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Legendary Network | 110Cap | D11 Items | Instant Lvl 110 | Const Fort | Free Silk | Coins system | New 2 Quest System | New Scrolls | New Uniques | Disabled Skills | Start Items | Capture The Flag | Battle Arena

Hello New (PVP) server D11

Our team has spent a long time creating this server, there have been a lot of changes even if they were small. We have actually tested each different built, even dual builts with a lot of people and have done the following. The numbers are from ingame testing NOT from the numbers inside the database since those are unreliable.

► Server Features
- Server name: Corvus
- Max Level: 110
- Items Degree: D11
- Free Silk: Yes ( 100,000 Silk )
- Active Fortress: (Jangan - Bandit - Hotan - Constantinople)
- Battle Arena: Active
- Capture the flag: Active
- Max plus: +20 ( if you get higher will automatically change to +20 or maybe lower )

- Exp Rate: 50x
- SP Rate: 50x
- Gold Rate: 150x
- Jop Rate: 400x

► Let me explain with some screen shots

► Start Items

  100,000 Silk - 10,000,000 Skill Points
50,000,000 GOLD 
► How i can get extra gold
by Job ( trade , hunter , thief )
Job rate x400 it meant
1* Star trade cost you 20~25m and it will give you 450:500m after reach the other towns and so on other jobs 

► Balanced Skill edits
Chinese Magic Attack buff increased from 19% to 25%

Chinese Phy Attack buff increased from 11% to 17%

► Disabled Skills
Euro Warrior Pain Quota skill Disabled

Euro Warrior Phy Defense fence skill Disabled

Euro Warrior Magic Defense fence skill Disabled

Euro Bard dance skills & Tambour skills disabled

► Jangan extra NPC ( Beginners shops )
Nova items +5 (61%) stats

Nova Weapons - Shields - Accessory +5 (61%) stats

All stones / elixirs / Adv (B) NPC
► Premium Shop 
Egy (A) grad Weapons - Shields - Accessory +7 (61%) stats
For= 1 Gold - 2,000 Dollar coin - 33 Gold coin

Q- Where i can get Gold Coins & Dollars coins ?
A- 1* Dollars coin: you can get it from Special uniques on alot of legendary rooms for exp:

2* Gold coin: you can get gold coin from Capture the flag ( Event So-Ok ) by Killing players , each kill you will gain 1 Gold coin

Egy (B) grad Weapons - Shields - Accessory +7 (61%) stats

For= 2b Gold - 2,500 Dollar coin - 250 Gold coin - 450 Arena coin

Q- Where i can get Arena coins ?
A- Huh.. sure Battle arena , our battle arena system have Random match / Jop match Only and when we reach much member will be al matches

► Jangan Special NPC
All Special items there ( Global , astral , immortal , instant and more ) for gold

► Jangan Legendary shop NPC
New Avatar Accessory called Flags you can chose your country flag and get it

All Avatars, Fellow / Attack / Grap pets on there also special recolored avatars with new effects too ( Some of those avatars for gold and some for Silk )
► Quest System
There is 2 system of quest ( Hunt & Collect )
-Hunt quest
Alot of Hunt quest and unique ranking on this NPC also it will reward you good items / titles
- Collect quest
Alot of collect quest from uniques on this npc and will reward you special items
* There is 2 special quest ►Collect of Dragon Hell Proof ( Job coins ) ► Collect of Demon soul Proof ( Dead Devil Parts 20% )
Let me explain

you can teleport to those unique via Jangan teleport
And there is 2 kind of those Quest uniques [ STR & INT ] this unique called ( Dragon Hell )

You need to kill Dragon hell to get his Legend proof quest
and the Dragon Hell Quest reward is

Q- What i have to do after i get this Job coins ?
A- Here we go
All New Avatars for Job coins

also you can get Devil S Grade 20% , but how !?

Q- What is that ?
A- This Devil is can't use till now , but you can use it follow me

the 2nd Quest is Collect of Demon soul Proof ( Dead Devil Parts 20% )
so when you done the quest you will have to select a part of the devil whole parts

And the 2 type of Unique is ( STR & INT ) unique name: Demon soul

Screen shot for Last part Explain

► Extra main unique collect
Collect of Unique Soul
it will increase your Lucky & Phy/Mag damages

► Extra main titan unique hunt
Hunt of Titan tiger girl

25% Damg increase for 16Hour

Also other uniques will Reward you:
- 25% Damg Increase for 16Hour
- 25% Defense Increase for 16Hour
- 125% Speed scroll for 16Hour

► Constantinople Fortress
Please if you don't like our server , please respect us and don't give useless comments Thanks for your attention

Server will be beta for Week to receive players suggest and after beta currently accounts won't delete

Website: Legendary Gaming Network
Facebook Page: Legendary Gaming Network On FB

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