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Silkroad Private Servers

Black Sro | Cap 130 | D14 | Free Silk | Ftw | FGW | Daily Events | Coin System | New Npcs | New Areas | New Avatars | New Uniques

Black Sro is a server that has been around since January 2013. Black Sro a nice and warming community that gives the players a total new and different way of game play with funny and crazy events, active GMs and web crew.Every new registered account gets 5000K Silk

Some Information's about the Server:
Level Cap: 130
Skill Cap: 130
EXP/SP Rates: 400x
Party EXP/SP Rates: 500x
Drop Rates: 15x
Gold Rates: 15x
Loader is allowed
Fortress War: Wednesday and Saturday 7:00PM - 8:30PM GMT-2
Forgotten World: Working
Battle Arena: Working
Jupiter Temple: Working
Many new Avatars are added.

Event Pvp 3.00 PM For Fun
Event Unique 5.00 PM For Fun
Event Unique 7.30 PM For Reward Moon +5 D15
Event h&S After this For Nova +5 D15
And If Char Need Event In Good time We Will Do It
Uniques Drop D15 Nova
UniqueS Drop D15 Moon
Bone Roc Tui so and All Uionqs LV 130 and  Uniques Lv 140

Gm Event Area 
4 J5 T9e7
New And old Avatrs
 5 Rp IAOF
All ADV D14 .D15 A.B.C.D For EP Coins From Donate And From RoC Int and Roc Srt

How to play like a boss.
here's new modified room that allows you to gain the level as fast as you can . As a help ..
This room require level 1 -> 50 only . Above that level , you are not able to enter
It's teleport in Darkness town...

Then you can teleport back to Darkness town.
Then you can get a free sun weapon / gear available for free from these npcs
An example of free items 
Arch system
There's new arch system making you able to get a new weapon by alchemy
Also , discover how to get the awakening elixir down the spoilers.
  Server Features:
New magic pop system

New funny items

 This item drops everywhere in every monster in silkroad areas . It gives you the chance to win gold with unlimited numbers . And it's random , from 1 gold to 100b gold . And every item has its rare drop .
Tip: it's not trade-able or drop able . Just packable.

New modified items
New list of sorted avatars

New teleports.
New stolen thief avatars 

New helper npc

New craft system
Pics will be edited

New quest system

New area

  Bone Roc
New customized pets

New job cave system
There're alot of mobs which are level 130

And all of em drops
European Skills China Skills European Weapons  
China Weapons
Official Homepage: Link
Full-Client Download: Link
Registration: Link

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