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Eryx Online | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Job Based Server | D8 | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | FTW | CTF | Battle Arena | Weapon Switcher | Blood Weapons | Devil Spirit | Abyss Prison | Wanted System | Special Npc | Daily Events | Balanced System

Hello, dear PrvSro members. We would like to introduce to you our server Eryx, as requested by our old players!
Our server, as you all already knew, already is an 80 cap server based on job activity as our main game-play feature.
Our last version of Eryx was on for 11 months. This time, we would like to break our last record. We want this version to last for years - and we worked really hard for that! Also, by using YOUR help and YOUR feedback, we will be able to keep it updated all the time and to fix the bugs which may appear.
Our old players will notice that some of the features were removed, but they will be added later as an update.
Remember, our server was always considered as a "play to win" server by our players words, and it remains the same: almost everything you can buy using Eryx points, you can get it by playing normally, gaining coins etc.
This time we are proud to introduce to you our new website which is gonna help us to enhance our service through many features added to it.
So join our new journey and we will make sure to keep you entertained.

In Game Info                Value
Level cap                             80.
Gear cap                      8th degree.
Skill cap                                80.
Mastery limit                      300.
Server files                        VSRO.
Races                                    CH.
Sox Type        8D Seal of Star / Moon.
Alchemy Rate                       1x.
Job Rate                                60x.
Gold Drop Rate                     5x.
Bot                                      Allowed.
IP Limit                                    2.
Eryx Points per hour        1 from lvl.
Official opening date       08/07.
Protected by        
Server features:
Fortress war is every Sunday.
Disabled advanced elixirs.
Disabled berserker potions.
DMG INC & DEF INC scrolls removed from item mall.
Disabled defense scrolls.
3 Guilds per union & 32 members per one Guild.
Guild penalty 1 day, Job penalty is 1 day.
Working CTF & Battle arena for silver coins.
Bargain time is disabled.
CTF is limited to lvl 80 players only.
Mercenaries are disabled and removed.
Eryx Points scrolls: 25,50,100,300,500,1500,3000 added.
Fellow pets added in Fellow pets shop.
Added Automatic events, H&S, Trivia and Last Man Standing for free Eryx points.
Weapon switcher added.
Old PvP capes added.
Academy disabled.
Important Notes & How to get rid of Job/Guild penalty:
If you want to get rid of the job penalty (Note: after leaving your current job, you receive 1 day penalty before joining another one), please leave the guild or the job and teleport more than 1 time or re-log, Especially when you leave job,
when you join back an other Job you will need to create an alias, create random one & press confirm & it will say name already exist,
teleport one time and put on your job suit & it will work.
Pick pets aren't trade-able to prevent any in-game bug.

Leveling up:

To keep it simple, leveling up is not hard neither that easy. We made sure to keep it moderate so you don't get bored of getting to the max level neither feel it is so fast. Also, we believe leveling up can be entertaining, so it shouldn't be that easy to achieve the maximum level.

Starter Items:
3 Days Pig Pick Peg
20 Drug Of Typhoon
3 days 100% Speed Potion
1000 HP and MP potions
20 Instant Return Scroll
11 Reverse Return scrolls
Wedding Avatar and Hat.
500,000 Gold

Our sox items:

Seal of Star is +2 stronger than the normal 8D, and they are droppable from all mobs which are over level 76.
You've got higher chances to drop SoS at the Job Temple.


Seal of Moon is our main weapon/equipment/accessory to earn. It is +4 stronger than the normal 8D.
These moon items are not trade-able they are character bound (Legs - Chest - Head - Weapons - Necklace - Earrings).
These are the trade-able moon items (Rings - Foot - Shoulders - Hands).
Regarding coins:
Copper coins: you can buy them from Seal of Eryx shop (Hotan). Every copper coin costs 250 million gold (Attention: copper coins are sold to npc for 1 gold and they are non trade-able coins).
Silver coins: you can get them from CTF (Per each kill), Battle arena, minions or STR/INT uniques. As drops, they are non trade-able coins.
Other way to get Silver Coins: After reaching the Gold Coins limit which is 80 per week, when you do any job activity of selling goods you will need to re-log and you will get Silver Coins deposited in your storage.
Gold coins: they are obtained from jobbing. After you sell goods as a trader/thief/hunter, restart your client and you will find them in the storage. You must be lvl 80 to get gold coins.
Gold coin limit is restarted on Monday 00:00, they are non trade-able coins. (remember: our gold coin limit per week is 80 coins)

