ft Bee-Online | Cap 100 | Chinese only | Low Rates | Ftw | Ctf | Fgw | Ip Limit | Long term server | Silk/Hour ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Bee-Online | Cap 100 | Chinese only | Low Rates | Ftw | Ctf | Fgw | Ip Limit | Long term server | Silk/Hour

Hello Silkroad Fans,
we want to introduce you our new server "Bee-Online". Our Aim is to offer our community a good gameplay with a lot of awesome features like a silk per hour system. The expected opening time will be 10.03.2013 at 03.00 PM [GMT+1, middle european time].

Who are we?

We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience in silkroad and developing. Some team members already worked in some silkroad projects and their project was also successful. This server is planed to stay as long term server.

General Information
Homepage: BeeOnline :: Home
Download: Download Bee Client
BeeOnlineClient at Multiupload
For those who have problems with the full client, download the Media down below.
Media Download: Bee-Online Media
Registration/Opening: 03:00 PM GMT+1

Server Information
Server Cap: 100
IP - Limit: max. 3 Clients per IP
Race: Only Chinese
Mastery Limit: 300
Experience: x90
Party Experience: x90
Item Drop: x100
Gold Drop: x8
SOX Items are rare!

Server Features
Silk per hour system
Special glows
Direct teleport to Jangan Cave
Special Events
Magic Pop deleted
Fortress War once a week
Working guild icons
stackable elixirs,potions etc.

We got Support in Swedish,Danish,German,Turkish,English.

Starter Items
Avatar Dress
Pick Pet
Speed Scrolls
Our little promotion video 

Hope to see you ingame soon !
Your Bee-Online Team

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