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Free Silk, Instant 110 PVP, Balanced Server - Anonymous , NOVA+5 set.

Hello. I'm proud to present new upcoming LSRO Project server - Anonymous, which opens tomorrow (6th May, Sunday) 12:00 GMT+2 (LSRO Standart Time).

Anonymous Website



Server info's :
Level cap 110.
Gear cap11th degree.
Skill cap110
Monster cap110
Server filesVSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World.
RacesEuro / Chinese.
Client Version1.001
Exp Ratex1(Instant 110)
Party Exp Ratex1(Instant 110)
Gold Drop Rate200x
Alchemy Rate1x
Server state

My personal comment about this server :
I was thinking long hours to make a PVP based server... I was thinking "People already have everything, what will they do?", but I changed my mind. On Anonymous, people can do TONS of things. PVP is not the only thing.

After creating a char, you will get everything you need, means NOVA+5 set / GUNS, required amount of sp to be fully-farmed, gold and stat points ofcourse.

Our team's duty is to make LSRO Anonymous server EQUAL to all players. All players will have to use their own skills & alchemy luck to defeat other players, we have no donations and we give away silk absolutely for free to keep server BALANCED.

The main question is : Why do we give away silk for free? How do we pay for host?
The answer is simple : I have another server Azores, from which I gain already enough amount of donations and I already bought Anonymous host till 2013, so the server will REMAIN for long time! 

What can also attract you?

Well I just can't tell ALL THE THINGS, all freaking good things that we have in our server, I just want YOU to see it by yourself!

Explore the most balanced 110 PVP server in Private Silkroad Industry!

Also, at 8th May 2012, LSRO will Celebrate our 2nd Birthday!
 We are waiting for all of you!

Best wishes,
LSRO Team.

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