 to 6 for copper/iron, 2 to 4 for silver/gold)
  • Job EXP/profit ratio: 1.5x
  • Job item price: Increased by 107x
  • Auto-Equipment applies to: 1D-9D, 11D (Delivered to character's inventory)
  • Final Sets: Roc Thunder Set, Egy Type-A, Egy Type-B
  • Special Sets: Scholar Set (Honor Set), Tournament Set
  • Manufacturing System: Available for Egy equipment
  • Currencies: Copper/Iron/Silver/Gold/Arena Coins, Gold, Silk, E-Points
  • In-game instance: 24 hours non stop (Instance Calendar)
  • Special Arena for Job War kill ranking and rewards
    Job Kill ranking only applies in this map and have limit to 5 kill recording of same opponent in a day to avoid ranking abusement.
  • Alchemy rate: Normal, default rates for Lucky Powder, 2.5x for Magic Lucky Powder (Rates unchanged to prevent alchemy bugs)
  • Alchemy support: Alchemy skill (2 levels), Premium 15%/30%, Avatars with lucky attributes
  • Job and Guild penalty: Disabled (can change instantly after teleporting to town)
  • Guild union system: Enabled
  • Guild auto-level: Enabled (Guild will get instant Lvl 5 upon creation)
  • Item upgrade limit: None
  • Fortress: Jangan, Bandit, Hotan
  • Fortress Taxes applied as follows:
    • Jangan: Jangan, Alexandria North/South
    • Bandit: Donwhang
    • Hotan: Hotan, Constantinople, Samarkand
  • Registration IP limit: 3 Accounts/IP (Proxy detection applied)
  • Gameplay IP limit: 5 Characters/IP
  • Bot policy: Granted (Light botting)
  • Farmbot policy: Prohibited
  • Registered accounts with no characters will be checked and cleaned every 1 week
  • Enforcement measures could be one of the following:
    • Warning message
    • Mute/Kick
    • Temporary/permanent ban
    • Other actions as necessary
  • GM Limitations:
    • No privilege to spawn items and /zoe
    • Player-to-Player exchange blocked
    • Command logs checked daily and will be posted in team conversation thread for review
  • Scarface: Server and Website Manager [ID] (Language: English/Indonesia)
  • Witchy: Community, Client files, Database Manager [SG] (Language: English/Chinese)
  • [GM]Nightmare: Head Game Master/Advisor [AU] (Language: English)
  • [GM]ultear: Event Manager [US] (Language: English)
  • Instance Calendar
  • Fortress War
  • Roc Hunting
  • Qin's Tomb special instance
  • Special trade goods
  • Job Temple
  • Holy Water Temple
  • Jupiter Temple
  • Forgotten World
  • Special Job War Arena opened for 24/7
  • Battle Arena (Flag/Score) opened for 24/7
    • Random Matching: 15 minutes duration, 7 times daily
    • Guild Collision: 25 minutes duration, 1 time daily
    • Party Collision: 25 minutes duration, 8 times daily
    • Job Collision: 25 minutes duration, 10 times daily
  • Capture The Flag: Hourly basis (Old school trophy quest, Reward: Fighting buff scroll)