Moon weapons


Blood of Eryx is +4 better than normal. These weapons are trade-able and can be obtained from uniques:

-Eryx (highest rate of dropping them, it appears across the entire map every 6 hours);
-Job temple uniques;
-Abyss Wizard (Appears in Abyss prison aka jangan cave).
http://i.epvpimg.com/KP4Ub.jpg Blood weapons http://i.epvpimg.com/L163g.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/heZwb.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/WqQKf.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/PE4af.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/hyerh.jpg

Fourth FGW: Futurely update

Seal of Oblivion is +4 better than normal 8D & it can be achieved by FGW,
FGW keys will be available for Gold Coins & real gold @ Eryx Shop in Hotan. After collecting the 8 cards you can go to jangan so-ok (Oblivion Realm Collection Quest) and exchange the cards for 1 weapon (these weapons are trade-able).

Roc is one of the strongest uniques featured in our server in order to add more fun to the game-play. Of course, after it was edited to fit our 8D
Basically Roc drops coins and blood moon weapons besides many other drops. 
INT/STR Uniques:

Concerning the fact that the upper hand in killing uniques is given to INT characters, we decided to add STR/INT uniques.
Such uniques were added to be spawned using normal uniques spawn points, so STR players would have a higher chance to own some uniques. These uniques drop (Silver coins - Immortals & astrals - Silk items).


Devil spirit is added in item mall as a visual enhancement for your character, adds a Speed buff and increases damage towards monsters.
Devil spirit http://i.epvpimg.com/aqwob.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/df2sg.jpg
Eryx Hall and Abyss Prison:

Eryx Hall is a room where Eryx minions spawn. The only way to teleport there is wearing a job suit and having 1 copper coin in your inventory via hotan teleport, as seen in the screenshot below.

Abyss Prison is a place where you can farm your Master skill. Abyss Berserkers and Abyss Witch can be found there. The entrance is 50m gold. It can be entered via the same teleporter in hotan as Eryx Hall.
Eryx Hall
Wanted System:
One of the features which adds more fun to the job, so for every 10 kills u get granted a buff, we applied a maximum on kills which is 50.
Eryx Special Goods NPC:
This NPC contains many items (Immortals - Astrals - Silk items - All kinds of green stones) which could be purchased using all types of coins (Silver - Iron - Arena - Copper) so if you are not a donor you just need to work harder to farm coins.
Eryx Special Goods NPC
Shops Added:

At Hotan town, as shown in the following, picture you can find the following shops added:
Eryx Titles shop: here, you can buy titles scrolls and activate them to get special titles. They can be bought using Eryx points.
Fellow Pets NPC: here you can buy your fellow pets using Eryx points.
Coin NPC: here, you can buy all kinds of items that can be purchased by Eryx points, but instead, you can buy them using coins (silver-gold-unique). You can also buy stones here.
Avatar NPC: here, you have extra avatars besides the ones we already have in the item mall. You can buy these avatars using Eryx points.
Eryx Shop: here you can buy lottery tickets using gold.
Eryx Silk Merchant: here, you can buy a lot of items (special scrolls, model switchers, type changers, silk scrolls, eryx goods). Every item has it's own explanation included. You can buy these items using Eryx points.
Seal of Eryx Shop: Here you can buy our weapons/equipment's/accessories items which are moon items. You need an amount of coins to buy each item.

We added this feature for people who love other degrees look. It is important to say that it's only a switch of the look - stats stays the same. Our swicthers are for 8D items and you can switch their look until 14D. (again, stats & the plus never change just the look)

Master skills:

The Master Skills are available for every mastery and are worth 100m Skill Points. They were designed to be farmed in the Abyss Prison because every monster there gives huge amount of sp. They can be used once every 12 hours. Also, these skills have high power and new visuals that will leave you impressed by the effects and the damage.
The entrance to the temple is changed to the Abyss tunnels on Taklamakan, with level restriction and job restriction as well.

The mobs inside it drop Sos items on a higher rate than normal mobs & silk items. Temple uniques also drop valuable items including Blood weapons. 
Website Features
Now you can reach us through the support tickets system. Send us your complaints, bugs, etc.
Other features added include an advanced settings panel for account & character in game, changing titles via website too, online players stats chart, a ranking added too our website, players ranking, guild ranking, ranking based on items stats & more to be added later as an update.
Website features
Fellow Pets:
Gallery 11

Launcher, Login and Website:

Gallery 12

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

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