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Silkroad Private Servers

Pinnacle | Cap 100 | D10 | Balanced System | Low Rates | Ftw | New Dungeons | Custom Npc | New Mobs | Snake Room | New Glows | Coin System | FGW | Original Titles | New Knowledge Skills | SRO-R Skills | Sarin Tribe | New Quests | Custom Edits

Short introduction:
We are a small team which consists of 2 developers and an investor, our main purpose is to achieve the true gaming experience. Through our extensive experience in SRO.
We use multiple game servers and the best DDoS protection available in the market to provide you with a lag less/no delay gaming experience. We'll be providing you with the best support possible. We added a new mastery called 'Knowledge' which will balance the server, our server will be job-based and we'll be giving away a lot of awesome stuff also do you miss the old SRO-times? We have enabled the Medusa (B5) Room back. It'll never be pay-2-win, oh well. Let's stop talking and take a look at the features.
Grand Opening: 20th of September 2015 - 9/20/2015 - 3:00 PM GMT+2
Those who donated will get their Pinnacle Points(PP) back.
Download links are available now!
Official Server Information:
  • Cap: 100
  • Races: CH/EU
  • EXP rate: 25x
  • SP rate: 25x
  • EXP (Party) rate: 30x
  • Drop rate: 5x
  • Gold rate: 5x
  • Sox rate: Normal
  • Enabled FW(s): Jangan, Bandit, Hotan
  • Slots(available): 1500 - This might be increased at any given time.
Pinnacle Gallery
Pinnacle NPC
Samarkand Mobs
Samarkand Teleports
SoS glow effect
Moon glow effect
Crusader glow effect
Sun glow effect
Ordinary Features:
Start Items:
Items (Format: Name, Info)
  • 1x Instructor - used to enter "Instruction" room.
  • 60% EXP Helper
  • 100% EXP Helper
  • 20x Beginner Scroll of Movement - 100% Speed Scroll
  • 5x Reverse Scroll - untradable
  • 1x Monkey Pick Pet - 3 Days
  • HP Recovery Potion - 1000
  • MP Recovery Potion - 1000
*A 100% speed skill will be granted to your character which will last for 3 days (Steam).
Start Items
Automatic equipment:
You will get automatically equipped after reaching certain levels until level 81. Then you will have to get your equipment's by yourself.
PS: You will have to teleport to get your equipment!

Teleport level restrictions:
We have added level restrictions to the official teleports. Reason: We want our players to depend on themselves on most circumstances including level up, etc.

Pinnacle NPC(s):
We added new NPCs which are selling pinnacle's important items such as:

