ft TopSro Online | 100 Cap | 10K Silk | Skills D11 |Custom Items | PvE | FUN Server ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

TopSro Online | 100 Cap | 10K Silk | Skills D11 |Custom Items | PvE | FUN Server

Hello Guys Today we just Finish Devoloper TopSro Online After 15 Days testing
and plane for this Server its not bassed on Donation only its really fun PVE High RAte Server
Enjoy the Details And Have fun

Website: Top Offical Website
Forum: Top Offical Forum
Facebook: TopSro Page
FTP Download: TopSro FTP Download Full Client
What does TopSro Online have:[/B]
No Lag and 24/7 Online Support
Instant With 10k Silk PVE Server | Cap 100....110 Skills & Fellow Pets
Corruption Free
Great community, with many new updates
Custom Features
Clean and amazing game play

Server Information EXP etc
EXP: 150x
PT EXP: 200x
DROPratio: 80x
GoldRatio: 15x
Magic POP rate: 6x
Sox Rate: 20x That pretty good for people like 1 day bot can make u epic

Key features:
Free silks, upon registration
4 New Towns
New Fellow Pets
All the latest avatars
Battle Arena | CTF | Fortress War
Custom Titles
Custom Client
New Skills
Stackable Elixers and Stones
Arena Coins ( T-Coins )
Gold Coins
PvP Map, [Zone]
Job Map, [Zone]
Unique Map, [Zone]
AFK/Stalling Map, [Zone]

Now i leave you with some Pics of Game Side

Skill Lv 110 Changed to Lv 100

Skill R .. Added

Egyptian A Gear Changed to Lv 95 Degree 10

Egyptian A weapons changed to Lv 95 Degree 10

Egyptian A Acc Changed to Lv 95 Degree

Gold Coin Shop

Gold Coin Shop Avatar

Some Photos Of item mall silk

Speical Shop Silk Price

Fun Shop And FGW For Egyptian Weapons A

Uniques Drop

Map for the new Custum Uniques\

Alexandria as PVP Area And Custom Uniques too\

Server administration:

Geo - Developer / Media.pk2 Editor
Justin - Founder / Owner / / Administrator


SilrkoadCastle - Website Designer
Geo-div - Media.pk2 Designs
arabianfox-Geo - Database
Secret- Community Manager

Game administration:
Div - Geo- Justin

Geo - Arabic / Uniques
Ghost - Arabic / Uniques / Events
Justin - English / Events
Geo - Arabic
Justin - English
Justin - English & German
TBA - Germany
TBA - Spanish
TBA - Turkish
TBA - Russian
TBA - Romanian
TBA - Polish
TBA - Dutch

Q & A:

Q: How can you afford this server for a long term?
A: I have my connections to dedicated servers, I am just trying my best to make sure that there are stable free servers, since on every advertising thread there is someone posting "free silk?".

Q: its a BETA testing are you going to wipe the server?
A: No. its not a beta server Never gonna wipe DatABase

Q: How long is this server going to be out? I don't want to play any short term servers anymore!
A: This server will be out there until the players all leave, and silkroad get's boring for everyone.

Q: Are you going to update this server with new things?
A: Yes, I will develop my own new things, and if there are cool things released, of course I will update this server daily with new updates.

Q: Are there weekly server inspection like iSRO? Or is there random update times?
A: There will be a time set weekly to update everything, and new avatars weekly should be added. (custom) and or (previously released on iSRO).

Q: Do we have to donate to be the best player in the server?
A: No you do not, there are plenty of other ways to become top in server, we are selling Top Coins which can buy you cool avatars and etc, but Battle Arena is always the second option for getting Coins.

Q: Do you guys have any cool types of events in mind? Unlike unique's 24/7?
A: Yes we do, we have a nice team that can discover / develop our own types of events.

Q: Are there custom titles for doing such things in-game?
A: Yes there will be, for the players who donate 50€ and above will be able to pick their own custom titles, as long as it's not past 12 characters, and not racism or anything against the rules.

Q: Can we sell in-game items for real money? Or for in-game currency only?
A: I don't mind selling items for real money, we just don't support for scam's if the case was for real money, because we cannot do anything ask the player to give your money.

Q: Do you guys support bots? And if selling a certain type of bot for gold get scammed, support on that?
A: We do support bots. And if your selling a bot for gold, and you get scammed, that's up to you, once against we cannot do anything more than ask the player to return your currency.

Q: How can we be sure there won't be any corruption in the server?
A: Nobody except for me and [Geo] the developer has the dedicated server password, and the rest of the [GM]'s cannot make items, what-so-ever. As I will be checking the logs of [GM]'s daily to figure out what's going on, I will monitor this game-play securely and 24/7.

Q: How do we know you won't corrupt your server?
A: I have many other things to do rather than play my own server, I am beginning development of my second server right now as well, no time to play my own server.

Q: How long does it take until we receive our currency?
A: Normally minutes to hours, but depends on the payment option you use, ( as you all know Paypal takes the longest due to charge back issues ).

Q: Are you guys recruiting for support?
A: We might begin recruiting for in-game support later on, depends how the server does.

Have Fun
Hope u going to Enjoy Our Game topSro Online
Try to invite ur Friends there more things coming xD
if u wanna Contact TopSro Online on skype: adel_paltalk@skype
Have fun..

Host Moved
Enjoy LagFree 100%

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