ft NumberOneSro | cap 80 | new system | new uniques | every week update | Ddos Protected | All Avatars | Coin System | No FTW | OldSchool Sro | Ch Only ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

NumberOneSro | cap 80 | new system | new uniques | every week update | Ddos Protected | All Avatars | Coin System | No FTW | OldSchool Sro | Ch Only

New Pve Server 80Cap-80Skill every day events.

Welcome to Number one Sro Online
A lot of events for new players and for old one too.Both races - chinese Only,Hello We are working with all our energy in order to make sure you amused game this server without the assistance of the members of the team, but can help in such things as the answer to your questions,events and we guarantee you comfort inside the server and the absence of any errors

»All Mobs down to lv80 aslo uniques
»Sun weapons Only you can get from FGW or Drop of mobs
»Special stone D8 & D9 Drop from mobs
New areas with:
» Special npc when you can get daily quest with reward of silks,coins and much more.
» New areas like baghdad,bone roc area,daily uniques event,arabian uniques and so on.
» Uniques drop special silk and silk's items(Like Kidemonas,Roc drops avatars).
» 6. And there much more features so u wont be bored here. 

» FW enabled (JG, Bandit, Hotan, Constantinople).
» Working Guild Icons.
» CTF enabled.
» Elixirs, Potions, Stones and much more can be stacked to a high amount.
» Battle Arena
» Devil & Angel Spirit.
» Forgotten World.
» Vigor grains(25%), Rare Grains (30%) from the NPC.
» Removed Guild penalty..
» A full GAMEPLAY BALANCE OVERHAUL to make the game as fair and as funny as possible (more details later)
» Unique respawntimes lowered.
» Special items dropping at Uniques.
» Jobtitles for the top jobbers of the week(Inc. Thief-CheatChecking Mechanism)
» All new avatars enabled.
» A non-corrupt, super-active and friendly GM-Team
» Daily Events
» Ingame live support in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
» Alot of droppable silk stuff so that everyone can become a good player even without donating.
» Modfied map(important places of our server added on the ingame map)


» 3Day Grab Pet
» 1000 HP & MP
»Devil 5x 7 Days
»Exp ticket 7 Days
» 11 Reverse Scroll

How Can Be Boss The Game:

You will start the game in location - Town Of Darkness. There is a lot of helper npc. There is a teleport - Flame Room for fast getting lvl 50+. Then you should grind as always in another locations.
Every mob have a chance to drop an unique item: Jelly, when you sell it to npc,you gonna get a different amount of gold for it,its an unique item. You can get even 100b from it.


Then .. you can teleport back to Darkness town .

Then you can get a free sun weapon / gear available for free from these npcs

An example of free items


This item drops everywhere in every monster in silkroad areas . It gives you the chance to win gold with unlimited numbers . And it's random , from 1 gold to 100b gold . And every item has its rare drop .
Tip: it's not tradeable or dropable . Just pickable .
New modified items
LC Coin

JC Coin

New list of sorted avatars

New teleports

New stolen thief avatars

New helper npc

New area

New chat color

New modified npcs

New list of mobs

Bone Roc Down to Lv80

Arabian Uniques down to lv 80
More pictures will be modified soon

New customized pets

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