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Silkroad Private Servers

Evil-Road / NewSystems&Quests / New Pets / CAP80 / And More

Hello , Welcome to Evil-Road's Official thread.

First i would like to introduce our Professional team

[GM]DeviL - Website Developer , Security Manager

[GM]ChaoS - Database, Media Developer.

[GM]RubiksCube - Photoshop, Pk2 Edit.

[GM]X__X - Server Manager, Administrator.

( Our Team was chosen by loyalty , prof levels and they are friendly)

Server Info

EXP : 80x
SP : 80x
Alchemy : 2.5x
SoX : 3x
Gold : 200x (Job rate will do it)
Job rate: 250x
Races : CH & EU.
Max Lv. : 80Lv.
Mastery : 300.
Coins Drop : 2x.
Special Areas : Yes.
Special NPC(S) : Yes.
Customized ? : Extremely Yes.
Fortress : Yes.
Guild Logos : Yes.
Custom Stack amount : Yes.
Roc : Was turned to Lv 80 (Database side) and lowered its HP.
Roc Drops : Seal Of EviL,Ev-Coins,much more.
Roc Spawn place : Event Room.
New quests : Yes.
Quest _Silk Collect arena : By teleporting from Jangan/Hotan.
you go to an area which spawns lv 80 mobs with high HP.
theres a quest you could accept there and its : Kill 2k Mobs of temple's
then you will be rewarded:
Ev-Premium ++ , Reverse Packs , Globals , much more!

((((Please note that the quest could be done only once.
Please note 2 that every month will be a new quests successfully added))))

• Mobs of _Silkcollect Arena drops Seal Of Evil .
• There's a NPC in _SilkCollect Arena, which sells Vigors,HP,MP.
Seal of Evil is 11DG, re designed to fit 80 Lv.
Seal of Evil Weapons are stronger than Seal of Sun 8DG
Coins will be used in the future, for now i suggest u collect as much as u can. because your going to need it ")
Customized GlowsYes +11~+16.

Starting Items.


Screen Shots


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