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Silkroad Private Servers

Silkroad Avengers | Cap130 | FreeSilk | New14areas | Modified Towns | JobSystem | EliteTeam | Custom Edits | Bot Not allowed | New Avatars | Advanced Elixirs | Weapon glow | Job Temple

The NEW silkroad online legacy.
Silkroad Avengers Online trying to create new legacy of mmorpg gameplay system . such legacy won't be created without someone who really loves and plays the game to create. we .. the Avengers Team, transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new magement of trustful , hopeful predictions .
we will be supporting each and every player, we will be applying every new feature to our private server, we will not save any effort or cost to make our game on top of the silkroadonline private servers for you and for us.

Server Information:
Experience rate : 300x
Party Experience Rate : 300x
Gold Rate : 100x
Job rate : 26x
Alchemy : 1.5x
FGW Card drop rate : 3x
How to play like a boss.
There's new modified room that allows you to gain the level as fast as you can . As a help ..
This room require level 1 -> 50 only . Above that level , you are not able to enter
It's teleport in Darkness town ..


Then .. you can teleport back to Darkness town .

Then you can get a free sun weapon / gear available for free from these npcs

An example of free items

Arch system
There's new arch system making you able to get a new weapon by alchemy

Also , discover how to get the awakening elixir down the spoilers.

Server Features :
New magic pop system

New funny items

This item drops everywhere in every monster in silkroad areas . It gives you the chance to win gold with unlimited numbers . And it's random , from 1 gold to 100b gold . And every item has its rare drop .
Tip: it's not tradeable or dropable . Just pickable .

New modified items
LC Coin

JC Coin

New list of sorted avatars

New teleports

New stolen thief avatars

New helper npc

New craft system
Pics will be edited]
New quest system

New area

New chat color

New modified npcs

New list of mobs
Bone Roc

More pictures will be modified soon
New welcome message
New customized pets

New job cave system
There're alot of mobs which are level 130

And all of em drops

And , jelly lottery.
In-game active events

Web Features
Login system

Fortress war status

New news function

New 3d web system ( Under developing , for 3d graphic card users )
Change password system
New profile management

New Epin system

New referral system

Top character system

Top guild system

Honor rank

Trade rank

Search system

Character database management (Rev 6 system)

Bot is allowed
However you'll be afk and you won't reply , you'll be under risk
Selling gold isn't allowed
We don't allow selling golds in game to prevent the corruption
Do not abuse anything might be bugged
Better report it into the forum in the name of peace
Selling accounts / characters for real money isn't allowed
We don't allow such things . and If you've done it , never our responsibility
Because there's no [GM] accounts (With its features , They have no '/makeitem') in-game to prevent any corruption might happen , We would like to announce that we will review supporters application . However , the spam for this application may have you blacklisted.
Also , supporters have rules they should apply and , players should apply
Players to supporters
Respect them
Do not insult any of supporter team
Keep calm while you're pming a supporter , because he works for hundreds of people
Report to our facebook if the supporter was impolite or not professional.
Supporter to players
Respect them
Do not insult any of server's players
Keep calm while you're pming a player , because he might need your help
Supporter has all rights to ban someone, immediately if he saw anything goes wrong in game

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