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Creddy Avengers - Loki - 80Cap, Classic Gameplay , Chinese only , Free Silk

Creddy Online is coming with the third server: Loki.
All screenshots are placed below.

Website: Creddy Online: Loki
Register: Creddy Online: Loki Registration
Download: Creddy Online: Loki Downloads
Facebook: Creddy Online on Facebook
Opening Date: 21.08.2012 20.00 GMT+2
Donation Method: Accepting any kind of donations via Paymentwall, resellers

Server Configuration
Race: Chinese Only
Level Cap: 80
Skill Cap: 80
Mastery Level: 300
Experience Ratio: 10x
Skill Experience Ratio: 10x
Drop Ratio: 5x
Gold Ratio: 5x
Job: Old Job System
Job Reward Ratio: 50x (Both for Trader/Thief)
Botting: Allowed (Client is available to run all the bots.)

Server Features
• Only Hotan Fortress is enabled.
• Battle Arena Enabled.
• Working Guild Icons.
• Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked as 250units.
• Arrows can be stacked as 1,000units.
• Special Grab Pet 5 Page expansion item.
• Every Online Hour, 1 Free Creddy Point. (Applies on 60LVL+)
• 3 Characters Allowed Per IP.
• Disabled Advanced Elixirs.
• Disabled Magic Pop.
• Disabled Devil & Angel Spirit.
• Disabled Forgotten World.
• Removed Vigor Potion from the NPC.
• Removed Job & Guild penalties.
• Only Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan (Until Taklamakan) is enabled.
• New slot (Zealots Hideout) added and filled with 77-78 monsters to prevent overload at Taklamakan.
• A solution applied to mBot's purfication pill spamming. (Purfication Pill added as skill)
• Jewel Boxes made 100 Stackable.
• All Items are configured like the real old 80cap.
• Premium stats lowered to 5%.
• Silks dropping from monsters.
• Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
• Weapon glow colors are configured like the real old 80cap.
• Jewel Box Event Enabled.
• Jewel Box Event Rewards
  • Earth Ghost Mask
  • Gold Dragon Flag
  • HP +500 Potion
  • MP +500 Potion
  • Santa Set
• Start Items
  • 10.000 Silk
  • 100.000 Skill Points
  • 50.000 Gold
  • 1000 Item Mall Hp Package
  • 1000 Item Mall Mp Package
  • 10 Movement Scrolls
  • 28 Day Grab Pet
  • 50 Reverse Return Scrolls
• 10,000 Free Silk at the beginning
• Huge Avatar Shop (Every Avatar until now has been added.)
• Custom-made attachments wearable with every kind of dress

Web Features
Profile Page: Character Level, Character Guild, Character Items, Character Unique Kills, Character Rank
Last 20 Unique Kills: The last 20 unique kills with their killers and time, based on server time.
Top Unique Hunters: Every unique has it own point. Therefore, your unique points will be calculated based on your unique kills. You can see best unique hunters over this page.
Best Item Ranking: Your item's seals, levels, plus levels will be taking into pointment system. The first 50character will be showing at this page with the total plus level and the total point.


• Areas disabled except Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan (until Taklamakan)

• Avatar and Silk Shop

• Start Items, Skill Points, Gold

• Custom Dresses

• Attachments Available on All Dresses

• New-Made Oldschool Login Script

• Custom Launcher Designs

• Oldschool Glow Colors

• Chinese only race

• Silk Drops by Monsters

• New Skill Purfication Pill (To prevent mBot's bug)

• New Area Zealot's Hideout (Filled with 77/78 monsters)

• Zealot's Hideout Teleporter (At Taklamakan, Arena)

Reason to play on Loki
Creddy Online is online since January, 2012 (15.01.2012). Great Security. Servers are 100% DDoS Protected. Your data is safe with us. Join the big community which is growing since January!

Server Opening Date: 21.08.2012 20.00 GMT+2


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