ft Damnation II | Cap 125 | Balanced Systems | Free Silk/Hour | Play2Win | High Rates | Auto Equipment | Job System | Alchemy Notice | Wanted System | Special Beginner System | Upgrade System | Lottery System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Damnation II | Cap 125 | Balanced Systems | Free Silk/Hour | Play2Win | High Rates | Auto Equipment | Job System | Alchemy Notice | Wanted System | Special Beginner System | Upgrade System | Lottery System

Brace yourselves, Damnation part II is coming

Many of you know about Damnation,
We've kept you waiting for quite a long time to build a server again . However, we are finally able to proudly present you...
Damnation by a great team with people who collected experience in several other projects before and do not mean to disappoint you.
Now, it is time to show you the gathered experience, the flawless gaming and the undefeated combination of ideas!
Be prepared for our trial of becoming the perfect server for everyone .

Who we are
Damnation Gaming Network is a network which tries so hard to create new legacy of mmorpg game play system .In fact , The legacy won't be changed without someone who force it to change ..We , The team of Damnation Gaming Network CO. transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new management of trustful , hopeful predictions
 In order to create a smoother navigation, we have divided our features into multiple parts: Basic, Starter, Advanced, Expert and Professional features. In order to understand everything please do not skip any parts. We know it's painful to read all this text, however it took us quite some time to write all of this. Now... enjoy reading 11k words!


  • Cap: 125
  • Race: Eu/Ch
  • Exp: x350
  • Sp: x300
  • Party Exp: x420
  • Gold: x25
  • Item Drop: x30
  • Job: x40(Balanced)
  • Alchemy: x1.5
  • Zerk: x2
  • Mob Spawn: x2

 Server Features
    • Auto Equipment.
    • Job System.
    • Alchemy Notice.
    • Beginner system.
    • Upgrade system.
    • Wanted system.
    • Special quest's.
    • Lottery system ( like magic pop )
    • 14th system.
    • magic pop 5x.
    • Special beginner system.
    • Special end game system.
    • Special Damnation Shop.
    • Special Damnation Dead items.
    • Special Premium.
    • Custom job system.
    • Custom honor system.
    • Unique grant system.
    • Unique title system.
    • Custom title system.
    • 3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
    • Shop scrolls.
    • Custom balanced stack.
    • New skills.
    • Custom skill balanced.
    • Custom Trade Roots.
    • Silk per hour
  • Much more. Special system we have done well when u test it you will be knowing...

Expert Features

You start lvl 1 in beginner town then you have to finish a quest to get your item , you can buy Sun items from the NPC to help you grind , Mobs in Baghdad , Alex and Mirror Dimension drop Damnation Silk , you can buy almost everything with Damnation Silk .
Start with full set lv1 +5 :'D
  Beginner System

  Special Quests

Auto Equipment System
Once you getting leveled your items will be automatically stack to your equipment : 1D ~ 9D ( Sun+5 )
D10/D11/D12/D13/D14 In Npc shop

Alchemy Notice system
* When you plus your items from +8 your name and item name will be notified by our system which all the active players could see them..

Job Systems
Old job system is the best think in silkroad online we don't liked to change them its the only system which makes the players active all time..
Reason : trading helps you get more gold!!!*

Job coin
  • when you are lv5 use job scroll to get job coin
 * Automatic title granting for best traders and hunters in game.
The best trader & hunter & thief will be named as Wanted

 * Anti cheat system for traders,hunters and thiefs
 The anti cheat system has been modified strangely that you could never cheat against the system..
Degree 14 Systems
To get final Damnation D14 items you have to craft them. with our system...This system makes you to be active all the time. 
*Nova item
  • Easy drop at Baghdad mobs
*Moon item with
Upgrade System
if you make any item D14 nova pluss 8 then you can change it for moon
 Lottery System
Advanced system like magic pop with 21 scroll it's 2nd way to get moon
 *Sun Item with
Dead Item System
  • *Awakening elements drop in mobs Baghdad
  • *Gold coin drop at temple job
  • *Job coins : which u can get by jobbing.
NPC's Scrolls
take any NPC With You To Any Place ;')
then you can repair, drop thing in storage, buy mp & hp, etc

More Features

Shop Gallery
*Two npc in all town's
 *Stone Npc

 Area's Gallery
 *Survival room
 *Jangan room
 *Baghdad area's
 3 room in baghdad discovered by yourself

 * Server rules :
- Scamming is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Selling ingame items,gold,chars for any kind of currency is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Abusing in game will get ( Banned ).
- Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed ( Banned )
- Reporting players are accepted but you should have the proofs like screen or videos..

At Last of Topic i wish you join us , will got Great Fun.


Opening Date:
Sunday , 29th December | 29/12/2013
Up to come!

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