  • Roc Thunder Set parts has been adjusted to 11D type "Sun" including item attributes
  • Egy-A/B Set parts has been adjusted to 11D type "Sun" including item attributes
  • Scholar Set parts was taken from original GNGWC Sun parts and has been adjusted to 11D type "Honor" including item attributes
  • Tournament Set parts was taken from original D13 Sun parts and has been adjusted to 11D type "Sun" including item attributes
  • Partial attribute differences:
    D11 Sun (+5) equal to Roc Thunder set (+3) equal to Egy-A (+1) equal to Egy-B (+1) equal to Scholar Set (+1) equal to Tournament Set (+0)
  • Gear full set effects
    • Roc Thunder Set: +4 Enhancement +10 Resistance
    • Egy-A: +2 Enhancement +10 Resistance
    • Egy-B: +4 Enhancement +10 Resistance
    • Scholar Set: +3 Enhancement +15 Resistance
    • Tournament Set = +3 Enhancement +15 Resistance
  • Euro Physical weapons: Egy-A = +2 critical, Egy-B = +6 attack rate
  • Euro Magical weapons: Egy-A = +5% magical reinforce, Egy-B = +8~8 magical damage
  • Chinese Egy-A weapons: +2 critical, +5% magical reinforce
  • Chinese Egy-B weapons: +6 attack rate, +8~8 magical damage
  • Job contribution and kill points
  • In-game instances
  • Normal hunting
  • Honor points
  • Votes
  • Events
  • By Instance and Normal hunting
    • Battle Arena instance: Arena Coins
    • Capture The Flag instance: Ice Trophy for quest completion (Quest reward: Fighting buff scroll)
    • Forgotten World Instance: Talisman, Egy-A/B weapons and shields, Egy-B Weapon/Shield tablets, Awaken Stones
    • Holy Water Temple Instance: Rare Egy-A/B accessory parts, Egy-B Accessory tablets, Awaken Stones, Copper/Silver Coins
    • Job Temple: Rare Egy-A/B Gear parts, Egy-B Gear tablets, Awaken Stones, Iron/Gold Coins
    • Roc instance: Roc Thunder Set parts, Awaken Stones
    • Monsters Lvl 101 and above: D11 Moon/Sun items
  • By Job and Academy System
    Players can redeem earned job and honor points to various rewards such as:
    • Gold Coins
    • Silver Coins
    • Iron Coins
    • Copper Coins
    • Awakening stones
    • Special Job title (Blue zerk with 40% damage)
    • Scholar Set parts
    • E-Points
    • Gift Silk
  • Belt F1 slots 1-4 cleared
  • Old school bot trap available (For some players who likes to hunt bots :P)
  • Customized jobs outfit (3 levels, different attributes)
  • Dragon/Gold Dragon Flags with blue attributes
  • Custom NPCs
  • Custom Shop Items
  • Auto-equipment coupon:
    • Moon +5 FB 100% up to 11D (1-9D are Moon) and 11D Nova +5 FB 100% will be given upon each degree level up
    • Will be delivered to character's inventory
    • If previous coupon not used, new one will not be added. Players can still use old coupon and get proper degree
    • Auto-equipment coupon will not replace any Roc Thunder, Egy, Scholar, or Tournament Set parts
    • Player must wear a weapon and at least one gear part for automatic detection (Don't use the scroll naked :P)
  • Egy Set upgrade coupon:
    • Upgrades Egy Type-A gear/accessory including all attributes to Egy Type-B
    • Endurability of upgraded items will decreased by -2
    • Egy-A weapons and shields will not be replaced
  • Manufacturing system also available for Egy parts
  • SoX items up to 9D available to be purchased with gold
  • Unique kill recording (for ranking page)
  • Job PVP kill recording (only applied in Job War Arena)
  • Purification Pill bug fixed (might crash mbot)
  • Teleport holes available at Grocery Shop in every town
  • Custom titles applied (Blue zerk with 35% damage)
  • Title activation scroll (Change your title from the website and activates using this scroll)
  • Coin exchange system
  • Character name change scroll (limited to 3 times name changing)
  • Fighting buff scroll (15 minutes buff scroll, and it stacks with premium effect)
  • Alchemy Helper skill (Lvl 1 = 10%, Lvl 2 = 20%)
  • Skill reset potion
  • Stats reset book
  • PK removal scroll
  • Instance entry and reset tickets (Allows you to enter but will not reset unique/drop time)
  • Premium Gold Time 15%/30%
  • Premium removal scroll
  • Adv elixirs
  • Adv removal scroll
  • Resurrection scroll disabled from Item Mall
  • Pet extension 5 pages (112 slots) + buff (3 days and 24 days)
  • pet extension removal scroll
  • Angel/Devil spirit Grade A/S
  • Angel/Devil spirit stones
  • Honor buff scrolls
  • Lucky Magic Powder
  • Fellow Pets
  • Fight Pet damage/element buff items
  • New transports and vehicles
  • Invinite zoom (yeah!)
  • No swear filter (duh! :P)
  • Stacks:
    • HP/MP Potions: 1000
    • Vigor Potions: 200
    • Recovery Pills: 1000
    • Purification Pills: 500
    • Arrows/Bolts: 2500
    • Alchemy Stones: 250
    • Elixirs: 250
    • Arena Coins: 2500
    • Job Coins: 1000
  • and many more...
  • D11 Sun parts: Dropped randomly by lvl 101+ monsters.
  • Roc Thunder Set parts: Dropped randomly by Roc unique monster.
  • Egy-A parts: Available through drops in Holy Water Temple, Forgotten World Instance, or Job Temple uniques.
  • Egy-A parts Manufacturing tablets will be dropped with higher chance than the parts itself from HWT, FGW, and Job Temple, while manufacturing items can be bought using Arena Coins.
  • Egy-A gear and accessory tablets also available at Arena Item Manager NPC (gold + silver/gold coins + arena coins)
  • Egy-B parts: Dropped randomly by uniques in Job Temple instance, or by upgrading from Egy-A using Egy Set Upgrade Coupon.
  • Egy-B Tablets available through drops
  • Scholar Set parts: Honor shop at Warehouse NPC in every town.
  • 93 Inventory slots (3 pages), other closed slots must be opened through inventory expansion quests
  • Avatar dress/hat/attachment (Samurai/Ninja avatars for Chinese, Fur/Winter Princess for European)
  • Basic gear +7 FB 100% white stats
  • 750K SP
  • 5M gold
  • 1x Pickpet (3 days)
  • 1x Pet extension (3 days)
  • 1000x HP/MP recovery potions
  • 10x Instant return scrolls
  • 10x Reverse return scrolls
  • 10x 100% Resurrection scrolls
  • 10x 120% Speed scrolls
  • 10x Tiger vehicle
  • 1x Exp Increase Ticket (7 days)
  • 1x Skill Exp Increase Ticket (7 days)
  • 1x Devil spirit 7 days FB
  • 1x Auto-equipment coupon (can be used at any level, doesn't matter what level, it will deliver proper degree items)
  • 1x Title change scroll (Activates new title that you choose from website)
  • 1x Fight Pet damage buff (all 3 of them)
  • Opening week - Reward: 300 Gift Silk upon registration
  • Others upcoming events will be posted in the website
Scholar Honor Set

Tournament Set

Roc Thunder Set

Egy-B Complete Set

Egy-A Complete Set

Fighting Buff Scroll
Character Name Change
Thief Outfit
Trader Outfit
Hunter Outfit
Honor Shop
Dragon Flag
Custom NPCs
Arena Shop
Pet Extension
Old School Bot Trap
Item Mall
Job War Teleport
Preview Album by [GM]Nightmare
For the first 2 weeks, newly created accounts will be given 300 silk.

Starting Items


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