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Harpagan Online /Turnaments Real Money Prizes / Cap 100

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~Server Info~

Exp Rate: x15
Party Exp Rate: x50
Drop Rate: x10
Gold Drop Rate: x5
Sox Drop Rate:
DG 1 |x10
DG 2 |x9
DG 3 |x8
DG 4 |x7
DG 5 |x6
DG 6 |x5
DG 7 |x4
DG 8 |x3
DG 9 |x2
DG 10 |x2
Alchemy : x2
Race: CH and EU
Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
JOB prices: x30
JOB profit: x2

~Custom Features~
Harpagan is a copy of Crystal but with lower Rates. And other owners and GMs.
This is Harpagan Online most successfull custom feature, you will not find in any other p-server that offered 24/7 jobbing wars. There is always traders and hunters and thiefs battling it out to make there high amounts of gold on the server. Welcome to how silkroad use to be! Jobbing Fun!

Real money Prizes in PvP Tournament

~Stackable Limit~

~Custom Glow System~


~Custom Area~
>Event Area 1lvl-50lvl

Event Area 50lvl-80lvl
Event Area 80lvl-100lvl

~Custom Uniq~
Rage - spawn muigi.
White Knight - spawn penon warriors.

~GM Team~
~About The Team~
Our GM team is small to not allow to corrupction. We like have a fairplay on server.
We are looking for GA, Moderators, Video and photo reporters from turnaments.

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