NPC(s) (Format: Name - Info):
  • Pinnacle(NPC): Sells Moon and Sun Items and Freebies
  • Dealer(NPC): Sells Job suit upgrade scrolls etc
  • Wholesaler(NPC): This npc will be updated every week with Item mall items for a cheaper price.
Moon CH items
Sun Items
PS: All of them are located in samarkand since it's our main city.
Changed D10 Immortal Icon:
We changed the D10 Immortal Icon to red to avoid scams.
Items(Seals) adjustment
-We have adjusted SOS,SOM,Crusader,SoSun items.
-Here is how we adjusted them.
-SOS = Last tier +1, with some extra reinforce. - Tradeable
-SOS (With a green text on it, represents the 8 classes of knowledge) = Last tier +2, with extra reinforce -Tradeable
-SoM = Last tier +3 - Untradeable
-Crusader = Last tier +4 - Untradeable.
-Sun = Last tier +5 - Untradeable
-How to obtain them?
-SOS will be obtainable from mobs, uniques, dungeons. Job temple mobs has a 2x higher rate though.
-SOS(Set type) will be obtainable from dungeons' uniques.
-MOON will be obtainable through jobbing, fgw.
-Crusader will be obtainable from Medusa
-SUN will be obtainable through certain currencies which can be obtained from job temple, jobbing, ba/ctf, unique hunting, quests, etc.
Replaced Coin(s) system:
After a long time of thinking, we replaced the coin system icons' and names with something new that could make the players forget about coins.
As runes which were found in the center of the earth and feather which was dropped from the archangel's wings, these are considered really-rare items to obtain.
These items will be required to buy Moon or Sun!
How to obtain them?
Can be obtained from Job Cave uniques or quests from Pinnacle Manager or Dungeons' uniques (Tradable)
Can be obtained through Battle Arena and Capture Flag Event, Uniques (Un-tradable)
Can be obtained through jobbing only. (Un-tradable)
-Sun Shining
Drops from Medusa and a certain unique(un-decided) which spawns in a random place around Jangan/Hotan/Donwhang. (Un-tradable)Infinite
sun shining
Forgotten world:
As all of you know, forgotten world is one of the funniest features in SRO game-play, therefore, we decided to enable it with a precious reward.
The forgotten world reward is a crusader weapon of your choice, but well, forgotten world is kinda pay2win since donators can purchase all the books for Pinnacle Points etc. So we decided to make 4 books trade-able while the other 4 hard books are un trade-able. Why? To make the server more active.
We didn't remove the original titles (Captain & General & Baronet & Knight),
But we changed the increased damage value, there will be titles for top 3 Hunters/Traders/Thieves

Job titles (Format: Job Type, Rank, Title):
Hunter - #1 - Guardian
Hunter - #2 - Warlord
Hunter - #3 - Gladiator
Thief - #1 - Vanquisher
Thief - #2 - The Death Stalker
Thief - #3 - Lore-master
Trader - #1 - Peacekeeper
Trader - #2 - Traveller
Trader - #3 - Explorer

Unique slayer titles (Format: Unique, Title):
Tiger girl - Tiger Girl Slayer
Uruchi - Uruchi Slayer
Isy - Isy Slayer
Lord - Lord Slayer
Demon - Demon Slayer
Medusa - Medusa Slayer
Note: Job & Unique Slayers titles gives you more damage (+15%) than the normal titles such as Captain or General or Baronet or Knight.

Changed mobs area (85 ~ 100)
Do you hate going to B3 or B4? We got a solution for you, we changed the mobs area to Samarkand and Constantinople
Samarkand will contain mobs with level range between 85 and 95 (80 ~ 95)
Constantinople will contain mobs with level range between 95 and 100 (95 ~ 100)Mobs
Exclusive Features:
Our main feature, After finishing a certain quest, you'll get a random 'Book'. This book can help you learn the dark secrets of weapons; Each book has its own secret, it'll be your path.
We added knowledge so it could balance CH and EU. It consists of 8 classes. Each class has its own skills.
The current available classes/books are: Necromancer(The satan's servant), Magician(The mage), Mesmer(The evil magician), Guardian(The tank), Thief(The fastest), Warrior(The Immortal), Ranger(The beast master), Engineer (The mastermind)
PS: This mastery will serve as a mastery to complete SRO-R Skill System
SRO-R Skills:
After a long time of discussion and players' suggestions, we decided to add SRO-R Skills
It should be better than Knowledge's old skills.
Note: If you chose Glaive/Recovery and wondered how you will get an Imbue, Knowledge is there for a reason.
Sarin Tribe:
Do you miss the old Sarin Tribe - B5? We have enabled it back, you'll find medusa there which has the biggest/best drops in the server. Medusa has a chance to drop SoS, Crusader items with a very low rate.
Sarin Tribe
Set types:
We have added new set types, each one grant you blues which will you complete your build. They're named after the classes.
Types (Format: Type):
Set types
In order to make the server active, we added some quests which will help you to get Item mall items as well as other stuff.
Quests (Format: Name, Reward):
Knowledge (once) - A book which is used to get a class
Eliminating Thief Boss (repeatable) - Silver Crate
Eliminating Giant Demon (repeatable) - Silver Crate
Eliminating Mad General Abshad (repeatable) - Gold Crate
Note: We'll add more quests based on suggestions.
Crates are items which can be purchased through Item mall, it has the ability to grant you a random item from Item mall which costs XX PP.
Crates (Format: Name, Price, Item cost range):
Silver Crate - 25 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 100 Pinnacle Points(PP)
Gold Crate - 70 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 150 Pinnacle Points(PP)
Diamond Crate - 110 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 250 Pinnacle Points(PP)
It's all based on luck.

