ft Relic Sro | Cap 110 | Low Rates | Awesome Features | Start Items | New Silk Scroll | Custom Npc | Npc Stone | Academy System | Magic Pop | Daily Events | Coin System | Free Silk/Hour ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Relic Sro | Cap 110 | Low Rates | Awesome Features | Start Items | New Silk Scroll | Custom Npc | Npc Stone | Academy System | Magic Pop | Daily Events | Coin System | Free Silk/Hour

Hello & Welcome TO Relic Sro

Introducing Relic Sro
When we started to plan for this server, we agreed to keep it exactly the same like ISRO system. And since the server is a LONG TERM server then we decided to add some events and features which will meet the needs of different and several players who have different point of views concerning having fun in a silkroad server.

We have dreamed of a server which suits everyone's taste.
A server which is stable.
A Server With No Corruption.
A server that you will never get bored of .
A server which is long term yet not boring.
A server that satisfies your needs.
We Have had you in mind.
We Introduce you to Relic Sro.....

Hello, and welcome to Relic Sro Here, we strive to make sure that gameplay is fair, and that the community is satisfied to the greatest limit possible. Below, you will find all of the needed details that are required to join our community. Beware that all of the information below is not going to be "added in the future" and claimed to already be in the game, or bugged, It'll be there when you login. Also note that this server isn't going to be open for a week, and then close for two days and then re-opened just to earn money. This server will accept donations, but is not a profit based server.

Relic Sro is first of its kind, ModernSchool a Chinese & Europe 110 Cap server with an improved set of Isro features,All the features in game are tested and functional to guarantee you the most stable and entertaining game play you can achieve out of the originally first 110 Cap Server that came on the scene and which is here to stay.

Server Information
Opening Date : 10.6.2014
Server Status Online
Website Status Online
Chinese & Europe

Jangan: Available
Jangan Fortress: Available
Donwhang: Available
Hotan: Available
Thief Town: Available
Roc Mountain: Available
Alex: Available

•Exp/SP: x30
•Party Exp/SP: x35
•Gold: x25
•Alchemy rate: Customize
•Drop: x20
•Sox rate: x2.5
•Magic PoP: 5x
•Job rate: x10
•Cap: 110
•Mastery Cap: 330

Start Equipment

Item Stacks

New Silk Scroll



New Cerberus Spawn Spot
New Ivy Spawn Spot

Server Features
SoX drop: Enabled * High
Academy System Enabled
Magic Pop Enabled
Mercenaries Disabled
Stall Network Enabled
Donate Enabled
CTF Enabled With New Reward (Relic Sro COINS)
Daily Unique Event
Daily Title Event
Daily PVP Event
Add Coins In Unique's (Relic Sro COINS)
EGY Set Disabled

Silk Per Hour System 1H Online = 1 Silk 
Auto Equipment System : (D1~D11+7) 

New Special Unique Spawn Spot


? Jangan: Enabled
? Downhang: Disabled
? Hotan: Disabled

Facebook Page


Sorry For Corrupted File From Google ... Now u can Download From Other Site's (FIXED)
We hope you enjoy your time on Relic Sro together with us.

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