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Devias Online - Back To OldSchool - 80 Cap - DDoS Protected - Chinese Only

» Website: Devias Online
» Register: Devias Online
» Download: Devias Online
» Donation Method: Wallapi
» High Performace server
» DDoS Protected
Server Configuration (based on iSro rates)
» Race: Chinese Only
» Level Cap: 80
» Skill Cap: 80
» Mastery Level: 300
» Exp Rate: 15x | Party Experience Ratio: 20x
» Sp Rate: 10x
» Drop Rate: 1x
» Gold Drop Rate: 1x
» SoX Drop Rate: 0,5x (Exception: On 8th degree only SoS droppable)
» Alchemy rate: 0,5x
» Job: Old Job System
» Job Rate: 100x
» Botting: Allowed | Multibotting: Forbidden
» Silk per hour that you are online: 10 until the end of the weekend

Server Features:
» FW enabled (JG, Bandit, Hotan).
» Working Guild Icons.
» CTF enabled.
» Elixirs, Potions, Stones and much more can be stacked to a high amount.
» Disabled Advanced Elixirs.
» Disabled Battle Arena
» Disabled Magic Pop.
» Disabled Devil & Angel Spirit.
» Disabled Forgotten World.
» Removed Vigor grains(25%) from the NPC.
» Removed Job penalty.
» Only Jangan, Donwhang Hotan and Roc Mountain(mobs adjusted to lvl 80) are enabled.
» A full GAMEPLAY BALANCE OVERHAUL to make the game as fair and as funny as possible (more details later)
» Changed Cerberus and Captain Ivy spawn area.
» Unique respawntimes lowered.
» Special items dropping at Uniques.
» Jobtitles for the top jobbers of the week(Inc. Thief-CheatChecking Mechanism)
» All new avatars enabled.
» A non-corrupt, super-active and friendly GM-Team
» Vote for Silk
» Daily Events
» Ingame live support in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
» Mercenaries working!
» Job Temple enabled(adjusted to lvl80).
» A new instance dungeon called "Hall of Abbyss" to increase endlevel content (more info @website).
» A global-spawning unique(over 500! spawnpoints) called Devias, as real endboss.
» Alot of droppable silk stuff so that everyone can become a good player even without donating.
» Modfied map(important places of our server added on the ingame map)

Planned features:
» Weekly Roc spawn(adjusted to lvl80)
» And alot more end level content and balance fixes
» Honor system working for best jobbers
Start Items:
» 3 days Rabbit summon scroll
» 100k sp
» 5m Gold
» 1 Santa Set (M/F)
» 11 Reverse Scrolls
» 11 Globals
» 1 GoldTime Premium
» 11 Damage Increase Scrolls
» 11 Defense Increase Scrolls
Website Features:
» Lists of the top jobbers/top unique hunters referring to the live ingame database.
» List with the latest unique kills
» Online Coin shop
» IRC chat live support in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
» Email Support
» (Emergency!) Phone support
Gameplay Balance Overhaul:
» No 8d Som/Sun drops to prevent SoX-Farming
» Seal of Devias items added to reward active players
» SoD Items balanced well enough so that new players dont have such a high disadvantage
» Higher leveled snow shield limited to Int users
» Resurrection scrolls disabled

Info Pics

Devias Hall and Abyss
Blood of Devias Seal
Seal of Devias
Devias Unique


80-Cap Job Temple
Guide about our Special System
Guide - Devias Online

Devias Hall

- Devias Hall is an Instance Dungeon created, that contains the first spawn of "Devias" (Our Special Unique).
First Spawn means, after a server restart, Devias will always spawn there. There are multiple Entry points for this Dungeon. They can be found at every area ones. Meaning, Jangan has one, DonWhang has one, Karakoram has one, Roc has one, Takla has one and so on.

- Hall of Abbyss is another Special Instance Dungeon.
The "Abyss Berzerk" Monsters that can be found there are extremely strong and almost untankable. However, the drops are tremendously good and Special items are droppable there i.e. 2k HP/MP Increase Pot, Zerks Scrolls.
However, going there alone will only lead to death. Therefore, i suggest getting 1-2 parties and going there together.

-Abbyss Witch
The Witch (Unique) is a Unique which spawns every 2-3hours and also drops special items. Upon killing this Witch, your name will be displayed on the server for fame.

- Seal of Devias
SoD is basically Seal of Moon (+2 stronger than last gear items >>lvl 72+ normal items<<).

- How to obtain Seal of Devias
You need: Gold Coins, Silver Coins & Copper Coins to buy 1 SoD Item.

Gold Coins Can be obtained by getting Contribution points. Contribution points are gotten the same way as JOb Experience, for example, Trading, Thiefing, hunting, jobwar etc.
When you have enough contribution you go to the website (Devias Online) and click on "Shop". There you can buy Gold Coins which will be added to your inventory.

Silver Coins can be obtained by killing the Devias Minion mobs which spawn anywhere on the map (Uniques.. like: Tiger Girl (Minion), Uruchi (Minion), Isyutaru (Minion), Lord Yarkan (Minion)...
You can go to Capture the Flag and you receive 1 WEbTicket Flag.
3 webtickets = 1 Silver coin
Once u have 3 webtickets, go to the website shop and exchange it for 1 silver coin. (You have to stack all webtickets together so the shop find all webtickets) Stack = 50tickets on 1 Slot.

Copper Coins can be bought with gold at the Devias Item Sell Npc Located in Hotan West. (Between Blacksmith and Jewel/Accesoires Seller).

- Blood Of Devias (Seal Item.. like SoX)
Blood Of Devias is the same as Seal of Devias BUT, BUT, BUT it is Exchangable and has a Different GLOW and Devias (Unique) Drops it and the Hall of Abbyss Berzerker Mobs have a 0.25% to Drop it too.

- There are also Titles which are grated to the Top Jobbers of the week:
(trader) : Dinasty Merchant
(Hunter): Grand Marshall
(Thief) : Bandit King
You can check on the top jobbers on the website's Stats page.

- Job Temple
Uniques in the Job temple Drop all kind of coins.. (Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Copper Coins)
These Coins can be used to be Seal of Devias Items.
The monsters inside the Job temple Give More Experience, More Skill Experience & have a Higher droprate for elixiers.
They also drop special Silk Items.

- About the Free Silk per Hour System
On the first month of being active, you receive: 5 silk.
On the second month: 6 silk.
On the third month: 7 silk.
On the fourth month and more: 8 silk.




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