ft Koveea | 90 Cap | Chinese Only | Free Silk/Hour | Instant Lvl 24 | Chinese Only | Mid Rates | 9D | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Devil Spirit Disabled ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Koveea | 90 Cap | Chinese Only | Free Silk/Hour | Instant Lvl 24 | Chinese Only | Mid Rates | 9D | Max Plus | Ip Limit | Devil Spirit Disabled

Koveea is a server that focus on the game-play
to be fair as possible for everyone and we made a lots of free
features and the whole game is based on game activity. Meaning that botting will not result in a good manors.

  • Server Cap | 90
  • Starting at level 24 (we all know the first levels are boring.)
  • Chinese only | 9D Sun Items Disabled
  • Job Rates | 70x
  • Exp Rates | 45x
  • SP Rates | 100x | This rates could be enough to be full farm without gap.
  • Item Cap : 9D
  • Moon items 9d removed from drops (obtainable only by coins and gold from npc.)
  • 1-6d som +3 items for free.
  • IP Limit = 3
  • Maximum Plus is 12

Skill balance and advanced Features
  • Lightning Walk Speed gives %105 speed
  • Sun items disabled.
  • Flying Dragon Flash for heuksal with dmg reduce (98)
  • disabled x1 KB skill on bow (normally there is 2)
  • Force impotent skill disabled.
  • Purification Pills bug fixed.
  • Devil spirit disabled.
  • Drop rate of stones is very high, because we disabled the other alchemy materials.
  • Vigor grains disabled, only normal potions can be obtained by mob drops.
  • Silk items and coins dropping from uniques.
  • custom glows for +10 to +12.
  • Bicheon dmg increase 7%
  • Heuksal stun 5% decreased.
  • Bow skills dmg increased on some skills.
  • Force debuffs decreased to 45%
  • Ress scrolls disabled.
  • Defence scrolls disabled.
  • Gold rates on drops will be reduced to prevent goldbotting.
  • Hotan fortress war will be every sunday 19:30 pm server time.
    and alot more.

Unique features
  • Roc reduced to level 90, dmg/defence nerfed aswell to a resonable value.
  • Medusa reduced to level 90 aswell the dmg/defence also nerfed.
  • New custom uniques level 90.
  • Unique raid room, you will be able to go on unique raids with a party, the xp rate is very high. This is suitabled for allmost all levels if you don't want to grind by mobs.
  • Silk reward for the top unique killer of the week. It will be reset every week to give all players a chance.

Our events will be standard such as any other server
with pvp events,
uniques and alot more. How ever we are very open for suggestions
of what our users want.
Also the rewards is completely random selected by either users or any ingame admin.

Support and Q&A
  • Live chat support on the website, it will be open 12:00-21:00
  • Email support on the website aswell, you can send us email regarding anything and we will anwser it quick as possible. We can guarantee you that you will get an anwser with in with in 12hours.
  • Skype support: will be updated soon with admins private skype and in some cases whatsapp mobile aswell.

The server opens 2013-06-09 20:00

skype contact:

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