ft ImoSRO | 130 CAP | D14 | Unique & Hunter Server | Start Items | New Skills | All fellow pets | FTW | Cheap Silk ~ Private Sro

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ImoSRO | 130 CAP | D14 | Unique & Hunter Server | Start Items | New Skills | All fellow pets | FTW | Cheap Silk

ImoSRO | 130 CAP | Unique Hunter Server

Welcome to ImoSRO Online Private Server.
The server cap is 130 and D14 stuff are activated (weapons, armors and accesories). The best way to success on this server is by doing job. As Job Profit rates are 45x you will get enough money to Stones etc.

ImoSRO Contact Detail
Website : http://www.imosro.de/
Register :
Download : ImoSRO
Forum : ImoSRO forum

Website Features
  • Custom User Panel at Website (manage your game accounts easily from there).
  • Donation System at Website.
  • Forum Available.
  • Live - Help and Support 24/7.
Server Details
  • Exp : 300x
  • Sp : 300x
  • Party Exp : 350x
  • Job Profit : 45x
  • Drop : 50x
  • Gold : 20x
  • Server Slots : 1500
  • Server Status : Easy
  • Professional Staff.
  • Constant Game Updates!
  • Good and Active Community!

Game General Features
  • Active Regions : Alexandria, Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, TK, Downghang, Jangan, Jupiter, Baghdad, Kirk, Phantom Desert, Kalia's Hideout.
  • Caves and Instances Working : Jangan Cave, Downhang Cave, Jupiter Temple, Job Temple, Thomb Phroah, Kalia's Hideout.
  • Fortress War : ON (every Wednesday and Sunday (19:00 - 21:30 GTM+1) | TaxMoney on WSundays)

Game Specific Features
  • Custom teleport dock.
  • Job Penalty & Guild Penalty disabled
  • All fellow pets (including newest ones)
  • Cheap Item Mall Prices (no overpricing on newest items) / Cheap Silk for Donators
  • SUN D13 & SUN D14 (not weapons) can be dropped from Uniques
  • You can always make PVP, Job, Party with someone.
  • Good and Active Comunity.

New Skills:

When you create a Char, you will get:
  • 1000 HP/MP
  • 20 Instant Return Scrolls
  • Monkey Grab Pet
  • Devil Spirit B Grade +1
  • 20 Beginner Movement Speed Scroll
  • 1.000.000 Gold
  • 1.000.000 SP

->> On ImoSRO are..
No gm corruption!
No data-loss!
No hacked/leaked database!

If you want a stable lag-free server, which is being managed by professional people, just feel free to check out the server. There will be also ways to get free silk by staying online and voting for the server!
One thing is certain: this server won't close because of any corruption/hacking issue.
This server isn't being managed by noobs who want the quick cash.
Your data will be kept secure and your progress will be saved daily+monthly+yearly.[/quote][/spoiler]

Version Data and Notes:

Client is 1.188. Hope you can enjoy playing this server. Have a nice day!!

Your ImoSRO Team.

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