ft JoySro Ardis | Cap 90 | Low Rates | D9 | New Premuim | Jangan Cave Key | Old School | New Avatars | New Npc | Hotan Fortress Only | Ip Limit | New Horses ~ Private Sro

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JoySro Ardis | Cap 90 | Low Rates | D9 | New Premuim | Jangan Cave Key | Old School | New Avatars | New Npc | Hotan Fortress Only | Ip Limit | New Horses

Hello ,
I'd like to introduce our server - JoySro ONLINE (Ardis)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice gameplay with alot of fun and amazing features.

Server Rates
Exp Rate: 3x
Sp Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 5x
TradeJob: 20x
Level limit:90
Skill limit: 90
Mastery limit: 300/180
Race:Chinese / Europan

Server Informations


New Items (Pet Skill) Added

This item add 2 more page into your pet inventory.As well as STR/INT,PHY/MAG Attack&Defense increase on your character.


There is modified stacks.

Premium Properties have been renovated.

You can log into the game in first time and you can benefit from the advantages of all the features with a new premium item.

New Item: Key of Jangan Cave

You should use the keys to use slots in Jangan Cave. You can purchase the key in Jangan Grocery Trader.

Dresses at Item Mall

With each passing day new dresses are adding to item mall.

Tablets Sells at NPC

9DG tablet drops removed .You can buy tablets at JoySro Tablet Store in Hotan because of it is a high percentage of gold in the game.


Arrangements has been made on npc items for beginners.

Only Hotan Fortress Available

All fortresses are closed other than Hotan Fortress for more enjoyable of Fortress Wars. No one can register any fortress other than Hotan Fortress.

MagicPOP Card

You can get chance to carry 9DG sox items to playing Magic Pop.

Sox Rates Reduced

We want to become more valuable of sos som sun items so we reduced sox drops highly.With New Uptade u have to effort extra labor for get those items.

Starting Items has been Changed

We changed starting items to motivate you and we given to name of the 'Starting' items.

IP Limit Added

We bring the ip limit system.We bring this system for avoiding gold bots.And most important purpose of this system Controlling the unnecessary server crowd

Image Code Fixed

We fixed image code for the intense desires.

New Horses Added

We added 2 new horses which is the level 75 and 90.

Fortress War Registration Fee has Changed

As you know guild masters are paying a certain amount of gold for joining fortress war.This Registration fee Changed as '1B'.


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