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First Information Server Sro Way

Exp/Sp = 40x
Party Exp/Sp = 45x
Item Drop = 30x
Gold Drop = 30x
Job Rate = 100x
Max Level = 130
Skills = 130
14 DG
Fortress War ( Bandit - Hotan - Jangan)

Battle Arena
Capture The Flag
Fellow Pets
China & Euro Chars Are Available
All Wepons And Clothes And Accessorys in Npc

How To Play Easy:
Starting There's new modified room that allows you to gain the level as fast as you can . As a help ..
This room require level 1 -> 50 only . Above that level , you are not able to enter
It's teleport in Darkness town ..

Then .. you can teleport back to Darkness town .

Then you can get a free sun weapon / gear available for free from these npcs

An example of free items
Arch System:
There's new arch system making you able to get a new weapon by alchemying

Also , discover how to get the awakening elixir down the spoilers.

 New Helper NPCs:

New stolen thief avatars:


New Avatars:

Old Avatars:

New Quest System:


New Areas:


All New Fellow Pets Has Been Added:

Full Client
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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