ft MMO4Gaming | Cap 110 | Advanced Features | D11 | Free Silk/Hour | Professional Edits | Coin System | Quest System | Mid Rates | New Start Area | Cons FTW | CTF | New Effects ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

MMO4Gaming | Cap 110 | Advanced Features | D11 | Free Silk/Hour | Professional Edits | Coin System | Quest System | Mid Rates | New Start Area | Cons FTW | CTF | New Effects

Hello ,
MMO4Gamming is a Group of Professional Team. that's working together.
We have been working on this server from long time.. to finish every thing and make it ready and good for u

every one on our team spent a long time in vsro community . on editing-develop. etc

We tried not to over-edit the game play and have kept it to a minimum.
Hereby, I welcome you to:

Comming on on 12-6-2013


»Cap: 110
»Based on vSRO files
»EXP/SP Rates: 150x
»Drop rate: 30x
»Alchemy rate: 3x
»Job rate: 10x
»Botting allowed

Added a New Start Area (Muhan) With Quest .
Do the Quest and u will get lvl 37 and u will take Ur start items

»Resurrection Scrolls Disabled
»Awesome trade rate
»Purification Pills bug fixed
»CTF every 2 hours
»Fortress war on Sundays at 7.30-9PM Server time (Gmt+2) | Hotan FW Only at Beginning.
»Various Stacks changed
»Ba Working.
»Constable FW added and working fine

SuperSayin pvp event
its on Friday 8PM GM+2
Reg for this event will be on the website u will able to Reg their on the times.
only Reg players will be able to join the event (To be more organized)

5 Silk Per Hour! However, 35 Silk Max. per day.
Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat System in place to ensure Equality and proper Quantity.
Reason: We do not like to give Multi-botters/Multi-Chars a better chance than You.

Free Titels (By Quest)
u can Get a Free Titles . in our Quest npc .
and u can get Special titles from the same NPC by doing their Quests.

GMs Room
Added Gms room in hotan teleport .. to allow the players to go their to get Support from the online GMs only in case if they need to know some thing or Report some thing..

New pvp Room
We added a big big PVP area on Hotan teleport.
to enjoy your pvp ONLY lvl 110 able to enter it to avoid the low lvls chars that kd/kb the players During the pvp

Added 7 New Rooms for uniques.
U will find them on hotan teleport . We have about 20 unique or more

Added Bagdad Uniques and Mobs
Uniques and Mobs are lowered to lvl 110 and balanced.

Added Special Uniques.
 Death Bone and [GM]Pure3viL - Unique
Added a lot of uniques. for the unique hunters

Added all New Avatars.
»All kind off avatars added..old and new avatars

Added all Attack pets
for Coins Not for SILK

How it works.
Silver Coins
»u can Get silver coins from CTF - Each kill u get 1 silver coins
»u can buy EGY A set with silver coins.
»Job Tempel uniques.

Arena Coins
»u can get Arena coins from BA

Iron Coins
»u can Get iron coins from
»1- Job Temple uniques.
»2- From npc (Added 1 Iron coins cost 250m)

Auto Reward for uniques Killers
»Added a rewards for uniques.
»Tiger Girl-Lord-Demon-Issy-Creb-Urichi
»u will get it automatic when u kill one of them

Totaly Free Game Play
»We made Our System . to be free for all u can get every thing. u can be »power full by your activity.

Added a new effect for all builds europ-China
»on the last skils..
»enjoy the amazing effects.

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