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Silkroad Private Servers

Feather-SRO | Cap 110 | Old School Rates | Job System | Daily Events | Specialty Trader | Job Temple | Academy System | Honor Shop | Free Silk/Hour | Custom Quests | Battle Arena

Feather-Network Team is releasing a new Silkroad server which is made to be the most balanced server in all ways. Our project is based on Cap 110 like we saw many people are looking for something good, balanced and with small changes on the game play and without interference of other unusual coin system or donations. We will release this server for all those who are pleased to play this game as it should be in his original mode. We were forced to make these small changes in order to balance the game play.

Server is LIVE!
Opened: 10.01.2014 FRESH START!
Go Go Go!
Feather-Network Team.

Owner / Founder of Feather-Network: Sionic [Canada]
Administrators: Cynthia[Italy], Gwyneth [US], Seraphim[Canada]
Developers: Feather [Poland], Angelikstar[Netherlands]
General Managers: Tabitha [Poland]
Game Masters: Xia, Ambar, Exile.
Forum Moderators: Creationist. We are still recruiting.

Cap: 110.
Mastery: 330.
Experience: x100.
Party Experience: x150.
Skill Points: x100.
Item Drop Rate: x40.
Gold Drop Rate: x15.
Rankings [PvP-PK-JOB]: We are working on it.
Battle Arena: On (Every 1 hour)
Capture The Flare: On (Every 1 hour)
Job Rates: Thief: x60 / Trader: x30.
Specialty Trader: Double rates during this time.
Specialty Trader Schedule Time: 12:00,16:00,21:00,00:00,04:00,09:00.
Job Reward: Honor Points / Gold (With honor points you can obtain Egyptian Weapons Grade B)
Abusing Job for honor points will get your honor points deleted.

Alchemy success rates:

Events will be made by Game Masters with the help from Moderators.
Our General Manager will check the daily schedule of the events that will be made by our Game Masters.
Being a Game Master in our team will involve several requirements such as Age, Silkroad online experience, Language support, Available time to spend in game and many more. An application form will be posted on our forum.
Game Masters will have limited powers, logs will be checked daily by our Manager.

As we all know Job Temple is the place where you can achieve coins, having nasty battles with others, defeating hard uniques and raise your chance on getting the Legendary Armors.
Job Temple is based and changed into team mode (Party), like this we will increase the server activity and population.

We made this change to bring more activity into the job system. As we know making job gets you gold and some useless honor points, well guess what we changed the honor points from useless into something to worth making job. Now when you acquire honor points you can use them to get you Legendary Egyptian Grade B Weapons.
And now making Job will make you achieve gradulate points and evaluation points which will help you be in top of academy for buffs.
But be careful cheating the system and abuse it will get all your honor points deleted which you wont like.
Same as job academy is another way to achieve honor points, well same as Job if you will abuse the system you will get all your honor points deleted.

Price on the Egyptian B Weapons are made to be like this because we must avoid those things which happens in many servers Example: You get fast level, fast gear, some pvps and thats it
which we rather avoid this kind of game play. We prefer to see a long way to this server by making you have something to do instead of being bored and making some pvp and log out.
As I told you in the Job System honor points can be obtained really fast via Jobbing or Academy. [In order to receive Honor Points you must have your academy created.]
But remember abusing will get all your honor points deleted which you don't want.
Prices: 1Handed Weapons: 50000 Honor Points, 2Handed Weapons 75000 Honor Points, Shield 45000 Honor Points.
If your addicted to jobing you will have to make arround 400-450 runs to obtain a Grade B weapon.
If your addicted to academy then you will need more then you will ever expected which means that you will be force to do Job.
This will make you guys active.

In our server nobody is forced to donate because most of the Item Mall things will be available to be obtained in EVENTS.
This is a balanced server with a professional team where we don't offer special rights to donors or friends, in this network we don't have any friends we are equal and we follow the same rules as all others.
We will never sell "Weapons, Armors" in Item Mall.
In our Item Mall we will set special rewards for your donations. (Donations will be used for server bills and improvements)

Elements: Available on NPC 1stack (5.000) - 25.000.000 (Don't purchase them with CTRL key will make your client crash).
Steady and Lucky Stones: On NPC 5.000.000 each (Don't purchase them with CTRL key will make your client crash).
Stone of assimilation available on Grocery (Alexandria) - 500.000 Gold - 10.000Stack.
Silk/hour: 2 Silk/hour (In order to receive the silks you must reach level 100) We must avoid silk farmers.
Skill Points Quests from temple improved.
Moving speed 150% (28days)(Item Mall).
Custom Quests
Stones 0%: Disabled from drop.
Stones 0%: Disabled from drop.
2 New Mini Maps: Available for EVENTS
Black Ress effect reduced: Phy/Mag damage from 75% to 5%, HP increase from 50% to 15% during the Black Ress Effect.
Sell price of the items reduced in order to balance the economy.
Consingment selling price of an item raised to 500b.
Angel/Devil Spirit S improved with STR/INT
Scroll of char rename.
Scroll to remove PK penalty, Job penalty, Guild penalty, Premium Ticket, Gold Time Ticket and Skills.
Purification Pill removed from NPC.
Purification Skill added as skill to any RACE without the need of mastery upgrade.
Egyptian Accessories A / B price reduced.
Pet inventory expansion 2/3/4/5 Pages added in Item Mall.
Sun Items to NPC, EU/CHN+7 (100% Stats) (Shields 50% BR) STR/INT+6. After buying the normal item from NPC please use a teleport so like this you normal item will turn into a sun item+7.
All uniques from maps have spawn notice on screen (Apis, Qin-Shi Tomb).
  • Free Silk?

  • Silk/Hour: After you reach level 100 you will start to receive 4silk/hour.
  • Events: Soon we will start running events where you can win silk and silk items.

In game Rules!

Feather-SRO In game Rules.

1. You are not allowed to open more then 8 clients.
  • Ban Period: 7 Days.
2. You are not allowed to insult staff members,
  • Ban Period: 30 Days (Ban Chat).
3. Your not allowed to be racism, to insult players via global chatting.
  • Ban Period: 15 Days (Ban chat).
4. You are not allowed to sell items, gold, silk for real money.
  • Ban Period: Permanent.
5. You are not allowed to advertise other server, website.
  • Ban Period: Permanent
6. You are not allowed to ask STAFF about level, gold, silk, items.
  • Ban Period: First time 3x Disconnect after that 7 Days Period.
7. You are not allowed to abuse bugs, academy, jobbing.
  • Ban Period: 15 Days.
8. You are not allowed to impersonate staff member.
  • Ban Period: Permanent.
9. You are not allowed to join Job Temple with more then 4 characters.
  • Ban Period: 15 Days.
10. You are not allowed to abuse Jobbing.
  • Honor points deleted.
11. You are not allowed to abuse Academy.
  • Honor Points deleted.
Official Links:
Website: -Visit Us-
Forum: -Visit Us-
Facebook: -Visit Us-

Download Full Client Links
Mega Full Client: >Download<
Google Drive Full Client: >Download<

Download Media.PK Links
Mega Media.pk: >Download<
Google Drive Media.pk: >Download<
Mediafire Media.pk: >Download<

Feather-Network Team.

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