ft FalconSRO - Custom server - PVE - 24/7 Support - Dedicated - New Pets ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

FalconSRO - Custom server - PVE - 24/7 Support - Dedicated - New Pets

We invite you to come play along side us in FalconSRO! One of CommunityGaming's Silkroad Servers.

Our rates are 30x exp, 35x party, and 6x drop. Weekend is x2 exp event.

We are currently running off of a 16GB RAM dedicated server gaurenteed to have every place opened with out creating any problems for our users.

Our server is based off of the community. With out you guys we will be nothing. Everything we do is to make you enjoy your time on our server that much better.

If you don't like something just post it on the forums! If your poll gets a lot of votes from users saying they don't like it either, we will remove it from the server. If you want something added to the server do the same!

Custom Changes and New NPC's


Trade limit is now 500billion to avoid scamming. No more need to do multiple trades to obtain one item due to not being able to trade enough gold at a time.

Blacksmiths/Armor Vendors

All blacksmiths and armor sellers now have all their items at +5 Full Blue Legend. This is all the way up until 64 to provide users with a easier leveling style. No need to actually farm weapons anymore. Just buy the items and get back to having fun!

DW Stall

New attack pets added along side the wolf.

Coin Merchant

The coin merchant sells egypt items for gold coins that you find from killing mobs. These are the last tier items that you can obtain and have been changed from 101 to 98. They are currently set at 1000 gold coins each but if we see that it is to high we will lower it.

Falcon Teleport

We have created a custom npc for event areas, afk areas, and unique events. The afk area will be the main place for buying and selling items. We will alert all users about an event that is taking place to inform them which teleport to take.

Grocery Trader Yeosun

All the new avatars have been placed in here rather than in the item mall. These are purchasable with the silk you get at the start.

Herbalist Bori

Herbalist Brori sells advanced s elixirs for silk and 14D weapons for gold coins and Falcon coins which are obtained by killing uniques.

11D Skills are now 10D

We modified the skills to be used at level 100 rather than 110. We found that this would give a new feeling to the server and well, make pvp more entertaining.

2 New Pick up pets

We have added spiderman and roc as a pick up pet. You can buy them with silk that you purchase or win in our many events.

New glows on all weapons

Normal/SOS/SOM/SOSun/Legend items all have a differnet glow.

Player Made Videos
Make your own and you can receive silk. Has to be good though, haha. About Us We have a very dedicated and professional staff. We are shooting to provide you with 24/7 support all the time. Our current team consists of: Admins - Xelamats - Brandon - Denis - RoCka - Jonathan - Pat - Nick Developers - Xelamats - Style - Daniel - Pat - Nick GameMasters - Ermin - Zig - Pawel - Tom - Marvel4Evr - Miguel - Tipking - Zander - JonJon Moderators -Entire team moderates the forums Well what are you waiting for? Come join us today! Website: FalconSRO | Home Page Register: FalconSRO | Register Download: FalconSRO | Download Forum: FalconSRO | Forums Titles will be given out to players who I see make a difference to the community. If you are a good helper or plvler to the new people I will give you the title Power Leveler or Helper. If you are the First person with Egypt items I will give you the title First Egypt Owner or something. This goes on for many things so everyone is welcome to attempt to get them. This will also be used for scammers. This is how we will be able to let everyone know who is a scammer and who isnt. As soon as we get a warning that they scam someone and prove that its true, we will put the title Scammer on the users account and block him from making any others. Easy way to punish someone for scamming. 300 silk for the first 100 250 silk for the next 100 200 silk for the last 100 150 silk for everyone else FREE PLVLING ON PARTY MATCHING

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