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Silkroad Private Servers

ZSZC-Zone | Cap 105 | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Balanced System | Free Silk | OldSchool Server | Custom Edits | Old Glows | Protected Server | Old Job System | Old Design | Anti Ddos System | Old Title System

Let me read your mind, you think it's going to be another boring announcement of a dead server. Meanwhile you wander from server to server, not being able to find your place.
I'll let you decide, but give us some minutes to introduce ourselves. My friend and I were talking and the conversation crashed into an obstacle. Neither of us knew the answer to the following question:Why is Donwhang not a PVP area anymore? Do you remember the times when Donwhang south was full of players that beat each other, even in groups? The times when you played isro, zszc? You could meet a lot of friendly players, make friendships that last until now. Where has all this gone? Then suddenly we came to the following conclusion.
The magic that isro, ecsro had were the low rates. Where having a high level character was truly a big deal. Where leaving wouldn't just be logging off, rather thinking hard about losing what you had suffered a lot for. Nothing was free. 1 weapon elixir for 1m, sweat blood even by fusing the weapon to +5.
We would like to make your memories come true.
*- Zszc-Zone created in: Hungary

Grand Opening: 5:00pm Aug. 17th, 2015. GMT+2
Online Players: Soon..

So how will the server's sketch look like?
- Nothing is complicated
- No edits
- ZszcSro feeling
- Free Silks -- edited(though!)
- IP limit 2!
- Stable systems
- Hourly database backup
And what special things will you find on our server?
!!NOTHING!! You will not get blinded when you log on.
- No coin system, let alone coin farming
- No full sun in a week
- Oldschool things like penon taxi, ong farming, etc.!
- Organise, gather and take advantage of playing Silkroad Online.
One may rightfully ask: WHY is this server built? What audience do we aim?
Back in those days when silkroad servers were relatively stable, I was an active player myself, and it is my favorite game even until this day. And then came the day, when armies of private servers opened, and there were no options but to move from one to the other. They either got closed, or I got banned for some irrational reason, or I was hacked, or GM was a corrupt bastard, or they just simply fucked up the server in time. I had enough of it. So I started my own server. That was 4 years ago, and I had quite a few servers, which have let me to gain experience enough to setup, maintain, debug and edit silkroad servers at an impressive speed.
It certainly feels that the era of overedited servers are somewhat going down, soon they are over. I realize the fact that people are looking for decent (actually) Silkroad-ish server. Thus, I start one for the community.

Server details:
Exp rate: 30x
START PLAYING! Forget that f**king 500x rates. That's not an MMORPG. Group up with people on penons and have afternoon parties together. It was so much fun back then, wasn't it? If you want to be someone, you will have to play for it.
I can guarantee you that your efforts won't be unnecessary!
Drop rate: 10x
...and maybe that's even more than it should be. But we leave it as it is, so y'all can be happy about something. One thing is for sure: you will not be running to town every 30 minutes, because your inventory is full. You DO know the feeling, right? =)
Gold rate: 8x
You had better get accustomed to having 100m gold means hell of a lot of fortune. You all remember when you had your first million on iSRO, right? Catch that feeling... it's coming back.
Alchemy rate: 1x + Magic Lucky powder
Just a slightly bit better than the original to make your life calmer. To the hell with +15-20 weapons, those servers are mainly pay to win. You will be super excited to try +7 on your weapon, and if it succeeds, you throw up a party. If you have glow on your weapon, that makes you unique. It is like that in 95% of other MMORPGs. And had not mentioned the lack of balance with such a high success rate.
Trade rate: 10x
A result of a long and thorough testing. We had our principles which we followed, and we decided this will be the optimal setting. We want the prices to remain real as well as players shouldn't be stuffed with gold. And since trading will be the best source of money on the server, it will worth to have as many trades as possible (and not just pressing the start button of mbot occasionly).
Magic Pop:
Disabled! We don't want a Pay2Win server!
Fortress war
Although it didn't exist back then, but it became a part of our silkroad lives. There must be a war among guilds and unions on the weekends. Do you remember the excitement when you were preparing for Fortress war? We don't want you to miss it.
Last degree weapons and sets
There will be 3 kinds of last degree weapons, just like in ZSZC back then. 11D npc will be as strong as T1 and T2, they will just look differently. And of course 11D Seal of star editions which are stronger and better. Same goes to clothes and accessories.
Mastery Level 315 +45 like on ZszcSro!The mastery is 360, which means you can have 3x105 masteries and 1x45 can be spent according to your sake. Spend it wisely!
Cap 105 Skills
Free silks:
-Yes, we will add free silk content, based on online up-time.
We believe that this is not the server where you should be bathing in silks.
Worse thing for the economy. So you will get free silk, under one temporary and one long-lasting condition:
! Be level 105.!
Okay, you raged out. Why do we want this? For the second: the reason is obvious, I hope I don't have to explain it.
As for the first, we have a solid reason: we don't want to unbalance the players' wallet - we have run into this error before, when the starters were stuffed with gold, while the not-even-so-late joiners were poor as hell. Also, we want you to advertise our server and call your friends to play with. Even I will join the players!
Monster spawns re-balanced
Some areas full of mobs, others empty - we worked on this one to ensure you less annoyance when you are grinding!
..And that's not all! You'll be able to meet the monsters from Jangan Cave in Constantinople (85-97) and Samarkand (98-105)!
2 Game servers [40.000 monsters]
Monster spawn

