ft Velestia | Cap 90 | Chinese Only | Mid Rates | Free Silk/Hour | New Coin System | Special Features | Special Event System | Wanted System | Auto-Equipment | Anti Cheating System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Velestia | Cap 90 | Chinese Only | Mid Rates | Free Silk/Hour | New Coin System | Special Features | Special Event System | Wanted System | Auto-Equipment | Anti Cheating System

Be prepared of what is awaiting you!
Ever since the vsro files came out,
you and i have been looking for a server that would match ecsro, zszc etc.
We've looked for countless Servers that are Free to Play,
That will be Online for at least a year or more,
and more importantly a server that you and I can trust.
Finally you are closer to that dream than ever before.
We have created an old-school style server,
however introducing a wide range of new Features complementing the per-implemented ones.
Making it possibly one of the best.

We also do not share the opinion of drastically changing the skills.
We tried not to over-edit the game play and have kept it to a minimum.
However, we did ,of course, change force skills to balance it.
Hereby, I welcome you to:

Coming on Satuday or Sunday!


At this point we would like to thank the following people for the inspirations allowing us to develop a private server with these extraordinary features.

„Picasso had a saying: 'Good Artists copy, Great Artists steal.' We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas!“ ~ Steve Jobs

LastThief | For being incredibally fast and supportive in managing and completing the website.
Chernobyl | For srZor and a small tool to execute a query triggered gameserver-sidedly.
Caipi | For the Auto-Equipment Idea
Devias | For the ServerWar Idea, that we developed together & For the Music Idea
XGSro | For the Item Forge Idea
DeadRavine | For the Launcher integrated Twitter Idea
LemonHaze | for photoshopping for us
Mace | UniqueSpawn idea and more!
Espen | For sponsoring a lil bit
Ludoworks | For the Uni-Limit Idea

General Summary
  • Cap | 90
  • Chinese Only | Sun Items Disabled
  • Exp | 30x
  • SP | 20x | Enough Start Sp no need to farm
  • Drop Rate
  • Dg1-Dg8 => Auto-Equipment of Items + Normal DropRate
  • Dg9 => 30% Gold | Item Selling Gold Rate 30%
    Reason: Less GoldBotting, More Activeness in the (Normal Rates) JobCave
  • Item Mall | All items Except avatars can also be dropped ingame at Uniques/Mobs
  • IP Limit = 3
  • CoinSystem not only based on Contribution
  • MaxPlus Possible is 12
    We tried it out. Put 13337 Astrals/Steady,Immos,Lucky on a weapon and let Sbot fuse, about 2 nights with 6 chars (multiple people)
Velestia Offers a lot of free content that can be attained by simple activeness. Also all avatars can be bought with FREE silk per hour.

Our team has spent a long time (Three Months almost) creating this server, there have been a lot of changes even if they were small. We have actually tested each different built, even dual builts with a lot of people and have done the following. The numbers are from ingame testing NOT from the numbers inside the database since those are unreliable. Meaning the REAL changes are:
  • Force Impotent Removed Completely
  • Force Debuffs lower rate of success
  • 3% Damage increase for Bicheon Attacks
    Tried each skill 200 times.
  • 5% Heuksal Stun decrease
    Tried both last skills 300+ times
  • 10% Snow only for Strength Chars
Small Changes / Features
  • 60 Seconds CoolDown for Reverses
  • Ressurrection Scrolls Disabled
  • Lightning Walk Speed on lvl 90 is 105%
  • Moon Items are +3 stronger than normal end gear
  • Tablets Disabled
  • Nice Stone Drop Rate
  • New Stone Fuse Rate
  • Useless Drop removed ie. Pills
  • Defense Scrolls Disabled
  • Damage Increase Scrolls are 10% instead of 20% (works with dmg increase buffs)
  • GoldBotting is allowed, however ItemSellRate is lowered and GoldDropRate is also lowered
  • Normal DropRates in the JobCave, to ensure that you have enough Gold.
  • Moon Items at a NPC for Gold,Silver,Arena,Copper Coins. (Check Below for more)
  • Awesome trade rate (Practically 10 * are possible)
  • Advanced Elixier are disabled
  • Purification Pills bug fixed
  • CTF every 2 hours
    Silver Coins
  • Fortress war on Sundays at 7.30-9PM Servertime (Gmt+1) | Hotan FW Only at Beginning.
  • Various Stacks changed
  • Multple Hour Speed Scrolls (We are all lazy)
Special Event System
  • Strong World Player versus Player Event
    Rewards: 20$ Amazon, PaySafeCard, Ucash or Silk worth 20$
    Anything you like, however it will need to be approved by an Admin. (Delay 24hours Max.)
    Reason:We Would like to pay you back for donating and let there be an awesome competition. We don't really care about the money really.

  • JobWar Event
    Reward: A Title to show off your awesomeness.
    Reason: Titles give you extra damage when zerking and give you fame, however they are not overpowered.

  • Bounty System (to be updated)
    Reward: Gold depending on your infamousness
    Reason: You will have to act nicely so you are not hunted by everyone

  • Search N Destroy
    Reward: Gold,Silk & Fame
    Reason: People just love earning fame and making themselves a name,do they not?

  • Death Race
    Reward: Immortals, Zerk pots
    Reason: A Way for tacticians to show of their skills.
    You have to race under Hotan where you are attacked by various mobs

  • Music Event (Once a day at least)
    Our Event Supporters will play music ingame and you have to find out what it is
    Reward: 250 Silk
    Reason: Giving a chance to people without having to rely on
    items or any prior Silkroad knowledge
Special Features!
  • Partial Item Forge!
    Completely free; You can put immortals on items ie. 50 Immortals on your weapon.
    Reason: It makes your pimping life easier

  • 5 Silk Per Hour! However, 35 Silk Max. per day.
    Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat System in place to ensure Equality and proper Quantity.
    Reason: We do not like to give Multi-botters/Multi-Chars a better chance than You.