Seal effects(Glows):
Have you been looking for cool seal effects which hasn't been done before in any server? We added some great seal effects.
Seal effects
SOS(Green text)
Note: Moon and Crusader are being changed!

Permanent Buffs:
Are you bored of re-buffing your buffs over and over? We got a solution for you, we have added the permanent buffs which will buff the skills for you when you teleport or login.

Union/Guild Limit:
We have changed the union/guild limit to make the FW more challenging!
Also we have implemented the most perfect union-limit.
Guild Limit: 32
Union Limit: 4
Model Switchers:
Now you can change your regular D10 weapon/set part models and you can revert it back if you didn't like it.

Battle Arena & Capture Flag Event:
These events will take your time, Capture Flag Event will be available every 2 hours. Battle Arena will be available every 3 hours.
You can obtain:
Ice from Capture Flag Event (1 per kill)

Also Battle Arena reward;
Winners: 7 Ice
Losers: 2 Ice

Old PVP Capes:
We have added the old PVP capes and removed the Free PVP ones.
Yellow Cape
White Cape
Blue Cape
Black Cape
Red Cape
Adjusted transport pets:
We adjusted transport to make it easier and faster for players to buy goods with a stack of 500 and inventory size of 10.
Adjusted Devils:
We adjusted the devil spirits in order to make them fit the gameplay. (Not being over-powered)
Max Plus is +7

Devils (Format: Name, Status):
Devil A - (+0 - 4% HP/MP Increment) & (+7 - 11% HP/MP Increment)
Devil S - (+0 - 9% HP/MP Increment) & (+7 - 16% HP/MP Increment)Devil A +0
Devil A +7
Devil S +0
Devil S +7
Global, reverse delay and level requirement.
You will need to be level 95 or higher in order to be able to use global chatting. We have also added a delay of 15 seconds for global chatting scrolls.
And for reverse, you will need to be level 30 or higher, we also added a delay of 30 seconds for them.
PS: We will increase the global chatting delay if the chatting box was full of spam!

Max plus
We have added a max plus of 13, the alchemy rate is fair enough to not make you pull your hair out.

Automatic punishment
We have added an automatic punishment system which will automatically punish those who sells item/pinnacle points/golds for real money, and those who insults a GM in global chatting will also get banned automatically.

Job rewards - depends on your contribution
You'll be getting certain currency required to buy moon/sun items through jobbing. Moreover; we added a limit of 400 per week to avoid farming etc.
PS: You'll need to relog to get your coins!

Job temple:
Job temple mobs has a higher chance to drop a SOS. The uniques there drops Feather which is used to purchase moon and sun.
We enabled it for the purpose of having more job wars and job conflicts which could bring fun to the players.

Wanted feature - the more kills you get, the better skill you get!
You'll get the wanted buff if you got a kill streak of 10-25-40-50-80 while jobbing.
The more kills you get, the better buff you get.

Note: If your status was "Wanted" and someone killed you, they'll take some of your gold. Max 200M

Custom dungeons:
Y'all probably got bored of the old forgotten world dungeons, therefore, we decided to add new custom ones which will drop certain currencies and also the uniques inside these dungeons will drop SOS items, and SOS(With a green text on it) items.

