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Ultra Silkroad | D11 | Cap 110 | PvP Server D11 | Free Silk | Instant lvl 110 | Npc +7 Egy | FTW | BA | Starter Items

Hello, Welcome to Ultra-Sro best D11 PvP server
Server details:
Exp Rate: 0x [Instant level 110]
Party Exp Rate: 0x [Instant level 110]
Gold Drop Rate: 100x
Drop Rate: 100x
Alchemy Rate: 1.5x

Start items:
-50 Reverse return scrolls
-Premium M/F
-1000 MP/HP
-50 Instant scroll
-1.000.000 free silks
Server offers : +7 egy b / a weapons in store for fair game-play and pvp for everyone , 1,000,000 free silks and alot of events , we have also a freindly GM's and GA's that will be glad to help you anytime.
-Fortress war is work fine.
-CTF is under maintaince , will work asap.
-Battle arena is work fine.
We hope to see you there and enjoy this great server with us.
Some pic's to check:

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