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Dymer Network | EU Only | 110 Cap | Instant Lvl 85 | Free Silks/Hour | Cons FTW Only | New Zones | New Uniques | New special drops | Website Features | Ship Wars | Many Events | New Weapon Design

Welcome to Dymer Network Official Release !

  • Cap: 110
  • Experience/Skill Point Rates: x100 Custom (the required exp per level is changed for every level and SP achieved is high enough to not care about farming.)
  • Regions Enabled: Constantinople, Samarkand, Alexandria, Sand Desert, Roc, Temple, Pharaoh.
  • Drop Rate: x15 (rate increased for parties, instances and event zones)
  • Alchemy Rate: x1.5
  • Job Rate: x80
  • Gold Drop Rate: 10x
  • Silks per Hour: 2 => 3*
  • Start level: 85
  • Skill Points: 1m + Main Weapon Full Mastery
  • Website: Dymer Network Home Page
  • Facebook: Dymer Network Facebook
  • Official Client:
Google Drive
(Your antivirus might detect one of the executables as a virus due to the Packing done on it, so take it as a false positive or check on the result you get at the Antivirus to see that it's just precaution about Packed executables.)
Basic Description:
Dymer is the resurrection of the principle of perfection that surrounded the creation of what is currently known as Devias, but with a different approach and level of advancement since the first step. This is Europe, and the systems you will be enjoying will renew your taste of the SRO world.
Starting at level 85 you will be equipped with an entire set 9dg Seal of Star +6 of choice and a weapon 9dg Seal of Moon +6. This comes along with a package to let you go into instant action without needing to go into searching NPC(s) for filling Pots…you won’t even have to care about skilling since you will get all the skills from the main mastery leveled up to 85. The attack skills then added to your under-bar so that you can go and use them without needing to configure a basic set of skills to begin with. Then you go and face mobs on Constantinople whose levels go from 85 to 95 with already possible threat of Champions, Giants, Party monsters and Unique(s) which can spawn anywhere in their corresponding regions (literally anywhere).
While progressing through levels you will unlock access to different regions, which are Constantinople, Samarkand, Alexandria and Roc. These regions’ Unique(s) drop portals that let you go into Forgotten Worlds of level 100-110 where you can achieve to get Talismans for currently Secret Weapons. But this is not all, the selection of Sealed weapons goes far on Dymer, as you can achieve drops of Nova, or buy some others on the NPC for different types of currencies achievable in-game by playing on events or going to special places. This doesn't mean that we deleted the old-looking weapons, NO!, of course not, you see Dymer has a bit for everyone, normal looking nova weapons, egy-a and egy-b still exist in the game and are achievable !. Another special feature in-game which you will be hopefully enjoying for the sake of making good coin is jobbing. It not only achieves you gold, but also Gold Coins into your storage every time you re-log. This is one of the currencies needed for one of the highest quality sets and weapons.
You will notice a trigger-able graphics enhancement. All you got to do to disable it is follow the instructions written on the Login Screen...jejeje, It actually achieve a noticeable upgrade, and you will notice it once you start playing.
With this “Basic Description”, we introduce the base lines of the game you will enjoy with your friends. It has been built so that you can have fun and get benefit relative to the fun you have in-game .
Game Features:
  • 110 Cap and only European chars enabled.
  • *2 Silks per Hour once reaching 100 and 3 silks per hour after 1 month of activity.
  • New level distribution of monsters in the map.
  • Only European regions are enabled.
  • Unique(s) have thousands of spawn points in their respective region.
  • New special drops and new distribution of Sealed weapons (Will explain more later).
  • Constantinople Fortress is the only fortress for now.
  • Packed client prevents bot-ting for a more interactive community.
  • Very stable and clean client.
  • The most special weapons are achieved by being active on multiple events instead of having to do one sole thing at a time.
  • Automatic of conversion from Contribution to Gold Coins upon every re-log.
  • Instant reward of Silver Coins from Capture the Flag instead of Ice Trophies.
  • Auto Equipment of Seal of Star set +6 and weapon Seal of Moon +6.
  • Automated upgrade of equipment upon reaching level 90, the conversion of equipment happens upon teleporting after reaching the corresponded level.
  • Automated addition of all skills for the main mastery depending on weapon chosen of newly created characters and automated introduction of auto-pot for an instant action.
  • Starter Pack with 1k pot of each type, speed scrolls, 3 day grab-pet, 500k Gold, 500k Skill Points and 35 Reverse Return Scrolls, Wedding Dress Avatar, Accessory Set SOM +5.
  • Removed Astral(s) for increasing the difficulty of reaching the highest plus.
  • All the Avatars added to the Item Mall.
  • All Forgotten Worlds edited for being 100-110 and shared difficulty between levels.
  • Removed most of the useless drops.
  • Removed Tablet drops and increased Stone drop rate for direct alchemy.
  • Removed Devil Spirit for balance purposes.
  • Removed Instant Resurrection Scrolls for balance purposes.
  • Added cool-down to Reverse Return Scrolls.
  • Removed penalty for switching jobs.
  • Your Job Alias is the same as your character name and when leaving job it is changed back by teleporting.
  • There is no limit for Contribution counters on weekly title rewards.
  • Multiple titles achievable in-game by participating on events of PvP or organized GM Events.
  • New levels of Unique(s) created for Event purposes and new span points created in-game for Special Unique(s).
  • NPCs reallocated in-game for Talisman Quests purposes to the Alexandria’s Library.
  • Shops edited and prices edited in-game.
  • New types of ADVANCED events, mostly automatic, LOTS and LOTS of them. (Will explain more later)
  • Visual fixes done regarding text lines and information parts of the game.
  • Edited multiple skills in-game for balance purposes.
  • New alchemy glows.
  • New seal glows for the new weapons.
  • Chinese map in-game completely removed.
  • Our very own re-designed special unique "Dymer".
  • Master skills.
  • Hunter/Trader job suits as an avatar. (Basically same as the new job system except with the old job system xD)
  • Addition of our main unique spawn locations to world map.
Website Features:
  • E-mail verification system upon registration.
  • Security Question for security purposes.
  • Account recovery system.
  • Facebook/Twitter plugins.
  • Live server status, always up-to-date.
  • Live official server time.
  • Fortress occupiers info.
  • Next fortress count-down timer and fortress registration timer.
  • Instant donating system, DPoints will be received once the donation process is finished.
  • Control panel for users including password change.
  • Contact button for users.
  • Live forum. (still under construction)
  • Next Capture the Flag and Battle Arena count-down timer.

