ft PlayOnGrid | Thor | 110 Cap | 11D | Professional Team | Cons Ftw | FGW | New fellow pets | Coin System | Holy Water Temple ~ Private Sro

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PlayOnGrid | Thor | 110 Cap | 11D | Professional Team | Cons Ftw | FGW | New fellow pets | Coin System | Holy Water Temple



From 17th June to 20th June this server will be in open beta to fix all the issues that can appear .
The Official Opening is in 21th June at 16:00 GMT+2

PlayOnGrid - New server Introduction – Thor

Our purposes is to begin better and better everyday so this is why we all work together ,hard to make all our plans possible.

PlayOnGrid is an integral part of the PLAY GRID community and economy, helping to make sure our members can safely and efficiently connect with family and friends, customers and clients, with work, school, sport and other leisure activities.

We are always looking for ways to improve what we do, with that being said we have decided to bring a new high rate experience .
So this is why , we want to present you , our new HIGH RATE server named : THOR

This will be our second SRO Server among the other games that we plan to release in the near future .

Game Rates :

* SP and EXP Rate : x700
* Party Exp Rate : x840
* Gold Rate : x75
* Item Drop Rate : x100
* Trade Rate : x150
* Alchemy Rate : x2
* Maxim Degree : 11 Degree
* Level Cap : 110
* Fortress War : Saturday at 17:00 Server Time

Starter Pack :

* 7 Days Grab Pet
* 7 Days Devil Spirit
* Angel Avatar for Female Characters
* Devil Avatar for Male Characters
* 20 Speed scrolls 100%
* 10 Resurrect scrolls
* 10 Reverse return scrolls
* 20 Beginner return scrolls
* 10 Pegasus
* 1000 HP Pack % 1000 MP Pack
* 3 million gold
* 1 million Skill Points
* 50 vigor potions
* set 1D +110 with blues the equivalent of 4D sun+7 set
* 5 Repair hammers
* 5 Damage and absorption scrolls
* 5 Berzerk potions
* 10.000 bolts/arrows
* 8 Balloons
* Dimension Hole's

Fortress War : All 4 fortress are enabled and working 100% and the fortress war will take place every Saturday at 17:00 Server Time.
Forgotten World : All the dungeons work starting with 7 Degree up to 11 Degree you can enter from the minimum level required to the maximum level in all of the dungeons.
Holy Water Temple : Is working and is scripted like it should be intended to work. You can find all the Uniques inside.

And much more!

Screen Shots

Working Job Rankings .http://i.imgur.com/pSjFiXT.jpg
  New fellow pets .
  Custom scrolls .
http://i.imgur.com/LojfCOV.jpg  Custom Arena Item Manager Items .
http://i.imgur.com/WSWktQw.jpg Custom Coin Change System .
http://i.imgur.com/or0hteO.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/J7LZLSQ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7LvlROJ.jpg

Official Links

Website: http://playongrid.com/
Registration: http://playongrid.com/register/
Download: http://sro.playongrid.com/download/?serv=2#page
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PlayOnGrid
Forum : http://playongrid.com/forum/

PlayOnGrid Team

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