Dungeons (Format: Name, Description):
While being the garden of the heaven, it contains 3 uniques which are hard to kill. And the dungeon itself is surrounded with furious mobs,
But they drop a high-value treasure! Figure out what that treasure might be by yourself.
The hell, it has the most dangerous breed of demons which are really dangerous. They have high HP and DMG but their drops are quite good, their boss will be there too so take care!
The land of monsters, they hide some precious treasures. Killing them would open the door of opportunities in front of you!
Their general, king will be there. The higher the rank, the higher the treasure.
Pinnacle Points(PP) scrolls
You will be able to purchase Pinnacle Points(PP) scrolls from item mall and sell them/trade them for anything you might need.
Job points
You will get 1 job point for each kill you get while jobbing. PS: We've added a proper anti cheat for this system! You will be able to get only 3 kills per HWID, per day. A use of job points will be decided later on.

Upgrading your job suit
You can purchase scrolls from dealer npc to upgrade your job suit and grant you with certain blues

Custom trade routes/NPC locations
We have added custom trade routes so thieves wont find any complexity while searching for traders and hunters.
These routes will also make your life easier as a trader/hunter. They also got a higher profit.
#1 route
#2 route
#3 route
#4 route
#5 route
#6 route
#7 routehttp://i.epvpimg.com/VyJEh.jpg
#8 routehttp://i.epvpimg.com/r2Eig.jpg
Jobbing max level
We have modified the max level of jobbing to 20 instead of 7. You can level up by either selling/protecting/stealing trades or reaching 100 job kills.

Job suit skills
Your job suit will be granted with some skills after buying it, these skills will help you to achieve the potential of your job type!

Modified premium:
We modified the premium skill to make it fair for those who are non-donators.
Alchemy global informing.
Whenever someone achieves +7 or higher, our bot will write a global message informing the players about the plus he achieved.

Bounty PvP
The idea credits goes to elamidas, moreover; we improved it and made it even better.
If you want to bounty pvp someone for certain amount of gold, you will have to send a message to your opponent stating "BountyPvP GoldAmount"
And wait until he agrees, he should send you a message stating "Agree" or "Yes" or "Accept" to start the challenge. If he wants to refuse PVPing you, he will send you a message stating "No" or "Deny" or "Refused".
PS: If there was 2 players else using this system, you will be put on hold until they are done.

New job suits
We changed the old plain-job suits to new ones, right now. You can find Traditional and Modern job suit in the trader,
There'll be another job suits which are only obtainable through Job Suit Upgrade Scroll!
Traditional trader suit
Modern trader suit
Traditional hunter suit
Modern hunter suit
Traditional thief suit 
Modern thief suit
Automatic Events:
Trivia event
Known as "Question & Answer" event, the trivia bot will ask a question and whoever answers it will get rewarded with 30 Pinnacle Points(PP)
Starts every 30 mins.

PVP Event
Starts once per day, the winner gets 300 Pinnacle Points(PP).
PS: Follow the bot rules otherwise you will be disqualified!

Job war event
Starts twice per day, You will have to PM [BOT]JobWar with "Register" to register, and then all participants will be ported to an area where they can kill each other.
Here is how it works: The job type with the most sum of kills will win the event. For example, Thieves got 100 kills, hunters 90, traders 80. Each thief with a kill count of 3 or more will get rewarded. You will be able to get back to this area after dying with a reverse scroll or waiting for a party member help. You wont be disqualified after dying.
The reward is 100 Pinnacle Points(PP) for each participant with 3 or more kills from the winning job type. This event will get improved by the time based on the players suggestions.

Free for all event
A notice will be sent notifying the players that the FFA event will start and registration is open, whoever wants to participate will have to send a private message to [BOT]FFA stating "Register" to register.
Then every participant will be ported to an area where they can kill each other. Parties are not allowed, the bot will start porting those who didn't equip PVP cape nor created a party in 45 seconds so you have to be fast enough!
To win this event you need to get the best Kill/Death Ratio (Kills Divided by Deaths)
The reward is 400 Pinnacle Points for the first place, 300 for the second, 200 for the third.

