ft NYX Online | Cap 100 | Balanced Server | Job War System | Low Rates | Long Term Server | New Plus Effects | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Union Limit | Skill Edits | Custom Npc ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

NYX Online | Cap 100 | Balanced Server | Job War System | Low Rates | Long Term Server | New Plus Effects | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Union Limit | Skill Edits | Custom Npc

߷ Server Features
Automated Equipment System 1-8dg
All warlock debuffs decreased to %70 from %80
Stun skill added ch force lvl 100
Black res skill re-designed
Skills max for lv100

Adv elixir removed
Devil S and Sabakun's jewel removed
Sun drops disabled
Max plus +13
Academy disabled
Only Jangan FW enabled
Stone drops disabled
You can buy elements from npc Kaolin via your gold
Pill bug fixed
Exc bug fixed. you cant use exc, after attack in 10sec.
Union Limit 4
Jangan teleport to b2-b3-b4
Medusa every 6hours
Fgw for moon weapons
vSRO v1.188
cap 100
mastery 300
40x(45x party) xp-sp
5x gold
10x drop
1x alchemy
Ip limit: 3
Sox 1x
Fgw 1x
Trade 25x

߷ Stacks
HP pots 1000
MP pots 1000
Vigor grain 1000
Magic tablet 100
Attr tablet 100
Drug of Typhoon 50
Universal pills 1000
Elixirs 50
Stones 1 [For no bug]

߷ Plus Effects



߷ New Npc
You can buy elements with gold.

You can buy lucky-steady stone with gold.

You can buy gift item with Job Point***

You can buy stones with Job Point***

߷ Start Items

20 Reverse Return Scroll
100 HP/MP Recovery Potion
50 Instant Return Scroll
10 Drug of typoon
Arabian Dress
3 days Monkey Summon Scroll
500,000 gold
100,000 sp point
Instant lv1

߷ Job War System
How i can earn job point ?
 Scheduled Job War - Everyday 6 hours gap, 4 war in a day.
Balanced System. Example; 100thief 90hunter in war you can't enter war being thief
You cant join war in same ip being thief and hunters characters.
Register time 15min after announced.
War time 30 min after start war announce.
Hunters or thief's winning by the number of total kill.
If your team wins, you can earn extra job and honor point.

Kill rate system (Go to pictures more detail),
If you kill 5 people in a row, You are Rampage!
If you kill 4 people in a row, You are Killing Spree!
If you kill 3 people in a row, You are Trible Kill!
If you kill 2 people in a row, You are Double Kill!

Kill people in job war, earn job point for academy, for stones.
Academy updating every day.

߷ Job War System Pictures
How to join job war ?
Write -yes when job war announced. You will teleport when jw starting.

What's it like job war map ?

Whats honor point - jobpoint ?
We can earn honorpoint-jobpoint by kill people in jw. You can see live honor point in character window.

What's kill rate system ?
If you 2-3-4-5 kill in a row, you will noticed in all jw players.

߷ Union Limit Picture
You can't add 4+ guilds in union.

߷ Skill Edits
100lv stun edit added to force.

Warlock debuffs decreased %70 from %80

Cleric black res skill

Beta stage will start tomorrow. Estimated beta stage duration time 1 day.
If you like nyx's features Join Us!
NYX - Silkroad Online Private Server

and the last, yes we have ddos protection and exploit protection.
Thanks all..

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