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InsaneSRO Revolution / 110 Cap / PVP Server / Balanced PVP / Free Nova / Silk items

General info:
Website: InsaneSRO Revolution
Registration: InsaneSRO Registration
Download: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 (soon)

Server information:
• Start level: 110
• Level cap: 110
• Skill cap: 110
• Slots: 1000
• 1gbit connection, 99.99% uptime, no lag.
• Start with 10 million SP, 5% Devil Spirit, and 100b gold

InsaneSRO first opened in October, 2011 and gained a high reputation in a very short time. 1 month after the opening, the server was full. Unfortunately, we had to close it in January, 2012, although it wasn't my fault nor the other admin's fault. You can find more than 300 videos of InsaneSRO on Youtube.

• Instant 110 PVP server
• Free Nova+6 weapons and Nova+5 armors/accessory with 100% blues and stats (except critical and block ratio)
• Egypt A items can be purchased for Insane Coins, Egypt B items are not available
• Insane Coins can be acquired from Capture the Flag (which is every 4 hour) and from events made by GMs
• Old PVP system (capes)
• Custom Title system, over 100 new titles added
• All Silk/Item Mall items are free except Premium and Devil Spirit, those can be purchased with Insane Coins
• Balanced PVP: European skills have been tweaked (some skills, for example Bard Dances have been disabled)
• Daily events (unique events, hide and seek and more)
• Weekly PVP tournaments with epic rewards
• No overpowered donators
• Exchange is disabled, no more exchange bug users
• Fortress war every week
• Capture the Flag every 4 hours
• Uniques in Job Temple drops Insane Coins
• The maximum + limit is 10 (+12 with advanced elixir)
• Weekly updates
And much more.

These videos were made on the old InsaneSRO server (between October 2011 and January 2012).

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