Fortress War. (Currently only Constantinople Fortress)
 Description: In the fortresses, it is allowed for occupying guilds to produce items relevant to the fortress wars, train different transportation measures, and enjoy comfort rest.
The fortress war takes place on every Sunday 20:00 (Dymer Official Time).

Reward: - A guild winning the fortress war is entitled to occupy the fortress for one week.
- A guild occupying a fortress is allowed to fix tax rate on Sunday 19:00, and levy taxes.
- A guild succeeded in occupying the fortress is announced on the homepage after completion of the fortress war, and the tax rate is notified on the homepage as well.
Battle Arena. (All types)
Description: Battle arena is massive PvP area . In battle arena you can fight for your guild, party or job.

Types of battle arena:

- Point battle - Opponents fights each others and get points by killing opponent players or by killing mobs. Team which has more points on the end of battle gets is taken as winner.

- Capture the flag - Capture the flag is almost same as point battle, but there is also opportunity to take flag and place it to your team flagpole, which gives you huge amount of point, these points are counted only while battle arena time is up. So it is important to have flag placed in flagpole on the end, no matter what happen before.

- Random matching - This system is based on random parties. You cant choose your colleagues, system give you party depend on your level. Every person going this event must register. 30min matches are everyday at 15:00 and 21:00, 10min matches are everyday at 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 15:30.

- Party matching - In this type you can choose your teammates by making your own party before battle arena start (opponents will be chosen randomly). Party master has to register on event. Everyday at 15:20 and 18:20.

- Guild matching - Guild master can join whole his guild to battle arena and than he can choose 16players which will go to battle arena. Everyday at 16:10 and every Saturday at 18:00.

- Job matching - People are divided to teams depending on their job. You cant choose party, but it will be people with same job. 30min matches start everyday everyday at 19:00, 25min matches start everyday at 13:50 and 16:50.

Reward: 5 Arena coin for the winning team, 1 for the looser team.
Capture the Flag.
Description: Capture the flag is a battle arena where you first need to kill monsters which will drop a key to open a gate to the other team's base, each kill you get will get you a reward.

