ft Skyroad Release Shiva | Cap 70 | Oldschool Server | Chinese Only ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Skyroad Release Shiva | Cap 70 | Oldschool Server | Chinese Only

Skyroad Online | 70 Cap | Skills D7 | Job-PvP-War-Uniques Server |

Welcome on Skyroad online, a 70cap server mainly based on Job (old system) PVP, Fortress, and Fun.
On this server, it will be necessary for you to job.

Website: Skyroad Online
Facebook: Skyroad Online Facebook

Edit: New Download Links - Or Check our site.
Full Package: Filehosting | DepositFiles
Small Package: Filehosting | Mirror | Shareonline

No Lag and 24/7 Online Support

Server Information EXP etc:
Race and Map: Chinese Only
EXP: 10x ( 30x on npc thieves and hunters )
(2/3 hours to reach lv 70 handgrind - 1 hour in power lvl or in trade)
SP: 1x ( 1M SP starting )
GOLD RATES: Different System
DROPratio: 1x
SOS drop rate: disabled (Free SUN 1-5 D SOM 6D SOS 7D for 1 Gold at NPC)
8D SOM/SUN Disabled

IP Restriction: Max 2 Clients on one PC and Max 10 Clients on one IP

Alchemy Items Drops are removed (Elexirs, Stones, Elements) as they are in sold at the NPC
Stackable Elexirs, Potions, Etc...

Fortress War ( Only Hotan for now ) - Weekly every saturday at 8pm gmt+1

New Uniques added ( Knight, Princess ) with regular spawn - Your goal to find them - Item Mall drops + Skycoins

Edit 10/03: New Uniques with Specials Drops added. Check Screenshots

Job/Guild Penalities are removed.
Items from mall are droppable and tradeable

SKYROAD COINS ( earned on NPC Thieves/Hunters and Special Uniques ) - Allow you to buy SOS set, Alchemy Stones 0%, and much more /!\ Farming will not be tolerated. edit: neither is scripts in job (hunter, trader, or thief)

Coming soon ( in the coming week ):

The Full Item Mall (atm removed) + New Fellow Pets and many more Skycoins' items...

Edited Music.pk2 ( epic music ), Edited Media.pk2 ( new interface, loading pictures, etc )

Some pix

Server/Game admins:

[GM]Datatype - Founder / Owner / Administrator / Developer
[GM]Sva - Interface and Graphics Editor / Webdesigner / IG Fun - Events
[GM]KingKong - Developper / IG Fun - Events
[GM]Caspa - Developper / IG Fun - Events

Have Fun and Enjoy, on Skyroad online and try to invite ur Friends there more things coming.
Racism will not be tolerated.

PS: If you have updates problems, simply REMOVE from your Skyroad Folder, the TEMPPATH Folder - Launch the game again - done

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