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Styx online | 90 cap | chinese only | Middle exp rate | low sun rate

Dear Community,

we - the 7th-Nation Admin team and Community Project: Gaming - would like to present our new server to you: Styx

First, i would like to tell you something about our server:

First of all, the server ist chinese only in order to get some kind of "old school isro feeling". The Exp-rates are not as high as on other servers, because we want you to have fun for a longer time. Getting Max level in several hours is not as much fun. We adjusted the gold and drop rate to match our Exp-rates and to prevent inflation. Due to the fact that the SoX-Drop rates are on the same level as isro and we removed seal of sun from magic pop, having a decent set in high level is something special again - just like it was back on isro.
In order to achieve that, we also deactivated Battle Arena and Forgotten world so that there is really no chance to get sun items as easy.

We know that not all of you want to spend money for silk. Therefore we implemented a web item mall, in which you can buy selected silk items for styx points. Styx points are a currency we implemented for non-silk web payments. You can obtain them by killing uniques (you get more points from high level uniques than you do from low level ones). We are also planning to change the selection of items offered there.

Another feature of our website is a complete ranking system, similar to the one found on rev6. You get information about players in real time. That system also provides you with character rankings.

General facts:
  • Slots: 1500
  • Chinese only
  • Cap: 90

  • Exp-Rate: Middle (1 manyang = level4)
  • SP-Rate = Exp-Rate
  • SoX-Rate: Low
  • Mastery limit: 300

Server features:
  • Pet skills
  • Uniquescrolls
  • lots of dresses
  • no sun in magic pop
  • Jobwar reset System
  • every week Top ten hunters / traders / thieves got 1500 Styx points
  • stone stack value to 25 (lucky and steady stones ONLY)

Website features:
  • Webmall for premium items without buying silk
  • Unique ranking
  • rev6 stats (realtime)
  • Livesupport
  • Payment methods: PayPal (automatic charge), Moneybookers, PSC, uCash
  • silk voucher system (silk giveaway in events)
  • Top ten hunters / traders / thieves got 1500 Styx points
  • Weekly screenshot contest with styx points

  • 7day grap pet
  • reverse return (*5)
  • item mall hp/mp pots
  • moving speed scrolls
  • 60% ressurection scroll (*10)

Planned features (will be added soon):
  • Fixing black pill bug
  • New teleport (Hotan->Roc mountain)
  • Daily quests for styx point (web currency)
  • More uniques
  • even more dresses
  • more end level content (stay tuned, it will be amazing)
  • other big and unique features which will be announced when they are ready (to keep them exclusive)

  • Head admin: Lunixx
  • Administrator: Freezer, Mashandra
  • Developer: Zytokine
  • Web developer: ov3rk1ll, trigg3r
  • GM: ger_brian, vodoo, [Ger]Liquid
  • Live-Support: BlueEyed, Selas

Downloadlink: Styx Client 1.215
Download 02 (Torrent): ftp://lunixx.de/StyxClient.rar.torrent
Download 03 (Multiupload): http://www.multiupload.nl/FSUQ2067AW

Register: Server-News - 7th Nation - Styx Silkroad Privateserver

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask. We try to implement as many features you like as possible
If you are interested in playing on our server, just visit us at http://www.7th-nation.com and play now!

We wish you all lots of fun on styx online!
With best regards
Styx online admin team

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