ft TopSroPVPOnline|110Cap|SkillsD12|10K Silk|Free Egy Weapons|NewTowns|NewJobSystem|CustomPVP ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

TopSroPVPOnline|110Cap|SkillsD12|10K Silk|Free Egy Weapons|NewTowns|NewJobSystem|CustomPVP

Hello Guys We Are Opening Today TOPSRO PVP to You !! Please Read Our Theard and Enjoy it !


Website: Top Online Pvp Server
Register: Top Pvp Online | Register
Download: Top Online PVP | Download
TeamSpeak Chat For More Play Fun Time Follow Details
use your own id and pw and be ready for our biggest chat online for fun
Server Configuration

Race: Ch & EU
Level Cap: 110
Skill Cap: 120
Intast Lv: 110
Mastery Level: 330
Drop Ratio: 30x weekend 40x
Gold Ratio: 10x weekend 20x
Gold Ratio: alchemy Rate 1.4 x
Job: Old Job System Bassed ! Balanced OF gold Coin And Silk Items
Job Reward Ratio: 50x With System (Both for Trader/Thief)
Botting: Not Allowed (as Pvp Server to play so Fair)

• Server Features

• New Job System Iron and Silver Coin
• FTW Hotan & Bandit & Jangan With Taxes
• CTF Config To New Rewards ( Gold Coin )
• Battle Arena Enabled.
• Working Guild Icons.
• Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked as 200units.
• Special Grab Pet 5 Page expansion item.
• Register users get 10K Silk till Server Reach 500 Online
• 3 Characters Allowed Per IP.
• Enable Advanced Elixirs. +3 +4
• Enable Magic Pop. 5x
• Enable Devil & Angel Spirit. 20 % With Stones
• Enable Forgotten World.
• Added Vigor Potion from the NPC.
• 3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
• New Teleports
• New Zone PVP
• New Reall Player Unique
• Arabia Uniques
• New Zone For Uniques Event
• Skills Of Lv 120 Changed to lv 110.
• All Items are configured like the real old 110 Cap.
• Premium stats 15%
• Job Temple
• Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
• Weapon glow colors are configured With Classics One
• Added New Damge Scroll New Speed Scrolls

Your Free Start item in TopSro PVP Egypt A

• 5 Damge Scroll
• 5 Def Scroll
• 5 Speed Scroll
• 20 Return Scroll
• 800k Gold

Web Features
• Profile Page
• Change Password
• Char item look
• Reall Time Server

Special Features

• TOPSRO Npc Egyptian Fight weapon

• TOPSRO Npc Egyptian Fight Set

 • New Fellow Pets NPC

• New Pet For Trade

• New Vechicle Pets NPC

• New Grap Pets

• New Avatars 4GoldCoin TopSro Dollars

• Devil 20%Advanced 4GoldCoin Top Sro Dollars

• New Premuim 15%

• Global & Reverse & 150% ScrollSpeed & 20% Damge And Def Scroll 4 Gold Coin And Alpha Copper

• New HP & MP 7300 4 Gold Coin Copper Alpha

• New Advance Elixir +3 C & +4 D

• New Advance Elixir +3 C & +4 D

• Astral & Immortal Stones

• New TopSro PVP Stones

• Stones to Blues Your Gear

• Our NPC's Shop At TOpSro PVP

------------------------item mall------------------------
  ------------------------New Zone------------------------
  New Unique's GMs And Reall Players

------------------------New Skills------------------------

................................................. ............................
Now its your time to start Play Top PVP Online

*Questions & Answer About TopSro PVP And How To be Epic Player
Q:Is TopSro PVP Up To donation ? And Pay2Play?
A: Nope TopSroPVP Tottaly 85 % Free And We Only Leaving Somethose Things for donate and also player can get it if they are Epic Active
Q:How To Get Egypt B ?
AYou Have to make Trade With Your Friends Bcouz Coins Drop only From Job System and killing Thiefs OR Hunters so both working for Thief Job Or Trade Job
A: is TopSroPVP can be Closed ?
We Having TopSro Online online over 8 months now with donation or without And we are not closing any server we going to open
------------------------New Update ------------------------

Update: New Job System Iron Coin & Silver Coin
Oct 13 2012 1:33PM

* Information

*Silver Coin
*Iron Coin

*How To Get Silver And Iron

Thief And Hunter Job !

Durling you Kill Thief Or Hunter you will get Iron Or Silver Coin Dropped !

Thank You

TopSroPVP Support Team
Update ! EgyShop Gear And Accesory
Oct 13 2012 1:30PM

Hello We Added New NPC Shop

-Full Set Egyptian B
-Full Acceosry

-Payment Option
*Silver Coin
*iron Coin
Update: !Unique Area
Oct 10 2012 3:30PM

We Added New Kind Of Unique At Our Unique s Area

*Unique GM Whale
*Unique GM Seskua
*Unique Kidemonas
GoldCoin System With Job System
Oct 10 2012 3:28PM

Hello This TopSro Team

*We Added New NPC between Trade Job *Jangan*

*Gold Coin Price: 2Bil
.................................................. .................................................. .............

*Job System

5* Star Cost 400Mil ! Reward 1 Bill Between Jangan >To> Downhang ! Extra 1 Bill Every Reach able Town Like Jangan>To>Hotan ! Reward 2 Bill

After u Finish Your Trade job u are Eable to Buy Gold Coin From NPC Gold Coin
Job Temple
Oct 10 2012 3:24PM

The Whole Mobs Are Dropable

*Drop Item: Copper Icon

*Drop Item: Gold Coin

*Drop Item: Reverse

*DropRatio Item: 40 %
Holy Water Temple Update!
Oct 10 2012 3:22PM

Uniques And Mobs Are Dropable

Drop Item: Copper Coin

Drop Ratio: 40%
Hello We Present TopSroPvp
Oct 7 2012 11:45AM

*10K Silk Start
*Set Egypt A +5

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