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Legendary Online [LG]-Fellows-Start Items-new System-Angel-avatars-etc..

Welcome Legendary Online Players


1-website: LegendaryOnline
2-DownloadClient: LG-Client
3-Download Media: LG-Media
4-RegisterPage: Register In Legendary

For more Gold Go trade Here high Trade Rates

Exp Rate: 130x
Party Exp Rate: 130x
Gold Drop Rate: 80x
Trade Rate:200x
Drop Rate: 70x
Alchemy Rate: 2x
+1 to +4 100% +5 to +9 63% +10 to + 14 33% [Without premium or Any Lucky stone][Must use Lucky Powder For this Rates]
About Magic Lucky powder [+1 to +14 100%]

what make Legendary Online Special

1-High Security
2-High Speed Game
3-NO Lag
4-New LG Coin System[ you can Buy Sun,som,sos Weapons,protectors,accesorys,goods From LG Npcs in Hotan Near teleport]With Honor Points Too
5-New Fellow Pets Rideable and Attack pets
6-New Grap Fellow Pets
7-New Angel Spirit
8-Uniques Scrolls In Item Mall Drops LG Coin
9-Magic Lucky Powder In shopping Mall
10-Normal Adv Elix and Sos in Shopping Mall
11-All New Avatars
12-Uniques As Pets you Can ride and Attack With it
13-Fully Work In Db And media [ No Copy ]
14-No Wipe Accounts No Beta Already beta Made and no bugs At all in game
15-Soo many Events and new events By Team
16-High prizes for Events [LG Coin-Gold ... Etc]
17-GuildWar The winner of maps will get So Many LG Coin for Him And His Team
18-Gms Online 7/24
19-Support Online 7/24
20-Good Start Item


About Events
1-Pvp event for first 10 Players get Max lv [lv 100] The winner will Get blue Zerk Title with Special Name
2-New Event By gms
3-Unique Event
4-Guild Event
5-Trader's event

About How To get LG Coins
1-You Can Kill Uniques To Get LG Coin
2-in Battle Arena You Get 5 LG coins for Win 1 For Lose
3-In Events
4-GuildWar Winners

And So many .....
have fun

Legendary Team  

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