ft UnitedSRO | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Max Plus | Free Silk/Hour | Coin System | Magic Pop | Upgrade System | Special Scroll | Stones Npc | Ip Limit | New Glows | New Arabian Uniques | Ctf ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

UnitedSRO | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Max Plus | Free Silk/Hour | Coin System | Magic Pop | Upgrade System | Special Scroll | Stones Npc | Ip Limit | New Glows | New Arabian Uniques | Ctf

Iam here to introduce a new private server with amazing features , bug less and 100% Play2WIN Server
Information                    About
Degree                        11
Cap                             110
Skill Cap                    330
Races                        Euro & CH
Enabled Regions     All regions are enabled expect job temple
FGW                         Disabled
EXP                         80x
Party EXP              100x
Item drop rate         10x
Gold drop rate        15x
Max Plus                  +14 with advance +2
Enabled FTWS      Jangan,Hotan
CTF                       Enabled
Arena                    Disabled
Academy              Enabled
Open Date           1/10/2014
Server Files         vSRO v.188
Based on             vSRO v.188
Silk Per hour       2 Silks
Alchemy rate       Custom , explained below
Official Coins      Arena Coins , Iron Coins
IP Limit                2
Capacity             750
Server Location      Germany
Protected                 Yes
Anti exploit               Yes
DDoS Protection     Yes
Bugs                          No
Lags                          No
Let's say server Information
Alexandria mobs drops Arena coins to get power items .

All Level 100++ Unique drops Iron coins

Magic Pop at npc for 1 gold which means you can get d1~d11 sun~NOVA Items free . (Magic pop success rate is 90% )

Fight Set/Acc at npc for Iron coins .

Power weapons,sets and accessory at npc for Arena coins .

Special Items are at npc for silk and arena coins

We've added all stones to npc expect lucky and steady ..

We've added magic pop at npc for 1 gold which means d1~d11 nova items are free

CTF Is Enabled With reward 1 Iron coin per kill ! .
New Avatars are at special items npc for silks and arena coins .

Alchemy  Rate
Plus      Rate
+1~+4     80%
+5           70%
+6           60%
+7           50%
+8          40%
+9          30%
+10        20%
+11        15%
+12          5%
Silk per hour events.
Silk per hour amount will be changed to 4 every Friday, this will happen every Friday only
Upgrade system   
Everybody loves that great system ! so we made it in our server ..
Explaining : if you made a power weapon or shield +12 no advance , buy upgrade scroll available at special items npc , then put your weapon at the first slot . use upgrade scroll , it will teleport you to your recall point and you will find your fight weapon at the first slot ..

IP Limit
We decided to make it 2 so botters can't open more than 2 characters
New weapon effect.
Max Stacks
Purification Pills bug
Everybody knows that boring bug , we've fixed it so players have a fair pvp !
FTW Is Every Sunday at 7:00 GMT +2
CTF Is every 1 hour
Titan Uniques appears everyday at 7:00 GMT +2
Max Plus System
If you made any item higher than +12 no advance. you'll teleport and your item back to +12..
How to get advance +2 ?
by the normal way , destroy a +0 sun d10 weapon
 Unique spots

 Start Items
 Server Staff
[GM] Revanchist - Administrator-Owner-Seller-Developer-Crew Manager-Security Officer-Media.pk2 Editor
[GM] Alexius - Administrator-Owner-Seller-Designer-Crew Manager
[GM] TheBeast Game Master-Moderator-Seller
[GA]Philippines Event Manager-Middle man 

There is no free lvl up ! first 30 players reach level 110 will get 100 silks as a reward .. just post a screen shot at our Facebook fan page

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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