ft GoodTimes Silkroad :old school :Cap80 : Real Only CH mid rate server ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

GoodTimes Silkroad :old school :Cap80 : Real Only CH mid rate server

GoodTimes Silkroad

[::] Only Chinese race [::]

[::] MaxLv : 80 [::]

[::] MaxDg : 8Dg [::]

[::] Mastery : 300 [::]

[::] Exp/Sp : 15x [::]

[::] Drop : 10x [::]

[::] Gold : 5x [::]

[::] Alchemy : 1x [::]

The server is running on VSRO 1.188 Files

A real old-school server, as you wanted, with great job wars like before. Minor custom edits, bug free server with many events and friendly GMs. Only Jangan-Dw-Hotan areas are enabled, with CTF, Battle Arena and Fortress War . You can get silk by voting or donating, and some events may have silk item rewards. The server is up 24/7, with weekly 1hour of inspection. If you want to join a friendly community and have a good time take a look at our website, register and download the game.

PayPal payments are working now without any delays. Silk is instantly credited to you account.

[::] GoodTimes Silkroad - Back in the 80's [::]

[::] Client Part1 [::]

[::] Client Part2 [::]

[::] Client Part3 [::]

[::] Media ( VSRO 1.188 ) [::]

[::] [::]

[::] Contact [::]


No Skillbar Bug, You start with absolutely nothing on your skill bar

High level job suits available ( Black Devil Suit / Special Identity Card / Red Flag )

Only Chinese items are sold

Skill MAX labels working

(Note the mastery is 560because of testing)
Honor system working

Old-school Glow system
+3 White
+5 Pink
+7 Yellow /Orange
+9 or above Blue

Silk items can be trader

Stacks will be increased by the time

Some additional pictures/Starting items

Our First fan Video on youtube ( Titan TG killing )

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