Reward: 1 silver coin per each kill.
Temple scripted Unique(s) with AC Counters enabled.
Description: Job temple for the triangular conflict, in which all the job will fight against each other (trader/hunter vs thieves). Each job type has a different gate. This job temple also includes special unique(s) which drops a worth time of items. There is also an AC counter for each monster you kill.

Special unique(s) names and time to appear:
Selketh and Neith Spawns:
Everyday at 11:00 and 16:00

Anubis and Isis Spawns:
Everyday at 13:00 and 19:00

Haroeris and Seth Spawns:
Everyday at 15:00 and 20:00
Forgotten World. (At the moment only 1 enabled)
Description: Forgotten world is mainly a dungeon, there are 4 types of dungeons, each dungeon has 4 different difficulty level. At the moment we only have 1 dungeon enabled. You can enter to one of the dungeons along with your Party. Each dungeon has different stages in which you need to kill all the monsters to unlock the second stage, there are also treasure boxes in which you need to collect. Monsters drop talismans which are exchanged for a special type of sealed weapon. There is only 1 dungeon enabled which is the Ship Wreck. Portals are not dropped by Envy(s), they are dropped by Unique(s) in-game.

Reward: Talismans to be exchanged for special type of sealed weapons called Seal of Nexus.
PvP Events. (Extreme PvP/INT Championships/STR Championships)
Description: PvP Championships are to be announced in-game by GM(s) at any time requested by the players or scheduled on the forums. For Extreme PvP you must pair up with a friend to win team 2v2 matches for a title and a special reward. The INT and STR Championships reward a title to every winner daily and a reward as well. The titles are kept until another event of the same class is upheld. Rewards are automatically granted on the storage of the winners.
Organized Job War events.
Description: Job War events are organized by GM(s) as the PvP Events. You must follow the instructions given in-game to be teleported into the Job War zone where every kill will be taken into account once the Event is started. The purpose is to participate together with your class and to remain until no other member from the opposite clan is left. The rewards are automatically granted into your storage(s) and they depend on the amount of kills you get on the event and the winning side of it as well.
Organized Guild War events.
Description: The Guild Wars will be called by GM(s) in-game. To participate on them, the master of the guild who wants to participate must contact the organizing GM to be teleported along with his guild to the Event Zone. There 2 guilds will face each other until one wins. Rewards are granted to every participating online member of the guild on their respective storage(s).
Ship Wars.
I just had the light bulb moment, would it be possible to implement underwater combat, ship combat.
That's all we have for now, later we will add a detailed description :P (It's a freaking surprise okay? don't ruin it >.<)
Reward: Undecided yet.
Simulation's DJ night. (such an epic name, dr.obvious)
Description: A DJ night club specially built by Simulation. Every Saturday(no specific time set yet), Simulation will announce that the event is starting, participating players will be teleported to a special place where there will be a DJ deck, speakers, bars, and all kinds of night-club things, and the most important part, there will be a DJ (Simulation) with LIVE MUSIC !
There will be a special emotion located in the Action window called "Dance" (duhhh), all you need to do is survive the 2hour challenge and listen to music.

Reward: Undecided yet. (but it will be worth the time, trust me BRO !)
That's not all !
There are still about 5 or 6 more events that are currently being thought about and analyzed pretty good before writing anything about it.
Now, enough with the talking, i know you probably have a headache now from reading all that boring stuff (that is if you did read jejeje), let's get to some screenshots!
Now here's some screens for our egy-a type weapons, we will only show off
these ones, will leave the rest as a surprise :P (We promise you, they are epic xD thanks to WoW)

More screenshots will be added very soon...
Dymer Crew:
Currently our crew consist of only three awesome and dedicated people, we will be however recruiting GM(s) very soon. (More info will be posted later on in the future)

We will not give out names for the crew, we think that is for the best, you will just have to login in-game and figure it out yourself  (for people who played Devias, you already met two of them)
Finishing line:We hope our server has impressed you enough and that you will be joining us, please know that this thread will be updated very soon with more info(if any exists) and more screenshots as well.

Also please notice that the server is still BETA, which means you might face some simple bugs, but be sure to report it to us when you find one so we can make sure you get a smooth game-play.

Thank you for considering playing in our server, and we hope you have great fun at Dymer Network !

Windows 8 users, the client currently does not work with windows 8, we are trying to find a solution, we will update the client as soon as we find a solution, sorry !

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