ft ~Oasis~ # 90 Cap/Japanese Files/PVE SERVER/EU and CH/POWERFUL Dedicated ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

~Oasis~ # 90 Cap/Japanese Files/PVE SERVER/EU and CH/POWERFUL Dedicated

Oasis  Silkroad.re

Info Value 
Server Stats~
Server FilesJapanese
SloganFeel like you play back in 2007
Level Cap90
Skill Cap90
Mastery Cap300
EventsJewel Box (Hunt down monsters and get jewel boxes 1 jewel box = 1 gift from So-ok)
Exp/SP rate15x
Party Exp/SP rate17x
Gold/Item drop rate35x
SoX drop rate30x
Alchemy rate2x
Job rate80x
Starter items~
Start Skillpoints500.000
Start Gold200.000
Speed Potions10 pieces
Rabbit Scroll3 days
Autopotion ticketUnlimited time of use

Homepage : Silkroad Revelations

Download : SRO Revelations Client

If your game settings doesn't save you need to do this

1. Change your settings ingame how you want it [don't quite the game]
2. Alt+Tab to your game directory put read only to the file silkcfg.dat
3. Go to the setting folder and do the same to three .dat files
4. Now you can play always with the right settings

You can take a look how our server looks

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