ft [TitanReloaded] - 100cap - Only chinese - Br Files- Old School - Silk From Uniques ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[TitanReloaded] - 100cap - Only chinese - Br Files- Old School - Silk From Uniques

Well we are back again to give you all a better and best gaming experience of silkroad online..
There are many server arrived in resent days but i know all you have try playing many server but you have not satisfied with any server but you never tried a server like this .We almost based like zszc silkroad but the files are Black Rogue
couz it has many futures which we can update later..

Root Server Details :
Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad
Installed memory : 16GB
Server Speed :

Server Details :

Server files Black Rogue
Server cap 100
Race Only Chinese
Exp 150x
Sp 150x
Gold 70x
Item 150x
Sox 5x
Alchemy 1x (Will be changed to 1.5x in the next update)

What's special in the server?
As you all know most of things are special but there is some more things special like we are going to add new silk reward system example..
If you kill Uniques you get silks Like

TG 200
Uruchi 500
Isy 800
Lord 1100
Demon 1500
Medusa 3500
Roc 5000
Well don't think why this much silk because in Br files Silk prices are bit high..

Well we have edited some last lvl nukers skills..
Flame wave > fire rain 
Crane's thunderbolt > Lighting rain

Snow Storm > Ice blaze

Starting 200 players get 100k free silk

Start Items :

Grab pet 3days
Devil Sprite 7days
250k Skill Points
1mil Gold
Clock 1day 1
Ress scroll 20
20% damage absorption 20
20% damage Increase 20
Hp Bags 1000
Mp Bags 1000
Speed Scroll 10
Spirit fragment 10

Registration : Registration
Home page : Titan Silkroad
Forum : TitanSRO Forum • Index page

Hope you all enjoy with the old school feeling ^^

Uploaded Files in filehosting.org
Data : filehosting.org - download page for Data.7z
Media : http://www.filehosting.org/file/deta...6449/meida.rar
Map : http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/346452/Map.7z
Client Files : http://www.filehosting.org/file/deta...54/TitanSro.7z

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