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Silkroad Private Servers

Victoria Online | Cap 100 | CH/EU | Advanced Features | Instant Level 57 | Sun Start Items | Skill Chinese Sro-R | Donate Title | Coin System | Free Silk/Hour | FTW | Special items | New Pets

Hello everyone
we would like to introduce you to our new server VICTORIA SRO, we worked hard on it to make it the best server, where there was European, China was on atop.
Where all old Silkroad players remember the fun from doing caravans, closed servers, and what is important - experiencing on mobs.
Where were doubts about china builds, skills, armors and stats.
Where all fight on PvP with the cap-suit gold, red or even blue.
We as a Victoria project, we are giving you way to you select.

Intro :

Classical server, was best server type which was ever been, namely:
Cap Race: Chinese | Europe
Cap Level: 100
EXP Rate: 45x
P-EXP: 50x
SP: 15x
P-SP: 18x
Drop Stone: 10x
Skill Mastery: 300
Drop Rate: 30x
Gold Rate: 5x
SoX Rate: 10x (Sun Drop Disable)
Job Rate: 70x
Tablet Rate : Disable
Free Silk: 3Silk Per 1Hour > Starting From Level 100 you will get the silk .

Processor: Intel Core i7 (Haswell) 8x cores 3.10 Ghz
Disc: 500GB SSD
Connection: 100mbp/s
OS: Windows Server 2012 Enterprise Edition

Backing to the server thread, under this line, You will see options enabled/disabled, features and plans.

Distinguishing Changes

• FW enabled ( Jangan).
• Working Guild Icons.
• CTF enabled.
• Elixirs, Potions, Stones and much more can be stacked to a high amount.
• Enabled Advanced Elixirs Add To Npc .
• Disabled Battle Arena
• Disabled Magic Pop.
• Enabled Devil & Angel Spirit 15% Stats .
• Enabled Forgotten World Reward Sun Weapon's .
• Removed Vigor grains(25%) from the NPC.
• Removed Job penalty.

• A full GAME PLAY BALANCE OVERHAUL to make the game as fair and as funny as possible (more details later)
• Unique respawn times lowered.
• Special items dropping at Uniques.
• Job titles for the top jobbers of the week(Inc. Thief - Cheat Checking Mechanism)
• All new avatars enabled.
• Super-active and friendly GM-Team (Most of the time :P)
• Vote for Silk
• Daily Events
• In game live support in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian .
• Mercenaries Disable!
• Job Temple Disabled .
• Alot of droppable silk stuff so that everyone can become a good player even without donating.
• Modified map(important places of our server added on the ingame map)
• job rank = (will be added at 10/7/2013)
•Chinese Skill Balanced game play With Euro Skill
• Zerk Sound System (ZSS)
• 99% of all avatars
• Semi-Botting Allowed
• Coin System
• New pets
• 10Degree Sun (Set & Accessory ) ..
• Friendly, and fast respond team! (also Live Chat) .
• Donate only for silk, no donate for anything else, just silk .
• sos and som weapons, set and acc are drops from mobs .
• npc items are normal, like usual .
• high plus auto notice system .
• new system titles, with new titles
• medusa don't spawn mobs like its was in the past, and medusa spawn every 6 hours
• roc spawn in roc place every sunday every week
• And much much more things, which will help you in GP.

Coins System :
there are 3 kind of coins to get 1 part of set or acc, 1 coin from CTF, 1 coin from uniques, 1 coin from job

CTF Reward : Victoria Coin
Uniques Drop : Silver Coin
Job Reward Gold Coin From Site 

 Awesome Start Item
You Must Activate Your Account After Registering From Your Email From The Url Register . The Message Will Be Sent To Your Email.
Notice:Start level : lvl 57 with full sun D7 set and weapon, with skill point 200k
Start Item:
Devil 5% 28 days
grab pet 3 days
premium 28 days
10 speed scroll 100%
5 Dmg/Def Scroll
100 hp potions
100 mp potions
3 page inv
full sets, acc and weapons D7

Image Start Item's :

New Skill Chinese Sro-R :

News Avatars :

All Special Npc :

Donate Title :
500 Silk Each A Special Title Also Can Drop From High Uniques, Title Item


 Item Mall :
More Image's Will Add With New Advanced Features

We've added many fast client download links to give every player the chance to choose his favorite download link. The fastest, the strongest, the safer one he likes. We care for low and weak internet connection players.

Files Download : Victoria Full Client
Mega Download : Victoria Full Client
Multiupload Download : Victoria Full Client
QShare Download : Victoria Full Client
Filerio Download : Victoria Full Client
UpaFile Download : Victoria Full Client
Uploadilcloud Download : Victoria Full Client
GoogleDrive Download : Victoria Full Client
Media Download
MultiUpload : Download
MirrorCreator : Download
Server is Officially Online Now Today
Website: Officially Victoria Online
Facebook: =facebook.com

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