Oldschool stacking!
Gathering has always been one of the SRO stuffs you always had to cope with in the past times. We add some stacking for your comfort (elxirs = 50 stack, tablets = 50 stack), but stones will not be stackable by principle (and of course because it will get attribute assimilation %'s bugged). The time of storage characters is back, and you will be rather selling some of your stored goods, thus giving a buttkick to the server's economy.
Don't be mad because of the basic potion stack! You can buy cute potion packages from item mall!
Oldschool glows
I think we all like the things we are used to. So the glows will stay as they were published by joymax.
http://i.epvpimg.com/cCmqc.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/AcbKg.jpg Launcher & Login screen

Some rules about the server:
No racism!
- We decided to take this very seriously. Openly (private chat is not included!) insulting someone else's nation, religion, skin color, etc. will result in a temporary ban upon report.
No scam!
- Fake chars copying trust-able people or just simple scammers will be permanently banned upon report. We strongly encourage everyone to screenshots of every business action to ensure safety. We will get your item back, if the guily person is proved to be a scammer.
Don't insult the staff!
- We are people who do A F**K*NG LOT OF WORK to maintain the server. Is this the honor that you wanna f**k our mothers, or worse? Temporary ban will be provided, be cautious.
Don't cry for events!
- Nothing is more annoying than the idiots who is nothing else but "EVENT PLEZ GM" in global for hours. It is more powerfully annoying for the GMs. Why? Because events aren't part of the game environment. It's just some occasional candy from the staff to the players. If you want to play here because there will be event every hour, don't even think about joining! Crying people will get DC if they are annoying most of the people, or the GM.
NOTE: if you have no idea what to do when there are no events, I will list all the activities that make your MMORPG playing worthwhile.
Try to remember what you did back then!
- Level up (you will have time to level up)
- Trade (gold is something you will always need)
- Alchemy (obvious part of the game, fun)
- Stall, trade (all the WTS/WTB, everyone likes business.)
- Quests (to have titles and blue zerk)
- PVP (Good old fights at Donwhang, remember?)
Now, few words about the properties of the server:
Firstly, the parameters:
- vSRO server files 188
- Usual bugs are fixed
- Stable
- Exploits are prevented (for example no exchange bug in pvp)
- Anti-DDoS system (Hyperfilter)
- No lag (decent server machine)
And the functions:
What you have to know, that we reseted basically everything to normal.
1: Grinding - obviously
2: Job system - everyone will trade, right?
3: Alchemy - the rate is low
4: Zerk title quests - Captain, General!

One can easily say, that the content is really minimal, compared to other servers. This isn't much, but it is deliberately like this! We don't want you to get overwhelmed or base your playtime upon ultraspecial features of our own invention. Less extra features, less bugs! And the less is sometimes more.

Some Other Pictures
Questions / Answers
1. How do I know if the GM is corrupt or not?
- Our team consists of 2 guys. We both want the server to be successful, neither of us wants to ruin it.
We are from the same country, but it doesn't mean we treat anyone in a different way. Every player is equal in our eyes. Even if you donate 100$ or not. Don't let yourself be fooled by the numbers, we are a professional team. (Everyone can say that, right?) We aren't kids either to promote all of our friends to GMs. No, it's not GM road. We are perfectly enough for it. Our goal isn't ripping off our players then close the server like others do it. Anyway, don't believe me, believe your eyes.
2. What does the GM spend the donations on?
- My first plan is (apart from upgrading the server if it is necessary) to buy a well-written website with a decent design.
3. How do I know if the server will not close in a month?
- You cannot know. We all cannot know. It is all up to you people, if you populate the server, it will be long living!  We are not the type of server owners who get some money from the server and close instantly. We have been working on this for weeks. We will do everything to keep it open. One word: quality!
4. Pay2win, right?
- Sure! Oh f**k, I mean, no, no. There's nothing in the server you can't get without donating.
5. 63412 zerk titles buy-able for silk?
- Maybe later we'll add some zerk titles you can choose from.
5. Balanced?
- Everything is in the original state as developed by Joymax.
6. Active GMs?
- Yes, in the background. We are constantly processing the feedback about the server and developing the parts of the game where we feel it necessary.
7. So there will be no event GMs?
- Yup! No people whose daily job is to entertain people. People can entertain themselves and each other perfectly well like in every other normal game. So don't ask for events! There will be occasional events by the admin, but not by people who have nothing else to do. We take this very seriously, so don't bother crying.
8. Won't it be late for me to start after 2-3 months?
- No, because that's the most beautiful in these kinds of servers, being weeks or months late means never a disadvantage. Since the alchemy rates aren't high, you won't meet +10 and +20 weapons at your arrival that seem impossible to achieve.

The team has quite a few years of experience in creating silkorad servers. We are protected and we are supported. Special thanks to our contributors and the protection services!

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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