Gold hunger war
This one is pretty new, therefore, I have to explain it clearly.
The event is pretty simple, all you have to do is sending a private message to [BOT]GoldHunger stating "Register GoldAmount". The gold amount you bid will be substracted from your gold plus 5m which is the participation fee.
Parties are not allowed and thus you will have to create your own party on the party matching with the title "GH" UPPERCASE!
For each kill you get in the event, you will get the amount of gold that ur enemy bidded, and eventually when 1 player remains, he will win and get the gold he bidded + the amount of gold each one of victims bidded + 100 pinnacle points.
There will also be a kick vote to prevent big ass killers.
PS: Minimum amount of gold you can bid is 10m.

Kill the bot
Our event bot will spawn at samarkand south and will send a notice notifying the players that Kill the bot event has started.
You will have to kill him, for each kill you will get 50 Pinnacle Points(PP).

Hide and seek
The event bot will spawn at a random place and will send a notice notifying the players about where is it. The first one to find it will get 50 Pinnacle Points(PP)

Lucky party number
The event bot will send a notice notifying the players that the LPN event has started. It will ask them to create a party with a certain number that gets randomly generated. The reward is 40 Pinnacle Points(PP)

Last man standing
The event bot will send a notice notifying the players that the LMS event has started. To register you have to send a message to [BOT]AutoEvents stating "LMS Register" or "Register" to register.
Then you will get ported to an area where you should kill everyone around you, parties are not allowed on this area.
The reward is 200 Pinnacle Points(PP) for the winner who will be the last man standing.

Search and destroy
The event bot will spawn a unique at a random place and you have to kill this unique. The reward is 100 Pinnacle Points(PP)

Alchemy event
The event bot will send a notice notifying players that the alchemy event has started. The event bot will appear at samarkand south and will drop low degree +5 items.
The first one to achieve +9 will win 200 pinnacle points.

Custom Features:
HWID Limit:
We have a HWID limit of 2 which means you cannot login more than 2 accounts on one PC.http://i.epvpimg.com/YxExd.jpg
Exchange in PVP/Job:
Player can no longer request exchange request while being in PVP or Job mode.
Job Anti-cheat:
Players cannot terminate their vehicles or transports while being near town.
Cannot terminate vehicle or transport...
CTF - required level:
Player must be level 100 to be able to join CTF otherwise he would get the message below.
Visual client changes:
Our team:
Ace (Developer - Support)
Hey there, I'm Ace also known as Skipper* now. I'm a SQL, PK2, C# developer and I was working on elamidas before as a developer
Also I made my own server back in 2013 but it wasn't really successful (500 Players Online haha). Anyway I'm a good n cheerful guy, I don't like being in high positions but that's about me. You'll see me always in the game!

Leonius (Developer - Support)
Hey, I am Youssef, aka Leonius, 17 years old guy. I am specialized in SQL coding, and a little bit pk2 editing/C#. I've been playing SRO since 2k8 and I've got my mental capabilities of playing SRO and managing a big SRO server, Honestly I've never tried managing a big project such as Pinnacle, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to manage it with Ace's help indeed, I'll also be available most of the time to provide support to Pinnacle's players and reply to your suggestions/questions/whatsoever on our forums. See you in-game =)

Tom (Investor - Support)
Yo! I'm tom, 20 years old, from Germany. I have been playing SRO for 7 years now and I have gained enough experience to make through it. I will be there all the time if you need any help or got any questions/suggestions. I won't let you down Have fun!

A special thanks to:
Mohamed~ aka magicanoo - Probably the best guy I have ever known, he helped us all the time when we had a problem with the filter.
Simulation - He is a life saver, I couldn't have done a lot of stuff without his help. I really appreciate it.
Gray Face - The only person who stood by me when I was having trouble <3
Koks(Oliver) - For the awesome website!
Saylox - He made us an awesome launcher and thanks for the engineer's skill idea

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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