ft Angels Valley SRO D14 Cap 120[High Rates]-Trade System JOIN NOW ~ Private Sro

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Angels Valley SRO D14 Cap 120[High Rates]-Trade System JOIN NOW

Angels Valley SRO is a D14 120 Cap Server
General Information
Support email..---- AngelsValleySro@yahoo.com
Angels Valley SRO | Register::http://angelsvalleysro.com/
Download: http://angelsvalleysro.com/



Release date: 1.10.2012 16:00 (GMT+1)
FaceBook::Angels Valley SRO | Facebook
Server Is already running Harry up Its on
Server Specifications
Level Cap: 120
Item Cap: 14Degree
EXP/SP: x250
Droprate: x150
Goldrate: x50
Alchemy: x3
Trade Profit 80x

New Update

1-Added gold Coins in npc 1 Gold coins = 100m

2-Added d14 Wepones in Jangan Blacksmith for Gold Coins

3-(SOON) Immortal in npc and droping from uniques

4-(SOON) Vote System

5- Added New Unique Rage Cloud ( Droping immortal d14 ) Its Appear in DW Oasis

D14 Seal OF Moon Added in NPC for GOLD and Arena Coins
D14 Seal of AngeL Added in FGW

Server Features
Arena Working
CTF Working
Guild Pics working 100%
Magicpop Wroking With ( D13) Items
Enable Forgotten World(including Envys)
Chinese & European
All Fortress working
Changed Maxstacks
Big Item-Mall
All skils Working 100% without bugs
Titan Uniques Enabled
All Avatars added
Normal Devil + Devil S + Angel Spirt working
Added d14 Items For Gold and Arena Coins in npc

-Vote System for Silk (Daily Free silk when u vote)

.. and a lot more!

GMs Team

1-[GM]MrJim ( Server Owner-Creator-Developer)

2-[GM]Ruthless ( Supporter - Event Manger )

3-[GM]Proc ( Event Manger )

Free Silk Drops From uniques >< collect them and get Items for free silk

Starter Items:

Some Screens in GAME

Some Pic in GAME

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