ft StorMOnline | PVP 9 DG | Coin System | Instant level 90 | 1M Silk | Cons FTW | CTF | Max Plus | Disabled Functions | Improved Skills ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

StorMOnline | PVP 9 DG | Coin System | Instant level 90 | 1M Silk | Cons FTW | CTF | Max Plus | Disabled Functions | Improved Skills

StorM Online
Certainly This is Our 2nd Server
First Server was 11d PVP Server and its Still Running and Constant So we decided to Open 2nd PVP Server but this time will be 9D Because there is Few Servers 9D
By the way we are not Selling Items Donate Only For avatars,Fellow Pets,Global,Devil S, item that Increase the Devil + and Prem 10%
( We removed Premium 20% Cuz it destroy the balance of the Game we Just add Premium 5% and 10%)
Server Online
Lets Start:


General Information:
•PVP Server
•Race: Chinese/European
•Mastery Limit: Chinese - 330, European - 180
•Instant level 90, 50m gold, 1m silk & 10m skill points
•Coin System
•Alchemy Rate: 1~4 75% , 5~9 1x
•High Performance server
•High Network Connection

Allowed Area:

Allowed Fortress:

Server Feature:
•CTF Working
•Battle Arena Working
•Fortress Working
•Fortress Uniques Appear over all the Map and Drop CP Coins
•Stolen thief Avatars Allowed
•All New Avatars Added
•Max Plus +12
•Stones 9D add to Accessory NPC and Magic Lucky Powder
•HP&MP Grain Allowed at NPC
•Start With Title(Fantastic Chinese,Fantastic Europe)
•Edit Zerk Scroll to Level 90
•Start Guild Level 5
•All items At NPC For Low Amount of Gold (So you Don't Need Gold for Anything)
•Magic POP disabled TO avoid corrupting PVP With Zerk Scroll and Other Scrolls.......
•Warrior,Bard& Cleric Buff Closed to Play Fair PVP with out annoying Party buffers
•Purification Pills Bug Fixed (But we Add Another Pills WIth Bug For CP Coins)
•SRO-R Chinese Skills Added to Improve the Chinese Build & to Make the Races Balanced
•Disable Dismantle Alchemy system and Disable Advanced Elixir

Chinese Edited Skills
-To Improve the Chinese Race we Edit some high Skills to level 90

Start Items
Item Sun +5 With Status 61% FB

Items For CP Coins:


New Area's:
StorM PVP Area

Event Area
How to Get CP Coins:
-Battle Arena


-Fortress War
The Guild Win the Fortress Every Friday will get CP COins for all Guild members as a reward
-Capture the Flag
When u Kill 1 Player in CTF u Get 1 CP Coin
-Job Rank
Since the Server is PVP we Decided to Give the 1st Player in Each Job Rank 100 Cp Coin to improve the Job SysteM
-Elixir Price changed to 1Gold so its Free to Make Alchemy
-We add StorM Lucky Buff Skill to Euro and Chinese

Site Features:
-You Can reset your Char stat or Char postion Point from the site
login ur account then go to >>
-Game Luancher

-Also we Gonna Make Events all the time Like:
•Hide and Seek
•Lucky Critical
•Guild War
•Job War

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