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Silkroad Private Servers

Asterius Online | D11 | Zero Edits | Job Based | Long Term | Ip Limit | Battle Arena | Free Silk | Mid Rates | Anti Bot System | Max Plus | Coin System | Ctf | Play2Win | Anti Cheat Protection | 5 Pages Pet | Holy Water Temple | Custom Edits | Balanced System

Hello,Welcome to our advertising thread on Prvsro.
I think most of people were searching for a server with zero edits which brings u back to old silkroad memories,So do we.
Today we are coming to offer a server with almost big ZERO edit.
We just edited the necessary things to make the game smoother and easier for you guys.
Also we are offering a server which non-donators can get the end gear stuff without donate that means (pure play2win)
In addition to this we're friendly team,helpful and I'm pretty sure that you will figure that.
One more thing we won't leave the server with no features,We're offering features that will not affect the game play,it'll just bring more fun for you guys
Grand opening at 12.08.2015

Server Information:
Info            Value
Degree        11
Cap             110
Fortresses      Jangan
IP Limit        2
CTF             Enabled
Battle arena           Enabled
Available Regions      All
Seal Of Nova         Available
Egy (A)                   Available
Egy (B)                   Available
Chinese's mastery    440
Europe Mastery        220
Slots                         1000
Free silk       From Holy Water Temple(Intermediate)

Info                            Value
EXP Rate                   x50
EXP PT Rate             x55
Item Drop Rate       x10
Gold Drop Rate       x2
Stone Drop Rate      x5
Berserk rate                x2
Movement speed      x1.5
Nova                            Standard(iSRO)
Holy Water Temple    Standard(iSRO)
Job Exp Rate                x2
Job Profit Rate            x15
FGW Rate                   x1.5

More Info
Info                                     Value
Exchange Limit              1000000000
Stall Limit                       9999999999
Exchange Cool down     20 seconds
Stall Cool down              20 seconds
Logout cool down          20 seconds

Safe Regions (Anti Bot System): Jangan Fortress, Bandit Fortress, Hotan Fortress, Capture the Flag, Battle Arena
Alchemy: Standard (iSRO)
Alchemy Limit: +14 (with Advanced)
Guild Limit: 32
Union Limit: 2
Academy: Disabled
Magic POP: Disabled
Botting: Allowed
Capture the Flag Level: 60
Battle Arena Level: 60
Capture the Flag Bot Registration: Disabled
Battle Arena Reward Bot Registration: Disabled
Battle Arena Reward: Arena Coins
Capture the Flag: Arena Coins
Unique Re-spawn: 2-4 Hours

Our main goals:
  • Bring the old times back
  • Great fun
  • Stable server
  • Lag free server

Players are deciding
Before we do any update we will make a poll for it on our forum(its not ready yet) And if people agreed it will be released if not then it won't

We've increased the stacks to make it easier for you guys.

Our Schedule:
Roc: Everyday at 18:00
Medusa: 12:00 and 20:00
Temple of Selket and Neith: 13:00 and 18:00
Temple of Anubis and Isis: 15:00 and 20:00
Temple Haroeris and Seth: 17:00 and 22:00
CTF: Every hour
Fortress War register: Everyday
Fortress War: Every Sunday at 17:00

Job Information:
Well to increase the job activity we made the stack of goods to 500 and we increased the profit % of a trader to x15. You get for a 5* Trader from Jangan to Alexandria 2.2 B! We tested it well and you will like it!

We added to arena item manager for high gold and arena coin prices:
1 Day Clock
Devil spirit Extension
Reverse Return Scroll
Global Chatting

Anti Cheat Protection:
That is our heart at asterius! We disabled the bot activity at some regions (safe region for bot) these are jangan-, bandit-, hotan fortress and ctf/battle arena to prevent abusing it.
How it works:
Well you cannot register for ctf and battle arena also when you are in safe region you cannot attack with skills when you are logged in with bot. You have to start the client normally per launcher when you want to fight at fortress war or ctf/battle arena!

Start Items:

A little boost for low chars:

EXP Rates:

Pet's inventory:

Consignment fully working 100%:

Arena manager to encourage people to join BA,CTF:

Free silk from Intermediate Holy Water Temple uniques:

For sure there will be events hosted by our event manager [EM]ASTERIUS
There is no schedule for it now but we will make it later
We've some events atm,u can check it here:

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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