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Silkroad Private Servers

XTimesro | New Private Server | Cap 110 | Bot Allowed | FTW | FGW | Egy Items | Start Items

Welcome! To xTimeSro Thread, Keep reading, we will make it worth your time!

Are you ready for an xTimeSro silkroad experience?

What we Guarantee you is this :
Smooth gameplay with no bugs, crashes, delays, lags, downtime.
Absolutely no corruption.
Variable gameplay options.
Balance, Balance in everything!
xTime Experience!

Our links : http://www.xtimesro.com

Download links : http://www.multiupload.nl/JI625IHVO5

Registration :

Server info :
Level cap : 110 "11D + Egy"
Exp rate : x350
Party exp rate : x400
Gold rate : x20
Drop rate : x15
Alchemy rate : x5
Magic pop rate : x2
Sox drop rate : x200
Races : European/Chinese.
Is Botting Allowed? Yes, for a temporary time.
Server files : VSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World (Also known as v1.188).
Server hosted in France.

About the server
Server is pretty much default, we aren't bothering on ruining game balance at all. We don't add items, which makes huge disbalance, But we did add a couple of cool items, that it still observe the balance.

Server features :
All Regions.
Hotan, Jangan & Bandit fortress fully working.
Latest fellow pets.
Old job system.
New stack limits.
Original map with out jupiter or arabia.
Fortress war 1 days a week.
Forgotten world completely working.
& More!

Starting items :
Avatar. wizzardry Male & female
20 zerk pots
1000 HP-MP pots
10 moving speed 100%
20 instant return scrolls
Pick pet 3 days
Also 100k sp to every new character
10m gold in storage to every new account! "Limited Offer!"

Our Team :

4 supporters
1 GM Assist that answering questions for players.

Upcoming updates :
Adding a fully functioned website,
Adding more avatars,
And waiting for your suggestions!

Oh, 1 more thing forgot to mention about, you wont have to worry about data wipeout, as thats not gonna happen.

Fortress Schedule :
Fortress war time : Every Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday. Starting at 4:00 PM Ending at 6:45 PM (GMT +1)
Fortress Registeration period : Every Friday, Monday & Wednesday. "Whole day long"
Fortress Tax Change period : Every Friday. "Whole day long"

Looking forward to see you all in-game,

[Updates ]
Added 5 new grab pet.
Added 10D and 11D Weapons to Hotan & Alex blacksmith shops.
Added 10D and 11D Sets & Accessories to Hotan & Alex shops.
Added Sabakun's jewel & Devil magic stone to item mall.

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