  • Auto-Equipment!
    Yes, you all loved it, so did we.
    Reason: Since we have lowered the Golddroprate & ItemSellRate, we'd still like you to have the newest items when leveling up. Due to the fact that we are a PvE Server, we will always strive to Maximize Your Enjoyment.

  • [WANTED] System! (Genuine-Remake-Redesigned)
    You actually read it right.One of the Old-School features that left you Jaw-dropped.
    Well, we tried to use it and failed miserably. Hence, allowing us to make our own Welcome to the first Private Server with Old-School Remakes!
    Reason: You will be famous for being infamous!
  • Union Limit! Yes We Can!
    Finally a features you have all wanted but never received.
    Reason: Tons! Fortress War will be more fun with smaller Unions, Guildwars, JobWars and general Guild Activity is boosted to its limit

  • Velestial Trading!
    There are Traders and Hunters like you've never seen before, With the courage to take any challenge, with no fear in their hearts. Some might even say that they dont Fear any thief and will Conquer Velestia's most rough Terrains.
    Do you think you have the Guts to attack and Rob Velestia's Trades?
    Let's See who is the strongest,
    Are you up for the challenge?

  • Special Trade Route!
    We have made an awesome new Trade Route to fit the aggressive mentality of our Traders!
    You will be able to receive a huge gold/experience/contribution bonus.
    Enough Said, check the Spoiler!
    Reason: Giving the jobbers a wider spectrum of opportunities!

  • Automatic Guild War System!
    Each Wednesday, two guilds will automatically be chosen to hold a war against each other. It will be a compulsory system, and only guilds with similar strength will be fighting, meaning you do not have to worry.
    Reason: Guildwars have been underestimated and Guild War requests have been dodged out of fear. Hence, we have made it compulsory.
  • Job Ranking! (Based on Job Kills)
    You`ve seen it before! We also feel its right.
    Just for the ranking, we made it. It includes our Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat System and a specially Job Kills based Controlling system which shows us potential cheaters. This feature will show you in game how good you are and will give new In game Job Levels!
    Note: Coin System is not affected by this at all.
    Reason: A fair way to find out who is the best! Simply! Straightforward! Practial!
  • REAL RANDOM Uniquespawning!!!
    This means that each unique has over 600 (Six Hundred!) Random Spawnpoints. Each week the 600 Spawnpoints change again randomly calculated from the X ,Y, Z. All uniques will of course stay in their respective areas.
    Reason: This enables everyone, each built, every level character to be able to kill uniques!


  • Triangular Conflict DonWhang Cave!
    Inside the DonWhang Job Cave you will have normal Gold Drop Rates and higher Item Drop rates as well as a possibility to drop Item Mall Items. However, to enter it, you must equip a Job Suit.
  • New Coin System!
    Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat.

    How it Works:
    Gold Coins: Traders&Hunters go jobbing as usuall and automatically receive Gold Coins when they log off. Their Contribution gets saved as well and you can receive more than 2.147 Bill contribution. We don't have a limit for contribution.
    Thieves need to go jobbing as usuall as well, however if they are detected as potentially cheating, they will not gain coins.

    Silver Coins:

    Everyone gains the opportunity to hunt uniques and kill them due to the fact that we have a completely randomized unique spawn, allowing you to lure & kill a unique without having to worry about the lifeless top unique killers all the time.
    You will automatically receive a certain amount of Silver coins in your storage.

    Copper Coins:
    You can gain Copper coins by simply purchasing them for a certain amount of Gold at the Moon items NPC. This ensures us, that you have been on the server for quite some time.

    Arena Coins:

    These can be acquired through Capture the Flag. Each kill grants you a coin. Simple!

    Note: Everything is Automatic
  • Support Ticket for lightning-fast help
    Thanks again to Last Thief for being so co-operative and implementing a Support ticket system.
    You will be able to send us a support message which reaches every one from the team. We have installed an App on our mobiles to be able to answer you even if we aren't at a PC. This literally guarantees you a really small waiting time and quick support. Our GMs have a GM Panel where they can do basic helping (Completely logged).
  • Anti Cheating System for Thieves
- IP Logging
- Friendlist Check
- Goods Drop Position
- Check if Goods were „Dropped“ or if the pet was killed
- Check the „Lucky Single 5* finds“
& Much more, but just so you know. The system looks for soo many things. If you cheat, you get banned. Simple n Easy?
  • Anti Corruption Policy
    I have made it to my personal work to be always watching the Game Masters. However, to ensure that YOU believe me, all players will be able to see the Game Master Logs LIVE & on Real Time at the website.
    Most of you will not understand them but the once that do, can always tell you what is going on.

  • We are going to bring you SIX more features like these. However, those require some more time, but since we wanted to go online with these ones already. I have decided to keep the rest secret and ask the ingame community on the features.

    We will also do a few small updates with Live PvP Fight stats on the website and live Jobbing stats on the website. As well as the item forging being impletmented ingame instead of at the website.
  • Second Server
    We have already started working on our seconds server will will have all the features above, however, it will no be based on chinese chars or european chars. We are currently making the arabic race ourselves! It required a lot of work and a few things seem to be impossible but, truth be told, we will finish it quite soon. The first 500 players on this server will be able to Beta Test is later.

    If there is someone who would like to join us and is proffessional and well behaving. You can apply as an InGame Guardian to me and I will be watching you for 2-3 months and see how well you fit into our community
I am hoping to see many of you on Velestia! Trust me this will re-write history!
Server is Opening this Saturday!

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