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Storm Online V1.200
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General Information:
•PVP Server
•Race: Chinese/European

•Mastery Limit: Chinese - 330, European - 220
•Instant level 110, 50m gold, 1m silk & 10m skill points
•Coin System
•Alchemy Rate: 1~4 75% , 5~9 1x
•High Performance server
•High Network Connection

Start Items
Item Egy A +5 With Status 61% FB

Items For CP Coins:


New Area's:
StorM PVP Area

Event Area

How to Get CP Coins:
-Battle Arena

-Job temple Uniques

-Pharoah Temple Uniques (Baron-Count Quest)


-Fortress War
The Guild Win the Fortress Every Friday will get CP COins for all Guild members as a reward
Site Features:
-You Can reset your Char stat or Char postion Point from the site
login ur account then go to >>

-Also we Gonna Make Events all the time Like:
•Hide and Seek
•Lucky Critical
•Guild War

StorM Online Team
•[GM] DataBase
•[GM] Support
As long as players Increase Team also will Increase to Support all the Players
Server is Online Since yesterday Only 28/3/2013
Hope u Join Us all and Hav

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