ft FuseSRO | Only CH | 80 cap - Vote for Silk | Oldschool| Mid rate server - Dedicated ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

FuseSRO | Only CH | 80 cap - Vote for Silk | Oldschool| Mid rate server - Dedicated

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Website: FuseSRO

Client download: Click here to download

  • Experience/SP Rate : 15x
  • Drop Rate : 15x
  • Job Rate: 10x
  • Gold Rate : 15x
  • Sox rate: 15x
  • Alchemy rate: 1-5: 2,5x over +5: 1x
  • Level cap: 80
  • Skill cap: 80
  • Gear cap: 8dg
  • Weapon cap: 8dg
  • Race: CH
  • Autopot: yes
  • Free Silk: Yes

Dedicated 24/7, Oldschool server, bug free, you can see enabled areas below with CTF and Fortress war. We can enable Battle arena if there is a need for that. Nice and friendly GM's and many events.

Both Honor system and skill max labels are working! Silk items can be traded! We are flexible with requests.

First 300 players get 100 free silk! Also, you can win silk items at events!
Check out our website, register and download the game! Have fun!

Jangan - Donwhang - Hotan - Taklamakan - Thief Town
Forgotten World Disabled
Only Hotan Fortress (if there will be many players, we will add more)

  • Empty F1 belt (1-2-3-4)
  • VWorking gold ticket, premium, skill gold ticket
  • OldSchool Glows
  • No Captcha
  • Unique Monster Respawn times are between 1 and 2 hours
  • Advanced Elixir effects are disabled

New NPC at Hotan, next to Arena Manager:
~You can buy 8D Stones there
~You can buy B Grade Devil Spirit for GOLD!!
~You can buy Gold Dragon Flag (int4,str4) for GOLD!!

Start Items:
- 100% Exp. Helper
- 1000 HP/MP pack
- 20 Return Scroll
- 10 Berserk regen Potion
- 10 Ostrich
- 20 Mov. speed scroll
- 20.000 SP
- 3 day rabbit pet
- 1 pack reverse return scroll

Item stack limits:
Elixirs: 100
Potions: 500
Arrow/Bolt: 1000
Stone/Tablet: 1/20
Pet potion: 50

Fortress war:
Every Sunday 17pm

General Events:
Every week
- Unique Event
- Hide'n'Seek
- Player Protecion
- Trader
- PVP Tournament

Website features:
  • automatized unique ranking system
  • you can buy SP for silk
  • built-in email support
  • guild/job reset
  • vote for silk

Come and play with us! Everyone is welcome!


Special shop

Gold Dragon Flags - for GOLD!

Devil Spirit B Grade - 7 days, you have to teleport to appear

Magin Stones in NPC

Start items

Only CH

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