ft Glorious Online | Cap 120 | Alex Legend | Unique System | Challenging & Fair | Daily Events | Free Silk/Hour | Job Temple system | Limited Alchemy | Legendary Set ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Glorious Online | Cap 120 | Alex Legend | Unique System | Challenging & Fair | Daily Events | Free Silk/Hour | Job Temple system | Limited Alchemy | Legendary Set

Glorious Online is a private server based on Alexandria Legend & Job Temple system, unlike the other servers, we made the server as a long term server, where you must play to get your best items, no donation for items & plus, U GET THEM

Our Team:
we were part of other private servers as managers & designers, but we didn't like how fast the game goes when you join & get your overpowered legendary set with 10 euros, so we decided to start our own server, without all the corruption.

we are experienced guys with the passion to make something different, here is our team:

- Server Owner, Database Manager & Developer: Darkrai
- Graphic Designer & Community Manager: BlueSky
- Security Manager & Coder: Gengar
Server Information:

- EXP & SP rates are 100x, making the lvl phase fun & not boring.
- 10x Gold drop rate.
- Added Magic items to the NPC, for a good start and a chance to compete.
- Rare Items drop at the Mirror Dimention area with fair amounts.
- D14 stones & Elixirs with high drop rate at the Mirror Dimention area.
- D14 Stones NPC can be bought with Gold.
- Legend items from Battle Arena, Job Temple & Forgotton World.
- Silk per Unique system, to make Hunting uniques more rewarding & more fun (3-5 silk/unique).
- Iron Coins drop from Uniques, can purchase some silk items from the NPC.
- All Skills are balanced, no Overpowered skills added & a fair game is our main goal.
- Alchemy is limited to plus 12
- Refer a Friend system with rewards (for a limited time)
Our Story:

we used to be part of previously formed servers, and we didn't like the system of buying everything with money, it takes all the fun out & makes you a pvp/uniques machine only.
so we decided to bring back the old silkroad times, when you tried hard to be the best, but of course with a lot less try harding

The game is balanced, every race has it's strongs & weaknesses. We have balanced between both races Chines and Euro for a big fun moments while playing against each other. So, The Euro race won't be overpowered on the Chines race nor the Chines race does.
The Game:

the way is simple, level up, get your Magic set from the NPC, keep grinding to get gold & alchemy, pimp your set, hunt uniques if you want some silk, or donate for it at cheap prices, and compete with the others over the legendary items.
we revived the Forgotten world, the Job Temple & the Battle Arena, the So-Ok Event (Capture The Flag) too, and we timed them very well to suit all the players.

- Forgotten World:
This is where you get your Legendary Weapon, by collecting the Talismans & completing the quest, the Talismans drop rate is fair, but you will have to be patient .

- Job Temple:
here is the place to get your Gold & Silver coins, so you can buy your Legendary Set, killing the temple Uniques will drop them, so try to rule that place.
P.S: Higher Uniques have been lowered a bit, so 1 party can handle them much easier

- Battle Arena:
Arena Coins are used to get the Legendary Accessories, the amounts are lowered, but you will have to make your own way through it

- Grinding:
Level 120 mobs have been lowered for a better grinding experience, & gold/drop rates are high, so you wont worry much about the gold.

- Silk per Unique system:
Each Unique you Kill will give you 2~5 silk & some Iron Coins at your storage, you can use those coins at the Iron Coin Exchange NPC

Character Start: - 60% & 100% EXP Helpers (they are sellable :P )
- 5 Reverse Scrolls
- 2 Globals
- 5 Ress Scrolls
- 1000 HP Recovery Potion
- 1000 MP Recovery Potion
- Gold Pig Summon Scroll
- 2 Repair Hammers
- 5 100% Speed Drugs
- 1 Magic Pop Card (For the Dragon Flag)

Future Plans:
- Baghdad Legend
- Constantinople Fortress
- War Arena
GM Team:
We Only Play with our GM Characters to provide the best friendly experience to the players, and we only play FAIR, we will do regular Events, with new ideas & ways, and new prizes, it will be super fun, so come & join us.
Important Links:
Web Site: Glorious Online
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Official.Glorious.Online
Server is now UP, we are waiting for you all to join
Screen Shots:

Legendary Set we designed :
This Thread will be updated frequently, so stay tuned.

Best of Luck & God Bless You.


In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, the server will be undergoing weekly server inspection.
Weekly server inspection takes place every Tuesday.
Inspection Period: August 5, 2013, 03:00~21:00 Glorious Standard Time (9 hours duration)

[Game Update]
- The Bug Causing a Player Having 9999999 HP have been fixed
- a New Launcher Have been applied
- Free Silk Have been returned to Copper Coins
- Stacks of "Exchange Trade Coin - 2B" maxed to 20
- Teleports have been added to Constantinople to Jangan & Alexandria
- Pet Recovery Kit stacks increase to 500
- Medusa grants 20 silk for the killer, & Jupiter Temple Uniques grants 5 silks
- Lv 115 Horse added to all stable NPCs
- Helper EXP tickets can be sold at NPC now

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